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Unofficial Dear Diary Paper SkyUI ported to VR. Requires SkyUI VR and covers VR exclusive menus. This also restores categorized favorites.

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This is an unofficial port of the beautiful Dear Diary - Paper SkyUI mod by UranReactor. With his permission I have recreated all menus using his assets for VR. I have also remade VR exclusive menus. There is included compatibility for Frostfall, which carries forward all SkyUI VR Frostfall fixes. I have also corrected any SkyUI VR inconsistencies I could find along the way.

This also restores categorized favorites to VR in an aesthetic way. 

All aspects have been painstakingly ported over while retaining all of the original VR scripting, as such, compatibility will be the same as SkyUI VR. If you notice any inconsistencies in the screenshots, they have likely been fixed by the time of release. If you notice any inconsistencies in the UI please submit a bug report. No fixes are too small, I have tried to put as much polish as possible into consistent placement of text and assets.

New in version 1.02, ported over UranReactor's official Wood and Paper skin.

None of this would have been possible without the help of UranReactor and all of his work on the original Dear Diary, as well as help from everyone who helped me in testing this mod. My HMD failed me in the polishing stages of the mod, so their help was vital in getting it to be release ready.

New in version 1.04, SkyUI Weapons pack integration and VR Arsenal Icons, (Heal and Poison grenade icons will not show correctly until the next VR Arsenal update), optional files for MoreHUD VR and No More Map VR. 

1. Install SkyUI VR, if using Frostfall, also install the Unofficial Campfire and Frostfall SSE Compatibility patch. The Frostfall SkyUI VR patch is not needed.

2. Install via your mod manager of choice. Follow the prompts, make sure nothing is overwriting these files after, unless using custom fonts.

3. I highly recommend using the following INI tweaks in your SkyrimVR.ini. These are not necessary, however they will make the perk menu far more readable, and will move the Inventory, favorites, barter, etc, menus to the right, which will make them easier to read in VR. If you wish to customize the inventory positions, "fSafeZoneXWide" controls the horizontal position, and the various "3DItemPos" tweaks adjust 3d item positioning on the right. 




Compatible with all mods that do not overwrite the included interface files. Some of these files can be overwritten, however you will lose the changes and could introduce issues depending on the changes made. It's compatible with map marker mods, and font mods.

If overwriting the fontconfig.txt from DearDiaryVR, you can carry forward font changes to your new fontconfig.txt if you want to mix and match, this is recommended if using something that overwrites book fonts. 

Compatible with Paper UI Sounds, at this time it does NOT support any additional sounds added by this mod, only those replacing vanilla sounds. This support may come in the future.

Fully compatible with VR Menu Mouse Fix.

1. Extended support for Paper UI Sounds additional sound descriptors. 

2. Main menu overhaul for those with VR Playroom disabled.

3. Possible redoing LockPicking and Book menus. At the moment I have not done these, as they have a simplistic approach in VR and are well suited to gameplay.

4. I do NOT plan on remaking the MCM at this time. The default MCM will work as intended. 

5. This is an unofficial port, as such it does not support all the configurability or Skins included with Dear Diary SSE. I may add some of these features in the future, however at the moment I am happy to release it in its current state. 

Paper UI Sounds 

Quill - Realistic Font Replacer - Highly recommended for the book fonts, the default fonts work best in VR for readability. I recommend sticking with FritzQ included with Dear Diary VR for other fonts, as I've found it is the best balance between aesthetics and readability in VR.

Head over to Dear Diary SSE and give UranReactor an endorsement!