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Replaces the single favorites menu with categorized menus.

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  • French
Categorized Favorites Menu v0.1.18 (Mar 31, 2013)

This mod replaces the single favorites menu with several categorized
favorites menus, with subcategories. Use the mouse and mouse wheel,
or WASD or the arrow keys to navigate. Ctrl+mouse wheel switches
between lists.

Please read this section and the FAQ below before posting to the discussion page.

SKSE is required for saving settings from the game (menu position,
equipset creation, etc). SKSE can be downloaded from
The mod can be used without SKSE, but you won't be able
to create equipsets in-game or save the position of the menu (without
SKSE, you'll have to edit the configuration file).

Recommended minimum resolution is 1024x768.


  • Categorizes favorited items into separate lists.
  • Each list can have sub-categories, for organizing your items further.
  • "Equip sets" for equipping different sets of favorited items
    (experimental). See "Equip sets" below.
  • The menu and lists are configurable in favoritesmenu.cfg, with many
    configuration options, including:
  • Menu position on screen
  • Width and length of lists (individually configurable per list)
  • Layout of the lists
  • List text alignment (left or right alignment)
  • Font sizes and colors
  • Separate hotkey colors
  • Custom lists by item name

For an introduction to Categorized Favorite Menu's features,
see this article at The Backline.

Keyboard shortcuts:
  • 1 to 9 with item selected: Hotkey selected item.
  • Ctrl + w/s/left/right: Moves the menu up/down/left/right 5 pixels.
    Hold ctrl+shift to move by 1 pixel.
  • Ctrl + f: Create an equipset from the currently equipped items.
  • Ctrl + delete: Delete the selected equipset.
  • Mouse wheel: scroll list
  • Alt + mouse wheel: scroll list faster
  • Ctrl + mouse wheel: switch lists

Compatible with:
  • SkyUI
  • QD Inventory
  • HeadBomb's Better Sorting Mod version 1.65+ (see compatibility section
  • Xbox controller on PC: Some people have reported that it works fine,
    others that it doesn't. Try using left/right on the left stick to
    go between lists.
  • English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, and Russian versions of
    Skyrim (see translations below).
  • See the Compatibility section below for more details.


Problem: The menu is too big / off screen.

The default config file was configured for a resolution of 1024x768.
Use ctrl + w/s/left/right: Moves the menu up/down/left/right 5 pixels.
Hold ctrl+shift to move by 1 pixel (which requires SKSE to save).

Or open the favoritesmenu.cfg or favoritesmenu_overrides.cfg file
and adjust these values:
menu_base_x = 7
menu_base_y = -730
default_list_entry_height = 28
default_num_list_entries = 11

For example, people with a screen resolution of 1920x1080 have reported
success with menu_base_y set to -667, or by setting default_list_entry_height
to something like 22.

How do I edit favoritesmenu.cfg effectively?

You can set your game to "windowed" mode, alt+tab out of the game
open the file, edit+save the file, alt+tab back into the game, and close and
reopen the favorites menu to test your change. The config file is
reloaded each time you open the menu.

If you have the Steam version of the game, the file should be located at
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\Interface
See the "Installation" section below.

Use an encoding of UCS-2 Little Endian / UTF-16LE with BOM (particularly for translations).
ANSI / UTF-8 works for English language configs.

Problem: Some of my items are miscategorized.

Do you have a mod installed that changes item names? CFM works by
matching keywords in item names, so if the item names change, CFM won't be
able to categorize them. CFM works with Headbomb's Better Sorting
mod version 1.65+. See the "Compatibility" section

Are you using the English version of the game? See the "Compatibility"
and "Translation" sections. If your config file is in English and
your game isn't, then it won't work.

For most other problems, including items you renamed or enchanted,
see the favroitesmenu.cfg file and categorized_favorites_menu_config_guide.html
for how to configure the menus.

Problem: My game crashes when I try to save.

This is caused by incompatibilities with the auto-favorites mod and
Skyrim 1.4.x. Delete <game folder>/Data/SKSE/plugins/auto_favorites.dll<br><br><strong>Problem: Left / right mouse clicking isn't working.</strong><br><br>Your controlmap.txt might be weird. Try the "Right-Left-Mouse-Button-Fix"<br>file in the "Optional Files" section of the download page.<br><br>Also try loading a "hard save", instead of a quick save or an auto save.<br>Some people have said that works.<br><br><strong>Equip sets are slow to equip / hotkeys don't work /<br>/ some items don't equip / something doens't work quite right.</strong><br><br>Equip sets are experimental, and might not work quite right all the time.<br><br>Equip set hotkeys only work when the favorites menu is open.<br><br>Items have to be favorited to work in an equip set.<br><br>If they're slow to equip, try decreasing your texture resolution in the<br>game video options. If you have a high-res texture mod, especially for<br>weapons, then that will slow down equipping weapons because the game has<br>to load more data.<br><br><br>========================================================================<br>Equip sets<br>========================================================================<br><br>Equip sets allow you to specify a set of equipment to equip all at once.<br>This is an experimental feature, so it might not work perfectly. Also,<br>any item that you want in an equip set must be favorited (or the<br>favorites menu won't know about it!).<br><br>Equipsets can be created in-game by equipping the equipment you want in <br>the equipset, then pressing ctrl+f. You'll be prommpted to enter an <br>equipset name, a hotkey, any unequip options (see below), and a dropdown <br>of the selected equipment (informational only). Equipsets are saved to <br>"favoritesmenu_eqiupsets.cfg". <br><br>Equipsets can be deleted in game by selecting the list you want to <br>delete and then pressing ctrl+delete. <br><br>Note that the equip sets that come with the default configuration<br>are very generic, so they may not work very well for you. See the<br>config file for how to configure equip sets, or the above two<br>paragraphs.<br><br>When you select an equip set, its items will get equipped. Any items<br>that are already equipped will not be unequipped, unless they're being<br>"overriden". That is, if I have Steel Armor, a Shield, and a Sword<br>equipped, and I select an equip set that has Flames and Frostbite,<br>the Steel Armor will still be equipped. If all the items of an equip<br>set are equipped in the correct places, then it will be displayed<br>with an equipped icon.<br><br>Equip sets can also have hotkeys. They can be assigned ctrl+1 through<br>ctrl+9. The modifier key to use can be configured in the config file<br>(eg, alt+1, shift+1). Hotkeys can be disabled if they interfer with<br>another mod. The favorites menu must be open for these hotkeys to work.<br>Equip set hotkeys are not compatible with the xbox controller at this<br>time.<br><br><br>========================================================================<br>Custom Configuration Files<br>========================================================================<br><br>For customized configuration files that you might want to share,<br>I recommend posting the file to skyrim nexus as a new file. Add <br>your link and/or screenshot to the files at the "Custom Configurations"<br>discussion topic:<br><br>If it's popular, I can link to the config here, or include them in<br>the distribution. Please include only your config file, not the SWF file<br>(favoritesmenu.swf), and clearly indicate that your file is a<br>configuration file.<br><br>Please also do not post this mod to another website. Please<br>link to the mod page here at skyrimnexus, as this page will<br>have the most up-to-date information and versions.<br><br><br>========================================================================<br>Installation<br>========================================================================<br><br>Copy favoritesmenu.swf and favoritesmenu.cfg to the<br>"<game directory>\Data\Interface" folder. For Steam, this is typically<br>"C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\Interface".