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This small mod removes the "Quick Save" button from System Menu (esc), that was added in SE.
You can now normally exit your game without scrolling in System Menu.

Permissions and credits
"Quick Save" button removed; 
three options with different buttons arrangement;
some minor tweaks to preven text clipping using big fonts;
optional "Mod Configuration" renamed to simply "MCM";
flashing save game bug fix included.


  • The quick saving system in Skyrim (both LE and SE) is pretty much broken. Many sources say that quick saving may in some way result in corrupted saves. Manual saves are slower but tend to pause scripts long enough to avoid issues. "Quicksaves and autosaves can both cause scripts to get stuck, even in the vanilla game. Sometimes, issues are severe enough to be game-breaking, especially after 50+ hours" (source). 

  • The System menu in Skyrim SE is too much cluttered. I prefer the "minimalistic" System menu from LE, where you can just click on "Exit" button without scrolling to it. The simple ini tweak can help to remove the Creation Club's "Mods" button, but not the "Quick Save" button. 


Q: But Engine Fixes has an option to make regular saves while quicksaving, right? - A: Sure. But only with hotkey. "Quick Save" button from System Menu continue to create quick saves. 
Q: Flashing savegame fix? - A: similar SWF-file tweaks included, there will be no such problem.
Q: I still have the Creation Club's "Mods" button. How can I remove it? - A: In Skyrim.ini: set bModManagerMenuEnabled=0 under [General].
Q: Why 3 arrangement options? - A: First of all, jut for variety. For example, I like to have the MCM button on top of the list to be able to get access to it as fast as I can (ESC -> E -> I'm there). The second thing is that in Skyrim SE when your character dies, the top two lines grey-out to prevent you form quicksaving or manual saving. I have no idea how to change the amount of greyed-out lines, so if you choose the option with LE-like buttons arrangement, the "Save" and "Load" buttons both will be greyed-out in case of char's death (that is not very convenient). Fixed in 1.1 thanks to Vermunds. 

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If you have any suggestions feel free to share them via comments. 

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