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Add diversity with 4200 jewelry variants distributed across culture-specific leveled lists for races and dungeons. Swap any of 1700 rings or bracelets to the left hand and back instantly via right click-even player enchanted and named ones. Incorporates a new system of gem and metal-influenced enchanting based on occultism and the Aedric planets.

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File of the Month May 2015 providing a host of features. Read below.

This mod is not only a synthesis of nearly every jewelry pack or mod on the Nexus, but an expansion of them all several times over, including retextures, leveled lists, and both a new crafting and a new enchanting system. This mod turns jewelry from mere dress up accessories into an integral part of the world... into TREASURE.

For all its visual immersion and AI simulation of a medieval fantasy world, the core game mechanic of Skyrim is largely about questing for treasure, bringing it back to town to sell, and then improving oneself so that you can get even more. Treasure is at least what sustains and fuels the forward momentum of the story, so shouldn't it have more attention paid to it? This mod aims to benefit the immersiveness of exploration and discovery by fleshing out the history of the world through its most precious artifacts - the things men steal and kill for: jewels.

    ● A completely lore based system of magical correspondences revolving around the gems and metals as "Earth Bones" and their astrological resonance with the Aedric planets, meaning that some stone and metal combinations are better for certain enchantments than others. Enchantment becomes a matter of questing and experimentation and not mere power leveling until the skill is maxed. Every piece of jewelry will respond to enchantments in different ways - you can experiment with them or actually study the art of enchantment in the same way you study alchemy.

    ● More than 4200 jewelry variants distributed through new leveled lists, with different jewelry types according to culture, era, and social status, +600 more enchanted variants. Different jewelry will be found in draugr ruins than in dwemer ruins as well as among the forsworn, and even among vampires, in the spirit of mods like Skyrim Coin Replacer. Why so many gem and metal combinations? Because enchantment works differently on every piece.

    ● Every one of the 1700 rings included in this mod may be swapped instantly from the left to the right by clicking right equip or left equip, the same as equipping weapons in the right or left hand. Custom enchanted rings and custom named rings can also be swapped with their names and enchantments intact. One does not need to forge to swap rings, nor find rings for one hand or the other. More than 200 bracelets may also be found and swapped. (Swapping feature functional in SSE version of SKSE64, but SKSE64 is not swapping player-made enchantments correctly yet.)

    ● It is possible to wear a total of four rings (3 + the Ring of Matrimony) and 2 bracelets, making "unlimited" mods less necessary. (Technically a 5th is possible if completing certain quests).

    ● A new crafting system for every piece of jewelry based on realistic metal portions, with several new sizes of ingots and raw ring shanks factoring into the crafting process. This crafting system is an expansion of the standard ingot smithing system and does not alter it, other than material weight.

    ● A realistic revaluation of precious metal and its potential use as bullion. Now a gold ingot found in a treasure hoard of sacked ship cargo will be worth a whole lot more than a Honningbrew Mead, and you'll craft a whole lot more than 2 rings from it.

    ● Complete and absolute consistency with regard to item value based on material components and standardized tooling done in the creation of the item. This was painstakingly calculated for each piece of jewelry. The same considerations were made for weight - now the value of a piece is reflected in the amount of precious material composing it.

    ● Apothecaries and alchemy shops now stock recipes for enchanting combinations alongside the potion recipes.

    ● Gems are now categorized by size and weight rather than luster and clarity, to justify the visual discrepancy in size of some of the featured jewelry pieces. The centerpiece of a circlet is no longer the same flawless gem as the one that barely covers your knuckle.

    ● Crafting recipes for every one of the more than 4200 jewelry variants, which only appear in the crafting menu if you have one of the needed ingredients.

    ● New religious amulets found in Draugr ruins with triple animal motifs that reflect the different pantheon of the ancient Nords.

    ● Unique meshes and jewelry pieces for every remaining jewelry or quest item or jewelry reward item in the game that re-used vanilla meshes. Rings like Madesi's ring or Viola's Ring are now visually unique, which justifies their retrieval quests.

    ● Three well written lorebooks distributed throughout the world which explain both the crafting system and the proper correspondences for enchantment, including one written in rhyming verse.

