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Various UI tools, tweaks, and fixes. More than functional, but not fully "complete". Includes an AddItemMenu alternative.

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin

This mod began as an attempt to create an AddItemMenu alternative for the Anniversary Update, but is growing to become a suite of UI tools, tweaks, and fixes. It is still in development an things are subject to change during the beta period. Everything in this was made by me for my own use, and as such I treat any suggestions or feature requests with caution.

Plugin Explorer
  • Open with F11 (can be configured)
  • Navigate a list of plugins in your load order and select from a variety of categories (Armor, Weapons, Ammo, etc).
  • Transfer items to your inventory

Main Menu
  • Show/Hide specific elements of the Main Menu.
  • Don't like the Creation Club banner nagging you? Want to remove buttons from the list? All can be yours for the low price of free!

Journal Menu
  • Includes the Stay at the System Page fix (can be configured to default to another page instead)

Console Menu
  • Adds a Clear command to clear the console history

What does QUI mean?
  • Nothing, or perhaps Qudix's User Interface, you decide.

How do I configure settings?
  • The default settings file is in `Data/SKSE/Plugins/QUI.toml` and can be opened with any text editor.
  • You can also create a `QUI_Custom.toml` file in the same location to save settings across updates.

Why do I get a "did not have a view due to missing dependencies" error?
  • You didn't install SkyUI correctly (or at all)

Can you add a search function?
  • I've been asked this question since day one, and the answer is still the same. Maybe.

Can you add (x) feature?
  • Maybe, if the stars align and I have the knowledge and free time.

Is it compatible with (x) mod?
  • This mod does not replace any files, vanilla or modded. It should work with everything. I think.