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This converts parts of the Skyrim: Special Edition's interface files to run at 60 FPS.

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The default interface runs at 30 FPS; as part of my on-going UI tweaks, I decided to convert the game's interface files to 60 FPS.

If you want to convert the interface files to 60 FPS or widescreen yourself, I've written a tutorial to help you do it. You can follow the steps inside to convert the vanilla files, SkyUI, or other interface mods. Don't hesitate to ask questions.


This includes only the files that were stable enough after conversion. The reason I made my own conversion is because the other mod that does this, Smooth Interface, doesn't use the new Skyrim: Special Edition .swf files and overwrites your game's files with files from Skyrim classic. Those files were compiled in a different version of Flash and do not contain all the elements that the game expects there to be. While it works, I much prefer a clean approach where possible to avoid instability further down the line.

People requested that I upload it and thus, here are my own tweaks. Enjoy.

  • From a technical point of view, all this does is run the interface animations twice as fast. Nothing more.
  • Compatible with all UI mods. Simply load this before mods such as SkyUI or Better MessageBox controls, allowing them to overwrite this one where applicable.
  • Compatible with my other UI tweak, Clean Menu. Use the 60FPS version and load it after this mod.
  • Compatible with my mod Immersive Bookreading and Lockpicking. Load that after this mod.

Feel free to post suggestions or requests in the comments section, and I'd greatly appreciate your endorsements. With your feedback I'll be
able to create even better mods. Thanks!