    ● The shopkeepers who have dialogue mentioning their "unique" cultural craftsmanship now truly sell a selection of pieces appropriate to their race and different from anyone else.

    ● Built for compatibility with Kryptopyr's Complete Crafting Overhaul and its innate system for boosting enchantment power based on value, which creates even more combinations in the search for the perfect piece of jewelry for your enchantment. (CCOR not yet ported for SKSE)

    ● New imprefvicticious textures and cubemaps for pieces from several popular jewelry mods, which give an updated look to the included pieces. New ground objects for jewelry mods that did not have them, plus new previously unreleased meshes with gem transparency.

My thanks to the following artists and creators whose designs are fully incorporated into Immersive Jewelry:

Jewelry Collections:

Severus - Severus Collection Jewelry

Lautasantenni - Expanded Jewelry Crafting

Petrovich - UNP Jewelry

Gamwich - Real Engagement Rings

Yuril - Yuril Rings HQ

Aeterna - Aeterna Rings

Jen246801 - Jen's HD Rings

ZZJay - KD Circlets Redone

Tytanis - Jewelcraft

Johnskyrim - HD Armored Circlets

Newmiller - Newmiller Jewellery and Newmiller Drake Jewellery and Newmiller Vampire Armor

Cleanz0r - Torcs

Jacknifelee- Velvet Cloaks

Saerileth - Gemling Queen Jewelry Resources

RonnieMagnum - Legendary Rings

Uni000SL - New Generic Rings

Pfaffendril - Jewels of the Nord

Mr. Dave - rings from Bob's Armory

PrivateEye - Rings of Old

Testiger2 - Dovahbling

Favoredsoul - Ultimate Assortment

Elleh - Circlet Replacers

Gizmodian - Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons for Skyrim

Humannature66 - HN66's Earrings

Leah Lilith and Kalilies - Leah Lilith Jewelry

Noraimironhand - Jocelyn's Ring

Individual pieces by Ghosu, Anton0028, Avenger86, Andre7890, Pete40, Edhildil, Reaper and Merilia
Animal Designs by Mark and Terry Smith and Amanda Fisher
Scripting help for left hand ring swapping through the wizardry of CDCooley. Many thanks to him!
Also thanks to Kryptopyr for providing a script so that CCOR rough gems can turn into one of the four IJ types of cut gems.
CACO patch by Dr Monops and ISC patch by InstantKor


Fjotli's Locket, by Merilia

Frostmoon Rings, by MidnightVoyager

Nightweaver's Band, by PrivateEye

Locket of St. Jiub, by Andre7890

Viola's Ring and Madesi's Ring, by Uni00SL

Sword of Queen Freydis, by Pete40

Ancient Enchanted Ring of Saarthal, by PrivateEye

Helm of Winterhold, by Edhildil

Diadem of the Savant, by Anton0028

Circlet of Waterbreathing, by Severus

Revelers' Charmed Necklace, by Avenger86

Ahzidal's Rings, by FavoredSoul

Jeweller's Ingots, by Oaristys

Auryn Pendant, by FurrySwords

Book Cover Backgrounds, by Daniel Coffey

Dragonborn and Dawnguard are required because of the breadth of quest items and uniques replaced, as is SKSE for ring swapping function.

The below are not technically masters, but are so very strongly suggested because they make the experience of the mod better. In this SSE version, the main feature of the mod will be diverse loot and leveled lists, so the below are definitely not required.

Exchange Currency is strongly suggested because Immersive Jewelry adds weight to septims. Exchange Currency was developed with strong input from me, the author of IJ, and features the ability to get banknotes at any merchant and to exchange them back to septims at face value without "selling" them. The IJ version comes with special banknote textures which correspond with the goldsmith guild mentioned in the Immersive Jewelry lorebooks. This links to the SSE version.

Complete Crafting Overhaul is strongly suggested for two reasons - first, it will allow you to reduce your crafting menus to only display what you want of the 4200 jewelry pieces. Second, it increases enchantment strength based on value, which diversifies and shuffles up enchantment possibilities very nicely alongside Immersive Jewelry's Earthbones enchantment system.

