About this mod

Replacer for Skyrim interface in a paper style.

Permissions and credits
Skyrim SE version|Skyrim LE version|Enderal version
This is the paper interface replacer for almost all SkyUI menus (and most of those UI elemets that are not covered by SkyUI). 

Used Tools:

Photoshop CS6 - for textures
Inkscape - for vector graphics
JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler - for SWF files editing

1. Install the mod with mod manager, just follow the FOMOD installer instructions and choose whatever you like. I don't support manual installation, but if you really want to install it manually, of course you can. All the folders in the archive are named properly.

2After installation you can open the file interface\deardiary\config.txt for enabling-disabling some options and to set transparency if you need it. There is detailed description for every option in that file. 

Completely safe to install / uninstall / update mid-game (of course if using any modern mod manager).

Compatible with any language
Compatible with Skyrim Souls by Kassent
Compatible with Frostfall by Chesko (
Compatible with MoreHUD Inventory Edition by Ahzaab - Frostfall mode can be activated in config.txt file (load my mod after/below it)
Compatible with any paper world map replacers
Compatible with any SkyUI icons replacers (eg those by ElSopa), just load them after/below my mod
Better Messagebox Controls by ecirbaf - similar fix are already included, you won't have this issues anymore
Compatible with UW resolitions

If any menu is not working, just try loading my mod near the bottom of mod list. 

Note: if you use another mod that modifies the "config.txt" file from SkyUI and you don't want for some reason to fully overwrite it with mine, just paste these values in the corresponding lines (these changes in config.txt are needed to make color features of alchemy/follower inventory menu work properly and to adjust the item card position):

itemcard.xOffset = -70
colors.text.enabled = 0x2A2A2A
colors.stolen.enabled = 0x2A2A2A
colors.negative.enabled = 0xff0000
colors.text.disabled = 0x777777         ; 0x4C4C4C if transparency enabled
colors.stolen.disabled = 0x777777         ; 0x4C4C4C if transparency enabled
colors.negative.disabled = 0x800000

I recommend using the Sovngarde font replacer by Mist or Enderal font replacer (only for languages with latin alphabet). 

I don't recommend using the Reshade with this UI replacer, because Reshade alters everything on screen (while ENB works only for the game and not for the UI elemets). 

Some mods that fit "paper" theme:

My new mod: Oblivion-like Loading Menu (separate from Dear Diary as I don't want to include any ESP here).

Paper UI Sounds by Muffloid - a project to replace Skyrim's UI sounds with paper sounds, to work with paper interface retextures and maps. Works great with my mod. 

Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn by Lord Conti
If you have any misposition problems using this mod with mine, use SHIFT + ARROW KEYS to move journal manually
Paper World Map by Warburg with Flat Map Markers by underthesky
MAPS by Gamwich
Retexture for The Scroll by quilb
Business Ledger HD Retexture by LamboMan (compatible with SSE)
Book Covers Skyrim and Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library by DanielCoffey (not needed in case of playing with LotD)
Immersive Old Map Main Menu Replacer by Cdnas - it's already included, but you may want to endorse this nice mod

General (priority from high to low): 

- New visual styles and colors

Mods support:

- SkyUI Weapon Pack
- Racemenu 
- UIExtensions
- Immersive Horses UI
- SkyUI AIO Survival
- Quick Loot

Feel free to leave comments with your suggestions. 
Feel free to report any bug or issue.

And upload your own screenshots please.
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My biggest thanks to you!