<br>Also copy the SKSE folder in the archive to the Data folder in the<br>game directory.<br><br><br>========================================================================<br>Uninstallation<br>========================================================================<br><br>Delete favoritesmenu.swf and favoritesmenu.cfg from the game folder.<br><br><br>========================================================================<br>Compatibility<br>========================================================================<br><br><strong>Game versions:</strong><br>This mod was developed and tested with the latest Skyrim version from<br>Steam. This mod has not been tested with the Xbox, PlayStation, or<br>non-Steam PC versions of Skyrim.<br><br><strong>Xbox controller:</strong><br>This mod should work with the xbox controller on PC, though I haven't<br>personally tested it. Should also be compatible with SkyUI and<br>QD Inventory.<br><br><strong>Languages / Mods:</strong><br>Unfortunately, the game doesn't give the favorites menu any information<br>about favorited items -- just its name, hotkey, and some index values.<br>So, the mod has to resort to keyword matching. This means that (for now)<br>the default configuration will not work with mods that change item/spell<br>names. It also means the default configuration will work with only the<br>English version of Skyrim. See "Translations" below. You can add/modify<br>any miscategorized items, or translate item names by editing the<br>favoritesmenu.cfg file. Patches welcome!<br><br><strong>HeadBomb's Sorting Mod:</strong><br>CFM is compatible with HeadBomb's Better Sorting mod version 1.65+:<br><a href=""></a>.<br>Download the "Better Sorting - CFM config file" in the optional files section.<br>The following users have created config files that are or were<br>compatible with Better Sorting:<br> by Niss<br> by clsShadow<br><br><a href="">Utopolysts Item Sorting</a> is also compatible with CFM.<br><br>================================================<br>Translations<br>================================================<br><br>The following links are to translations of the config file.<br>These translations are the work of other modders and users.<br>To translate the config file, make sure you save the file using<br>UTF-16 encoding (the config file for v0.1.5+ is in UTF-16LE).<br>Please include only the config file, not the SWF file (favoritesmenu.swf).<br><br>Italiano:<br><a href=""></a><br><br>Deutsch:<br><a href=""></a><br><a href=""></a><br><br>Français:<br><a href=""></a><br><br>Español:<br><a href=""></a><br><br>Russian:<br><a href=""></a><br><a href=""></a><br><br>Polish:<br><a href=""></a><br><br>================================================<br>Known Issues<br>================================================<br><br>1. When pressing W or S on a selected list, sometimes<br><span class="wbbtab"></span>the entry text can shift by 1 pixel.<br><br><br>================================================<br>Credits<br>================================================<br><br>Bethesda for creating Skyrim, and skyrimnexus for creating this forum.<br><br><br>================================================<br>Version History<br>================================================<br><br>v0.1.18 (Mar 31, 2013)<br><br>- Updated for Skyrim / SKSE 1.6.13<br><br>- added<br><br>v0.1.17 (Dec 16, 2012)<br><br>- Updated for Skyrim / SKSE 1.6.5<br><br>v0.1.16 (Oct 21, 2012)<br><br>- Updated for Skyrim / SKSE 1.6.2<br><br>v0.1.15 (Jun 6, 2012)<br><br>- Updated for Skyrim 1.6.89 / SKSE 1.5.9<br><br>v0.1.14 (Apr 1, 2012)<br><br>- Updated for Skyrim 1.5.26 / SKSE 1.4.15<br><br>v0.1.13 (Mar 24, 2012)<br><br>- Updated for Skyrim 1.5.24 / SKSE 1.4.14<br><br>v0.1.12.1 (Mar 16, 2012)<br><br>- Corrected spelling of "bradonbane" in config file.<br><br>v0.1.12 (Mar 3, 2012)<br><br>- SKSE plugin CFM_extensions updated for<br> Skyrim 1.4.27 / SKSE 1.4.13<br><br>- Minor updates to the config guide for clarity<br><br>- Added the following items to the weapons list: chillrend,<br> bragonbane, blackblade, blackbow, dawnbreaker, keening, razor,<br> sanguine rose, skull of corruption, staff of magnus, volendrung,<br> wabbajack, and wuuthrad<br><br>- Added the dragon priest masks to the apparel list (Hevnoraak,<br> Konahrik, Krosis, Morokei, Nahkriin, Otar, Rahgot, Vokun, Volsung)<br><br>v0.1.11.2 (Feb 3, 2012)<br><br>- Removed auto-favorites SKSE plugin until it's fully compatible with<br> Skyrim 1.4.21<br><br>v0.1.11.1 (Feb 2, 2012)<br><br>- SKSE plugin CFM_extensions and auto-favorites updated for<br> Skyrim 1.4.21 / SKSE 1.4.10<br><br>v0.1.11 (Feb 2, 2012)<br><br>- SKSE plugin CFM_extensions and auto-favorites updated for<br> Skyrim 1.4.21 / SKSE 1.4.8<br><br>v0.1.10 (Jan 29, 2012)<br><br>- Auto-favorites mod bundled. Available for only Skyrim 1.3.10 and<br> SKSE 1.4.3 at this time. See auto_favorites-README.txt. Auto-favorited<br> items will appear with a "(A)" to distinguish it from regularly-<br> favorited items, configurable with "auto_favorite_prefix".<br><br>- Equipset creation key configurable with "equipset_create_key". This<br> is a Flash key code.<br><br>- Added a "Resistance" sublist to the potions list.<br><br>v0.1.9.3 (Feb 2, 2012)<br><br>- Updated SKSE plugin CFM_extensions.dll (again) for SKSE 1.4.8 / Skyrim 1.4.21<br><br>v0.1.9.2 (Jan 31, 2012)<br><br>- Updated SKSE plugin CFM_extensions.dll for SKSE 1.4.8 / Skyrim 1.4.21<br><br>v0.1.9.1 (Jan 28, 2012)<br><br>- Updated SKSE plugin CFM_extensions.dll for SKSE 1.4.7 / Skyrim 1.4.20<br><br>v0.1.9 (Jan 26, 2012)<br><br>- Removed the game version check from CFM_extesions.dll.<br> The check isn't actually needed and prevents it from<br> working with Skyrim v1.4<br><br>v0.1.8.2 (Jan 22, 2012)<br><br>- Turned off debug messages, which was accidentally left on in v0.1.8.1<br><br>- Fixed glitch with saving unequip options when creating an equipset.<br><br>v0.1.8.1 (Jan 22, 2012)<br><br>- Fixed equipset hotkeys which broke in v0.1.8.<br><br>v0.1.8 (Jan 22, 2012)<br><br>- The menu can be positioned in the game. This requires SKSE to save the<br> new settings. To move the menu, use:<br><br><span class="wbbtab"></span> Left: ctrl + left arrow<br><span class="wbbtab"></span> Right: ctrl + right arrow<br><span class="wbbtab"></span> Up:<span class="wbbtab"></span> ctrl + w<br><span class="wbbtab"></span> Down: ctrl + s<br><br> Using ctrl moves the menu 5 pixels. Holding ctrl and shift moves the<br> menu 1 pixel.<br> <br> The new position is saved in a file called<br> favoritesmenu_overrides.cfg. Any setting in that file will override<br> the corresponding setting in the [config] section of<br> favoritesmenu.cfg (these settings are saved in a separate file to<br> avoid encoding conflicts). You can adjust settings in that file, but<br> any comments you write in the file will be removed the next time the<br> file is generated.<br> <br> The game captures the "key held" event for some keys, which is why<br> you have to use left/right and w/s. You can use up/down and a/d, but<br> you'll have to keep tapping the keys.<br><br>- Equipset can now be created in game. This requires SKSE. Equip the set<br> of equipement that you want in the equipset, and press ctrl+f (f for<br> favorite) and a dialog will prompt you for the equipset's name and<br> settings (the dialog is admittedly crude).<br><br> Equipsets are saved to a file called "favoritesmenu_equipsets.cfg"<br> In some cases you may still have to edit <br><br>- Equipset can be deleted in game. Select the equipset you want to<br> delete and press ctrl+delete.<br><br>- Equipsets are no longer read from the favoritesmenu.cfg. They are now<br> read from favoritesmenu_equipsets.cfg. Move your equipsets from<br> favoritesmenu.cft to favoritesmenu_equipsets.cfg.<br> <br> If favoritesmenu_equipsets.cfg isn't found or is empty, then any<br> equipsets from favoritesmenu.cfg are used, but if you create any<br> equipsets in-game, then favoritesmenu_equipsets.cfg will be created<br> and the equipsets in favoritesmenu.cfg will be ignored.<br><br>- SKSE is required to save settings (equipsets, menu position, etc). See<br> above bullets.<br><br>- An HTML configuration guide is included in this version. Most comments<br> from favoritesmenu.cfg have been removed and the file's fields are now<br> documented in categorized_favorites_menu_config_guide.html. Removing<br> the comments from the config file will also decrease menu opening<br> time an imperceptible amount.