The following mods are suggested for the sake of balance or visual continuity:

Gemling Queen Dragon Claws -Adds refraction to the dragon claw dungeon keys. (Not yet ported for SSE)
Barenziah's Glory -Adds transparency and sparkle to the bland vanilla Mysterious Gems. (Not yet ported for SSE.)
Book Covers Skyrim -Adds unique covers to every in game book so that they will match the unique covers of the 3 books added by Immersive Jewelry. This links to SSE version.

The following mods are suggested for gameplay enhancement that is highly compatible with Immersive Jewelry:

Amulets of Skyrim - Adds themed necklaces for various factions as well as quest reward amulets which can serve as substitutions for vanilla items like priest masks. The amulets are also tagged with keywords to work with Immersive Jewelry's enchantment system. This links to the SSE version.

Storage Helpers - When I saw this mod by CDCooley, I knew I had a master of papyrus scripting on my hands. It allows you to turn any bandolier pouch into an actual bag with a shift-right click, and more, allows you to set a percentage of weight reduction for your bags. (Not yet ported for SSE)

Investment Price Config I suggest changing the initial investment for vanilla homes to 3x or even 5x vanilla. The reason for this is first that on the one hand, even assuming a new thane gets a little break on the cost, their value is far too low for the economy, given the comparative price of a horse or a meal. I have kept the values of new jewelries relatively consistent with vanilla items at the same level in the leveled lists, and used high value jewelries to extend the leveled lists into higher levels that vanilla did not reach, but just the existence of complex jewelry pieces comprised of strings of 30-50 thumb sized diamonds is going to cause a huge surplus of money at end game. Raise the home prices accordingly - it's more realistic, and it gives a realistic end goal to the life of a mercenary. (Not yet ported for SSE.)

Follower Live Package I might also suggest a mod that requires followers to be paid a salary, as the expenses of camp and campaign are what usually drain a mercenary's purse and keep them living inn to inn. Most eke out a meager living while looking for that one big score and die before they ever can get it and retire. Now with the treasure that awaits in this mod, if you play long enough, you'll find the big score alright... (Not yet ported for SSE)

Dynamic Item Repricer This mod allows you to specifically multiply the prices of all spell tomes in the game by a multiplier factor in an MCM. It scans your load order for all mods that add spell tomes as well as repricing the vanilla tomes. This makes learning magic a real investment and drain on income. I especially like to use this along with Apollodown's Simple Magic Overhaul, because together they make magic seem like a very special and exclusive thing, and at the same time make enchanting and alchemy seem more like the real workhorses for magical effects that the common people use. (Not yet ported for SSE.)

The mod was designed to work with Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade, and as of release 0.95 its functionality with CCOR's enchantment effects scaling based on value and the CCOR MCM is intact. Since CCOR ships with Jewelcraft and Jewelcraft recipes and items are a bit incongruent with those of Immersive Jewelry, simply uncheck the CCOR options to have Jewelcraft items appear in the crafting menu and in leveled lists. Make sure to load IJ after CCOR.

For Wintermyst, a patch exists that improves on the automated patcher in a couple of ways: first, by making the left hand ring swapping function work; second, by allowing Wintermyst enchantments to be bent by Immersive Jewelry's material based enchanting system; third, by using different template meshes for the new enchanted jewelry than the jewelry with vanilla enchantments in Immersive Jewelry, for more diversity and to give other pieces some time in the limelight. This patch should be excluded from the load order while running the Wintermyst Patcher along with Immersive Jewelry.esp itself, then reactivated along with Immersive Jewelry and loaded after the generated patch. (Wintermyst is not yet ported for SSE.)

I also included maluses and bonuses to enchantment effects on weapons, to give a reason why one might place a certain type of gem on a sword, or whatnot. To take advantage of this, you only have to use TESVEdit to edit whichever weapon mod you are using and attach the proper keyword to the weapon and voila, it will benefit from augmented enchantments. The list of gem specific keywords can be found in the Readme.

Patches may be needed for any mod which edits vanilla enchantments because of these keyword tags.

Wrye Bash: Make sure that Immersive Jewelry is tagged with Bash Tags Relev, Delev, Stats and Names. A bashed patch is necessary to merge book leveled lists with other mods that supply books. It may also be necessary to make a TES5Edit "Merge patch" so that merchant container inventories are merged.

Patchus Maximus: Before version 1.00, there was a way to circumvent the patcher and still generate a patch, but that's no longer recommended. With the inclusion of 1700 new left handed rings, the patcher will try to enchant these variants and distribute them, and it will also not be able to respect Immersive Jewelry's lore division of Breton, Nordic, and Dwemer jewelry. Instead, exclude Immersive Jewelry from the patching process. Then, download and use the supplied patch and load it after PatchusMaximus.esp. Make sure the main Immersive Jewelry .esp is loaded after all the Perkus Maximus .esps.

Dual Sheath Redux: By default the patcher sets shields to use slot 60 and staves to use slot 44. These are used by the left ring and forefinger rings of Immersive Jewelry, so you'll have to choose alternate slots for your dual sheath meshes. Fortunately, the final release version of Immersive Jewelry (1.00) made sweeping adjustments to jewelry placements. The following list should help you choose an appropriate pair of alternate slots:

44: IJ Left Forefinger Rings
45. IJ Torcs and High Necklaces
46. Cloaks (from Winter is Coming and Cloaks of Skyrim)
47. Backpacks, IJ Wings <------ This is one recommended possibility for your back mounted DSR shield, because it clips with backpacks anyway.
48. Bandolier Back Left Pouch (Bandoliers Mod)
49. ____________ Open Slot <---------------This is recommended for your other DSR slot
50. IJ's Ring of Matrimony, Decapitate
51. IJ Chokers, Decapitated Head
52. Bandolier Left Pouches (Bandoliers Mod)
53. Bandolier Chest (Bandoliers Mod)
54. IJ Right Bracelets
55. Bandolier Back Right Pouches, Wearable Lanterns
56. IJ Left Bracelets
57. Bandolier Front Right Pouches, Wearable Lanterns
58. Bandolier Front Left Pouches
59. Bandolier Right Pouches
60. IJ Left Ringfinger Rings
61. IJ Helix Earrings


Any mod appearing in the Contributors' thank you list above is incompatible because it's already fully incorporated into Immersive Jewelry. Immersive Jewelry alters their meshes and textures, so using those mods alongside Immersive Jewelry will overwrite them and ruin their appearance. Also, Immersive Jewelry rebalances values and weights according to its own comprehensive jewelry crafting system.

Any left hand ring mod is unnecessary because every one of the 1700 rings in Immersive Jewelry has a left-side swapping mate, which is accessed by merely right clicking on the ring in your inventory. New left hand rings would be unswappable, and most certainly already appear anyway.

Lootification is incompatible also because it is unnecessary, and this mod already has enchanted leveled lists. Lootification would take all Dwemer and Breton jewelry and put them into Nordic leveled lists. Just leave this mod out of your LLI.esp.

The mod was released in early April as a beta, and after four months of bug elimination and testing, was released as a full release on Aug 5, 2015.

To Do In the Next Version:

Make a Wintermyst patch for the non-vanilla keyworded Wintermyst enchantments (finished for 1.02)

Make small patches for recipe conversions in mods like Skyrim Coin Replacer

Spread keywords for jeweled weapon enchantments to other mods on Nexus, possibly

Implement some form of jewelry breakdown

Implement jewelry from future Nexus jewelry mods

Implement a patcher that replaces the ingots in all weapon recipes from all mods with the smaller "bars" from Immersive Jewelry, which adds more realism and gives a further raison d'etre for the bars to exist.


While all the rings and most of the circlets work on male characters, there are some necklaces and earrings for which there are not male models.

Some of the included necklaces are fitted to the vanilla female body, so if you are using a replacer like UNP or CBBE, those necklaces may levitate about two inches above the chest. However, every other piece of jewelry in the mod looks best with CBBE.

I've noticed sometimes while scanning jewelry pieces in the menu that the environment map won't load right away, leaving the jewelry pieces looking duller than they should. Usually if you look again in a few seconds this goes away.

