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This mod brings some features from moreHUD into the inventory menu. From your inventory you can now see if enchantments are known by the player and other features. Also increases the Item Card size for mods that have long effect descriptions

Permissions and credits
moreHUD Inventory Edition for Skyrim Special Edition

Compatible with SkyrimSE 1.5.97 and SKSE64 2.0.17 and greater

This mod brings some features from moreHUD and makes them available from your inventory, bartering, and container menus

The follow Items have been added to the Item Card in the inventory menus:
  1. Known Weapon and Armor Enchantments
  2. Books Read
  3. Books Skills that are taught to the player
  4. Resizes some of the Item Cards for mods that have very long effect descriptions (Also works with vanilla menus as of 1.0.7)
  5. Shows items that are queued for iEquip
  6. Shows an icon for museum items for Legacy of the Dragonborn - The Curators Companion

  1. Enable or disable the different features by editing "<Skyrim Folder>/Data/SKSE/Plugin/AHZmoreHUDInventory.ini"

1. This Mod Requires SKSE64 Version 2.0.17 or Greater found here.
2. Skyrim SE version 1.5.97

It is recommended that you download and install with Nexus Mod Manager, Vortex, or MO2

If you want to install manually, install the following files to these locations:
  1. Install AHZmoreHUDInventory.bsa and AHZmoreHUDInventory.esl into the "<Skyrim Folder>/Data" folder
  2. Install The SKSE64 plugin AHZmoreHUDPlugin.dll into the "<Skyrim Folder>/Data/SKSE/Plugins" folder

There is NO papyrus. All of the code implementation is in the SKSE64 plugin and the SWF file that is included with this mod. Nothing is baked into your save.

Remove using your mod manual, or delete the files mentioned above.

This mod is completely safe to remove. The esl file is just an empty file used to load the bsa file. Nothing is baked into your save.

No known compatibility, unless a mod modifies some property names in the Inventory, Barter, Container, or Item Card files. This mod dynamically loads the files required without overwriting any existing files. I have confirmed that this mod also works with SkyUI AIO Survival (SAS) - AKA SkyUI Show Armor Slot.

This mod works with both the vanilla and SkyUI Inventory.

Known Issues
1. Some of the 3D items in the inventory may hide the extra data. Just rotate the objects out of the way

My Other Mods
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  2. Lootable Crates SE
  3. Immersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass SE (IDDP)
  4. moreHUD Inventory Edition (LE)
  5. moreHUD (LE)

  1. The SKSE Team
  2. The SkyUI Team
  3. expired6978 for some decoding help
  4. And of course, Bethesda!