<br><br>- If favoritesmenu.cfg can't be read for some reason, then a warning<br> message is displayed. Previously, if the config file couldn't be read,<br> then no UI components were created, and there was nothing for keyboard<br> events to go to, so the menu couldn't be closed, forcing you to close<br> the game to get out of the menu.<br><br>- Added an "unequip_hands" option to equip sets. This can be set to<br> "left", "right", or "both", and anything in the corresponding hand(s)<br> will get unequipped.<br> <br> Note that there is currently a small glitch in unequipping two-handed <br> weapons: When you unequip a two-handed weapon, the game will usually<br> try to re-equip wahtever you had equipped before you equipped the<br> two-handed weapon. The mod cannot currently effectively unequip<br> whatever the game tries to reequip for you. <br><br>- Added an "unequip_others" option to equip sets. Anything not in the<br> equipment list of the equip set will get unequipped if this is set to<br> true ("unequip_others = true"). This includes apparel, shouts, powers,<br> weapons, arrows, magic, etc. See the above note about the two-handed<br> weapon unequip glitch.<br><br>- "equipsets" no longer needs to be specificed for an equipset list.<br> All equipsets go into the (single) equipset list.<br><br>- Added up/down indicators to the sides of lists to show when there<br> are more items.<br><br>- The mouse wheel now scrolls lists instead of moving the selection<br> up or down. Hold alt to scroll faster (2 items at a time instead of<br> one).<br><br>- Included some more sample configs. See<br> categorized_favorites_menu_configs folder<br><br>- "other" sublists are now sorted alphabetically.<br><br>- Includes the Russian language encoding fix by V10:<br><br> <br> If "fix_russian = true" is set in the config file, then the game's<br> Win1251 text is translated to UTF-8.<br><br>- Added "aversion" to potions list. "aversion" was added to the poisons<br> sublist in v0.1.7, but not to its parent list. Added "Lightning Bolt"<br> to weapons excludes lists so it's not matched with the "bolt" for<br> arrows.<br><br>v0.1.7 (Jan 8, 2012)<br><br>- Each list can have a different length (number of items displayed) and<br> a different width (in pixels). See the config file for how to<br> configure this.<br><br>- Added "Equip Sets" and equip lists for creating sets of items to<br> equip all at once. See the "Equip Sets" section above, and the<br> config file.<br><br>- Lists can be left aligned or right alginged. Configurable with<br> "list_alignment" in the config file. Selector icon, equip icons,<br> and list title are also aligned.<br><br>- Changed the centering behavior of the lists. It now scrolls more like<br> a text document. There is a slight bug in its behavior. When going<br> from navigating with the mouse to the keyboard, the list can recenter<br> itself, which may look odd. For example, scroll to the middle of a<br> long list, then select the last displayed item with the mouse,<br> then press W. The list will recenter on the selected item.<br><br>- Holding down control and scrolling with the mouse wheel switches<br> between lists. Which modifier key to use can be configured with<br> "mouse_wheel_list_switch_modifier_key".<br><br>- Added a [layout] section to make rearranging things easier. See the<br> config file.<br><br>- Added a "spacer" list type, for creating space between lists, so that<br> long lists can flow down into the rows below them.<br><br>- If any settings are missing from the [config] section, the default<br> values from the included default config file are used. This is for<br> backwards compatibility with earlier config files.<br><br>- If a keyword in a keyword list is surrounded by quotes, then that<br> keyword must match the item name exactly. This is useful for<br> equip sets.<br><br>- If "include_sublist_keyword = true" is set in a [list] section, then<br> the list's sublist's keywords are added to the parent list, so that<br> the keywords don't have to be duplicated in the [list] and [sublist]<br> sections. A sublist's excludes are not added to the parent list.<br><br>- Added a separate archive that may solve the left/right click equip<br> problem for some people. Thanks to villian123 at skryimnexus.