Some circlet meshes came with armor addons for Khajiit and Argonians. I lazily have not yet retextured all of their variants. We'll see if anyone who plays Khajiit or Argonian notices.

The ring swapping can be borked into duplicating your ring if you rapidly click right and left mouse buttons simultaneously. Obviously don't do that. Also, the swapping of custom names can be lost along with your enchantment if you swap it immediately after enchanting. Drop your ring on the enchanting table and let it sit for 9 heartbeats, then pick it up again and it will be swappable with enchantment forever.

Q: Is Jewelry Mod X included in this yet?

A: They're all included 100% - in fact, they're included more like 3000-6000%, because their pieces are multiplied and retextured into many variants. The only mod not yet included is the new KS Jewelry.

Q: How do I get rings in other places than the left or right forefinger?

A: Only the Ring of Matrimony occupies the right ring finger. Normal rings only swap from right to left forefinger. Special named quest rings like:

Vittoria Vici's wedding ring
Ahzidal's rings
Potema's ring
Nightweaver's Band
Ring of Pure Mixtures
Neloth's Ring of Tracking
Fjola's Wedding Ring
Saarthal Enchanted Ring
and, though not named, all ancient Nordic oval rings

all swap to slot 60, the left fourth proximal phalangeal digit.

Some, like Calcelmo's Ring and Hircine's Ring, can't swap because they are needed to fulfill quest inventory check conditions.

Q: Most of the jewelry looks fine, but all the vanilla rings have missing purple textures!

A: Most likely you have CCOR loaded after IJ, or some other mod like SMIM loaded after. Load IJ after not just in load order, but also in install order for overwrites.

Q: I hate having realistic weights for the vanilla ingots! It's perfectly fine with me that they go back to weighing 1 feather each, even though the new 1/10th portion bars included in IJ weigh more than 1 feather! For that matter, I hate having weighted septims too!

A: Really, try the "Exchange Currency" mod by UniSL. It was designed with Immersive Jewelry in mind. It adds a dialogue option where any shopkeeper can turn your heavy septims into really beautiful and immersive lore friendly banknotes. As for the heavy ingots, I think it's a bit silly not to want them, and the fact that they were left at "1" when dragonbones weigh 15 is probably a dev error...

But for silly people I have included a "twink version". If you download it it will make the giant ingots weigh "1" again. 5 of them will still make a 35 weight cuirass, if that's how you like it. And it'll take away the weight of septims.

Q: Swappable rings and bracelets is arrsome. But how come I can't see them in first person?

A: For them to be visible in first person, you have to edit your race for slots 44, 50, 54, 56, and 60 to be visible. IJ doesn't come shipped this way because of compatibility issues. For a quick fix, though, you can use this guy's mod: Gamefever's 1st person items visible

Q: So septims are supposed to have weight, but they don't have it in my game. Also, gems still have vanilla names like "flawless". What's wrong?

A: You have another mod that alters coins, gems, or jewelry loading after Immersive Jewelry, and it's "winning" in the Bashed Patch or just through the load order. Make sure that nothing is loading after and also make sure that Immersive Jewelry.esp is tagged in Wrye Bash with "Names, Stats, Relev, Delev".

Q: I was using Exchange Currency with this mod, and I went to exchange my money for notes, and of course, I saw my carry weight dropping. I bought as many 5000 value notes as I could, and then I bought as many 1000 value notes as I could. Finally I had 832 septims left, and no note value was small enough, so I exchanged 500 septims for one gold bar of the same value. My weight still dropped! Why is that?

A: Carrying bullion is still better than carrying coins, because coins are not pure gold. Immersive Jewelry metallurgy/chemistry has calculated septim weight as if each septim was made of 60% copper. This is not only realistic for the setting (debasing coinage during a civil war), but gives a reason to ship and carry bullion instead of coins, even when not carrying banknotes.

This mod contains meshes and designs which belong to numerous artists from the Nexus community, so inquiries about their use should be directed to them.

With that said, I would like to welcome help and suggestions from other modders in the community toward improving and developing this mod, including compatibility, new features, and new ideas.


German Version by Verodor