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This is a very simple mod that removes some unnecessary buttons from Skyrim's menus. Say goodbye to unintentionally clicking on the mod manager or the Creation Club.

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This is a very simple mod that removes most unnecessary buttons from Skyrim's menus.

Removed from the Main Menu:
  • Creation Club
  • News Panel
  • Add-Ons
  • Help
  • Mods

You can remove the MODS tab from the in-game pause menu as well. Add this to your Skyrim.ini: (under [General])


This mod is intended to be an improved version of Clean Menu. I have cleaned the main menu using the method described by that mod's author (I did not use that mod's file). However, with Clean Menu, the slots from the buttons that have been removed are still there, allowing the user to scroll down using the keyboard to blank menu items. I have fixed that problem.


This should be compatible with any version of Skyrim SE and any mods including SkyUI and anything that dosen't modify startmenu.swf (the main menu).

Just extract the interface folder into your Data folder.

Thanks to:
  • Wirodeu for Clean Menu and instructions on how to decompile a flash file.
  • Everyone behind JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler.