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This mod is a collection of new textures that you can pick and choose to replace the vanilla skill interface textures.

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Update v3.0:
First off, I want to thank Fadingsignal for letting me use his assets from "Skygazer Moons - Masser and Secunda." Please go check out his amazing retextures, especially if you use the new "HD Masser and Secunda" option in my mod.

This update includes changes to the Werewolf and Vampire skill trees. I added two HDR versions for the Vampire nebula and HD and SD versions of the moons Masser and Secunda to the werewolf tree. In addition, there are two new line textures that the images in the FoMod installer do not do justice. There are some other "under the hood" changes that you can see in the changelog.

Have something you want added/changed? Tell me in the comments section or send me a message!

- The current v1.1 optional patches ARE 100% COMPATIBLE WITH 3.0
- If you find any mods that extend the perk trees with more perks and thus cause clipping with the stars, please tell me. I want to know so I can make the appropriate patches. 
NOTE: The perk mods are still compatible, they just could cause the perks to be too close to the stars and would look ugly (stand up close to something in a game and you can see what I mean).

What is "Skyrim Skill Interface Re-Texture?"
In short, SSIRT is a texure mod (or a collection of textures that you pick from) that covers the Skill Tree Interface. It is just that and no more. There will not be any performance drop or any conflicts.

Future Plans?
Now that v2.0 has been released, I have a few ideas for this mod in the upcoming future (primarily pertaining to the DG trees, but another larger part too). I have a couple ideas for new mods but those will take a while to complete... don't plan on seeing anything as of now.

What is Re-Textured Then?
1. The Background
2. The Perk Lines
3. The Perk Lines Colour
4. The Constellations - For Vanilla, PerMa, SkyRe and SkyRe + Frostfall
5. The Perk Stars
6. HD Moon (Werewolf Perk Tree) - Requires Dawnguard

Are you the same guy (Tko007) that made the older version?
No, I am a different guy. Tko007 has been inactive for quite a while, so I decided to remake the mod. I did not use any of his files for the creation of this mod (other than for reference). I also created some extra options (there were fewer options in the original mod) that are completely new.

This mod functions on its own as it is simply a texture replacer, however, I recommend using Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager to install the mod.

This mod is not compatible with other mods which change the mesh or texture for any of the skill interface files. If you are wondering if X mod works. It is likely that it does. A short list of mods that are completely compatible are:

- Royal Bloodline
- Extended UI
- Requiem Overhaul
- Enai's Ordinator

Compatibility with Dawnguard (werewolf and vampire) is already part of the main file, but there are patches for SkyRe, SkyRe and Frostfall, and PerMa in a separate file.

As of v4.1, SSIRT has a wizard for WryeBash users created by TechAngel85.

SSIRT works with Extended UI. No patch is needed.

1. Uninstall earlier version of this mod
2. Download and activate with NMM, MO or WryeBash
3. Download any necessary updates (check to make sure versions match)
4. Upon activation you will be taken through the FOMOD installer, choose what you want and finish.
5. Check any updates that you have downloaded, overwrite the main file.
6. This mod should come after SkyRe/Frostfall/PerMa. It probably already is, but just make sure.

Update History
Version 4.1: Moved mod to "User Interface" category
Version 4.1: Updated FOMod, restructured folders, added a wizard for WryeBash Users -- Thanks to TechAngel85 for this update
Version 4.0: Fixed NMM downloading issues.
Version 3.0: Masser and Secunda added to Werewolf tree, HDR Vampire Nebula, 2 new lines, fomod changes, smaller file size (images), combined update 2 with new version files.
UPDATE 2.0: Ugly break between Alchemy and Illusion
Version 2: More stars for DG Trees, Fixed clipping with stars, Fixed empty space between Mage and Warrior.
Version 1.3: v1.2 made MO and NMM installation impossible. Issue fixed.
Version 1.2: Fixed another error in FOMod leading to problem installing Dawnguard constellations.
Version 1.1: Fixed typo in FOMod leading to problem installing HD Moon. Fixed textures file size (a much smaller size while retaining quality).
Version 1.0: Initial Release

You may not use the contents of this mod for any purpose other than personal use. No persons are permitted to upload this mod to any site without permission from the mod creator. You are prohibited from using this mod in a mod pack without written permission.

Feel free to endorse this mod or make videos, but please give credit to me for my work. 

Bethesda for making Skyrim and for creating the textures that were modified for the making of this mod.
FOMM Team for creating the Fallout Mod Manger, a fantastic program.
NifSkope Team for creating NifSkope, another fantastic program.
Fadingsignal for permission to use his Masser and Secunda assets. Check his mod out here! (currently for Skyrim)
Arndas, I guess for creating this mod.

Programs used: Photoshop, NifSkope, Fallout Mod Manager.

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