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Paper HUD replaces the HUD UI with new textures and layout. Designed to compliment book UI mods such as Dear Diary. Version 3 offers several variants of paper texture overlays to position HUD elements and widgets within them for a tidy, classic RPG look. FOMOD installation.

Permissions and credits
>>>>>>>>> Try these new versions:
 Paper HUD Director's Cut. It has upscaled textures and some tweaks and changes based on my personal preferences.
Paper HUD TrueHUD skin. For the floating/scalable meters provided by TrueHUD


Paper HUD completely replaces the design of Skyrim's HUD. Inspired by the great mod Dear Diary, I wanted the appearance of a paper or book to carry over to the UI during exploration and combat. I haven't taken the textures and styles directly from Dear Diary (in case uranreactor ever decides to extend that mod to cover the HUD as well), but I've aimed to create something that feels similar whilst being it's own spin.

Includes matching retextures for moreHUD's enemy bars and QuickLoot RE.

Version 4

Had a few requests for the return of a Less Intrusive HUD version so I've added that as an option in the FOMOD. If you have problems with the usual layout of the mod (because of your display ratio etc.) this might be easier to allow you to manually reposition the HUD in game. Many of the styles (the ones with bars) simply might never reasonably fit a non 16:9 display - apologies for that, I can only do so much - but the notepad version can probably be made good with this manual in-game tweaking 

Version 3

After playing with earlier versions of my mod for some time, I came to feel that the Notebook widget was a bit larger than necessary and made the screen space uneven with it's intrusion in the top right. I also had several widgets from other mods that were still 'floating' elsewhere on the screen.

I've decided to recreate the bars in the thinner vanilla proportions. As well as a redesigned notebook widget, I've also created several other options for overlays which cover variable sections of the screen with the intent of allowing setups that position the HUD and other widgets upon these paper spaces rather than in the gameplay space.

Check the images tab for some examples of 'packing' the paper spaces with widgets from other mods (iEquip, Equipment HUD, moreHUD, needs mods etc). Note you'll need to position these other mod widgets using their own configuration menus.

The original Notepad from version 2 is still available in the FOMOD.


Paper HUD requires a few steps to get working in game. If you've used Customizable UI Replacer you'll recognise these steps, but incase you don't please follow these instructions. I recommend Mod Organizer 2, or whatever mod manager you are comfortable with.
  1. Install FISS 
  2. Install SkyHUD main file
  3. Install A Matter Of Time
  4. Install Paper HUDoverwriting the above mods
  5. In game, access the MCM for A Matter of Time and load the user preset. 

  1. Install moreHUD, select moreHUD compatible file in FOMOD
  2. Install Quick Loot RE , select Quick Loot RE compatible file in FOMOD

In V3 I've also provided an alternate version of the compass which you might prefer to use. This can be changed in skyhud.txt in Data\Interface\skyhud. Change line 56 from bAltCompass=0 to bAltCompass=1

Here is the new subtle scribble effect for Survival Mode penalties

Notes and Compatibility
  • Not compatible with any other HUD replacer mods, specifically anything that edits hudmenu.swf, or the A Matter of Time .swf files. 
  • Likewise the moreHUD and Quick Loot RE replacers wouldn't be compatible with other replacers of the same elements
  • Compatible with Survival Mode and other mods that make use of it such as Potion Toxicity SSE
  • I've tested with 900p and 1080p resolutions. Not sure how it's going to play with lower/higher resolutions or ultrawide settings, but if you use them give it a go...
  • Fonts. I recommend Sovngarde font, but any font replacer should be compatible for the most part. Some fonts may not fit as well out-of-the-box, and date and time may need slight scale/position adjusting in the A Matter of Time MCM.

Recommended mods

If you're after a UI replacer but Paper HUD isn't to your taste, you want something with options closer to vanilla or more like other popular ARPGs, try Customizable UI Replacer from elxdark.


Lavinge77, Less Intrusive HUD II - for kindly granting me permission to use the hud .swf file in their mod as a base for this one.
Fhaarkas, SkyHUD - for also kindly granting me permission of use their mod as a base for V2+ of this one.
SkyAmigo, A Matter of Time - for kindly granting permission to modify the widgets in their mod to work within this mod.
DanielCoffey, Book Covers Skyrim - from where the texture for the book widget was used, from the Book Of The Dragonborn. It's not in my recommended section, but if you've got the hard drive space you should have this mod in your load order, it's great stuff.
nasuellia - who helped identify the issue with Survival Mode compatibility