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Fixes some squishing in Dear Diary Paper and Dark Mode caused by the recent game update.

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I love uranreactor's Dear Diary Dark Mode.  When the recent update (1.6.1130) squishified some of the UI, I shopped around a bit for a replacement, but couldn't find one that suited me.  So, I decided to try and fix my favourite UI instead.

First off, this is all really uranreactor's work.  They've done a fantastic job, so credit to them.  All I did was decompile some affected files, made some tweaks, and resaved.  If/when uranreactor updates their release, this page will go bye bye.

Starting with 0.7, the game difficulty setting fix mentioned here was added to the DD files here.  Credit to SKSE Team and ianpatt for posting the info.  If you do not use a DD mod, and your quest_journal.swf is just the SkyUI one (so not overwritten), you'll want to use SkyUI SE - Difficulty Persistence Fix instead of any file here.

- These fixes will only work for 1.6.1130+ users, but there'd be no reason to use it on an older version, anyway.
- Editing UI files is new territory for me, but I think I got it.  Let me know if something doesn't look right.  No promises, but I'll try and fix!
- Let me know if I missed a piece of the UI (please be specific if reporting: how to invoke it and provide a screen shot if possible).
- I play using a 16:9 aspect ratio and the included files should be fine if you do, too.  I've heard some of my files work with widescreen, but not all.  I have no plans on supporting other aspect ratios.
- Currently supporting Dear Diary Dark Mode warm/white and Dear Diary Paper.

On the "Difficulty Persistence Fix":

I've read a couple isolated posts saying the original 'difficulty persistence fix' (for the quest_journal.swf), which I integrated in version 0.7,  only works on 1.6.1130.  These claims appears to be false.  I've done some pretty extensive testing with saves/autosaves/reloading, including a lot of testing with the survival option, and have had zero issues using it on 1.6.1170.  (Note:  My testing was done with, of course, DDDM and my fixes here.  Perhaps there's something about DDDM that makes it continue to work - I don't know.  I just know that it does.)

Using Untarnished UI?  You'll instead want to go here Untarnished UI 1.1.6 - Unsquished Fix and then here Untarnished UI - Unsquished Fix - DBVO and Game Difficulty Save Fix.  If you use C.O.C.K.S., you'll also want to drop by here Untarnished UI - Unsquished Fix - Constructible Object Custom Keyword System.