<br><br>- The list delimiter used to split the lists in the config file is<br> configurable with "list_delimiter", in the case of mods that use<br> a "," in item names. The keyword lists must be updated if the<br> delimiter is changed.<br><br>- Fixed an issue with items with more than 35 charaters not getting the<br> correct hotkey coloring.<br><br>- The name of the "other" sublist can be configured with<br> "sublist_other_title" config option.<br><br>- Sublists don't automatically append a colon (":") to the end of its<br> section head / divider / name.<br><br>- The color of the list's titles are configurable with<br> "default_title_color". Each list's title is individually configurable<br> with "title_color" in a [list] section. These are HTML color codes.<br><br>- The color of each sublist header / name is individually configurable<br> with "title_color" in a [sublist] section. "divider_color" config<br> option is renamed to "default_sublist_title_color". These are HTML<br> color codes.<br><br>- Default config changes:<br> - Added "poison" to the health potions sublist to exclude health<br><span class="wbbtab"></span> poisons<br> - Added "venom" and "aversion" to poisons sublist.<br> - Added "shiv" to weapons list<br> - Added "scroll of" to magic list<br> - Added "damage,drain" to excludes of health and stamina sublists<br> - "include_sublist_keyword = true" set for the Magic list, and its<br><span class="wbbtab"></span> keywords (except for "scroll of") are removed.<br> - Added "Arrows" sublist to Weapons list<br><br>- Significant code cleanup.<br><br>v0.1.6 (Jan 2, 2012)<br><br>- Sublists added. Each list can have a set of sublists that items<br> are categorized into, eg in the potions list, "Magicka", "Stamina",<br> "Health", and "Poisons" sections. See the config file for how to<br> configure these.<br>- Fixed the issue with the list titles not picking up the right font.<br> The titles should pick up "$EverywhereMediumFont" variable.<br> The "title_font_name" configuration option is now obsolete.<br>- Hotkey colors are configurable with "hotkey_color" in the config file.<br>- Sublist divider / section header color is configurable with <br> "divider_color" in the config file.<br>- Renamed the readme file to "CategorizedFavoritesMenuREADME.txt".<br><br>v0.1.5 (Dec 31, 2011)<br><br>- Added an exclude list to keyword lists. An item will match a list<br> only if the item's text matches a keyword in the keyword list and does<br> not match a keyword in the exclude list. This fixes issues with spells<br> like "Frostbite" and items like "Staff of Frostbite" being<br> miscategorized, and other issues like the shout "Elemental Fury"<br> being categorized under magic.<br>- Converted config file to unicode (UTF-16LE) to make translations<br> easier.<br><br>v0.1.4 (Dec 29, 2011)<br><br>- With whole word matching in v0.1.2, "hammer" wouldn't match<br> "warhammer", "axe" wouldn't match "battleaxe", and "sword" wouldn't<br> match "greatsword". Added these to the default config.<br><br>v0.1.3 (Dec 29, 2011)<br><br>- Added background behind lists to increase readability. Configurable<br> in favoritemenu.cfg with background_* settings<br>- Title fonts configurable with title_font_name<br>- Added "venom" to potions keyword list to match "Frostbite Venom",<br> which was getting miscategorized as magic (from "Frostbite"). This<br> should work so long as the potions list comes before the magic list.<br>- Minor adjustment to default menu base x and y (so there are 16 pixels<br> on the left and bottom of the menu from the screen's edge on 1024x768)<br>- Renamed "Armor/Clothes" to "Apparel" for consistency<br><br>v0.1.2 (Dec 29, 2011)<br><br>- Added greater and lesser powers to Shouts (now "Shouts/Powers") list.<br>- Added "poison" to Potions list.<br>- Now uses whole word matching instead of simple<br> "anywhere in the item's name" matching. Eg, "Mammoth Cheese Bowl"<br> now won't match the "bow" keyword in the Weapons list.<br>- Font size of each list's title is configurable in favoritesmenu.cfg<br> with "title_font_size"<br>- Converted the line endings in favoritesmenu.cfg to windows style<br> CR\LF (for editing in, eg, notepad).<br><br>v0.1.1 (Dec 29, 2011)<br><br>- Compatible with Nexus Mod Manager<br><br>v0.1 (Dec 29, 2011)<br><br>- Initial Release</game></game>