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Patches and tweaks I've made for my own load order.

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Here's a list of the patches and tweaks and what they do:

Cloud Tweak BS Morrowind Bonemold Ghosts
Requires Beyond Skyrim Morrowind Bonemold Weapon. I also changed some of the keywords on the NPCs to be in line with other ghost enemies, and forwarded USSEP changes. Make sure to load this tweak after Lore Gameplay Tweaks, if you have it.

Cloud Tweak CFTO - Fixes and Winterhold, No Knapsacks
Removes all knapsacks from Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul - Fixes and Winterhold. This means you only need compatibility patches targeted towards the original CFTO, except in Winterhold (because the new carriage is still added).

Cloud Tweak Dunmer Scarification ESPFE Replacer
If you've seen my previous mod 'Cloud's Race Record Patches', this is just the same file from there. Dunmer Scarification compacted and flagged as ESL.

Cloud Tweak Mihail's Draugr Cavalry Relevelled
Requires Mihail's Draugr Cavalry.
Changes the min and max levels of the cavalry. Removes the bonus damage perk. Changes the item drops to be random using appropriate levelled lists.

Cloud Tweak Mihail's Falmer Abyssraiders Relevelled
Requires Mihail's Falmer Abyssraiders.
Changes the min and max levels of the raiders.

Cloud Tweak Open Face Guard Helmets Standalone
Replaces the plugin in the original mod. Adds a set of new 'dusky' and 'sandy' helmets using the dark and light meshes and textures. The helmets are light armour, and have the appropriate WACCF keywords without requiring WACCF. The helmets are also placed in the guard helmet levelled lists, meaning the guards will use them interchangibly with the vanilla guard helmets. Let this mod override the original.

Cloud Tweak Paraphernalia Torches Begone
Requires specifically the v4.1 ESL version of Paraphernalia Ambience.
Disables Paraphernalia adding three unique torches to the player's inventory on starting a new game. The torches still exist and can be added with console commands if desired.

Cloud Tweak Redux No Durzog
Requires 4thUnknown's Goblins and Durzogs.
Disables a specific durzog that's hand-placed in the mountains leading to Ancestor Glade. If you're using the alternate start mod 'Redux' by Craftian you start the game very close to this durzog, and the durzog can one-shot level 1 player characters (at least in my game). Doesn't actually require Redux though.

Cloud Tweak Redux Wet and Cold Help
Requires Wet and Cold.
Adds a cloak and backpack in the hunters' camp next to Ancestor Glade. Also adds another cloak in the outside ruins of Bloodlet Throne. If you're using the alternate start mod 'Redux' by Craftian you start the game just north of this area, and this mountain area can kill you easily if you're using a survival mod like Frostfall. Doesn't actually require Redux though.

Cloud Tweak Skyhaven Gardens Tree Fix Replacer
Swaps out the vanilla Reach trees added by this mod for Reach trees with unique file paths, so that moss added by this mod isn't floating. And also so the tree hanging over the pond is still hanging over the pond instead of doing whatever else. I think I also compacted the plugin on the way. For the JK's Skyrim version only.

lilebonymace's No Poison Dose Scaling
For Archery Gameplay Overhaul. Removes the bonus passive allowing you to apply singular poisons to multiple arrows, based on your archery skill level.
Was previously in lilebonymace's patch collection, but they removed it since they stopped using AGO. I still use it though. They said I could upload it if I wanted.

Cloud Patch ABT Ammo Recovery, Ordinator
Changes the power of Ordinator's perk to be in line with Arrows and Bolt Tweaks' drop rates. Also works for Vokriinator. Don't know if it's compatible with Vokriinator Black. If using with Vokriinator, a patch between Vokrii and ABT should not be installed.

Cloud Patch Alternate Perspective, Children of the North
Combines edits to Haming from both mods. Don't worry, this doesn't conflict with mods modifying the Haming living with Froki Whetted-Blade, like Helgen Reborn, as that's a different NPC record.

Cloud Patch AOS, Wander, True Storms, WetandCold, Seasonal Weathers Framework
Combines a bunch of different edits to weathers and region records. You don't need any other patches between these mods if you're using this.

Cloud Patch EBQO, Artefakes, (and aMidianborn Skyforge Weapons)
Carries over Even Better Quest Objectives text to a companions quest. If you use aMidianborn Skyforge Weapons, you don't need a patch for it and EBQO, you just need to load my patch after aMidianborn Skyforge Weapons.

Cloud Patch EBQO, Dark Brotherhood Rising Revengeance
Carries over Even Better Quest Objectives text to a Dark Brotherhood quest. This is a plugin replacer.

Cloud Patch ezPG, RS Children
Patch making the one child from ezPG into an RS Children child.
Based on RS Children-Citizens of Tamriel SE-Patch by Mayponce.

Cloud Patch FormList Manipulator Blood Points
Uses FormList Manipulator to add several races to the formID list that controls which creatures you can kill to level up your Vampire Lord form. Currently includes vanilla races added by Sacrosanct Rebalanced and Tweaked, and custom races added by Skyrim Immersive Creatures. If you find any other mods modifying this list, or any other creatures I should include, do let me know.

Cloud Patch Ghost Shader, Spooky Philter of the Phantom, (and CACO)
Requires only Spooky Philter of the Phantom. Should be used with either EVE Ghost Mechanics and Shaders or Cut Content Ghost Shader (SPID).
Applies both the new ghost shader and the fear effect while using the Philter of the Phantom. I also changed the item model for the philter from a mana potion to an invisibility potion, as Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul does, however CACO is not required.

Cloud Patch Project ja-Kha'jay Interesting NPCs Addon, Imperious
Requires Project ja-Kha'jay Interesting NPCs Addon.
Patches two Khajiit NPCs from Interesting NPCs to start at less low health while carrying over PJKJ appearance. For the same reasons as this mod. Read its page if you want an explanation for why this patch is needed. Load this patch after that one.

Cloud Patch Project ja-Kha'jay Interesting NPCs Addon, Tragedian's Interesting NPCs
Requires Project ja-Kha'jay Interesting NPCs Addon and Tragedian's Interesting NPCs Reimagined.
Carries over Tragedian's class and spell list changes while keeping PJKJ's appearance.

Cloud Patch Project ja-Kha'jay, BUVARP, Ascension of the Afflicted
Requires Project ja-Kha'jay, BUVARP, and Ascension of the Afflicted.
Combines conflicting edits on Kesh the Clean.

Cloud Patch Project ja-Kha'jay, Tragedian's Fabulous Followers
Requires Project ja-Kha'jay Interesting and Tragedian's Fabulous Followers.
Carries over Tragedian's class and spell list changes while keeping PJKJ's appearance.

Cloud Patch Project ja-Kha'jay, Tragedian's Fabulous Followers, Ultimate College of Winterhold.
Requires Project ja-Kha'jay Interesting, Tragedian's Fabulous Followers, and Ultimate College of Winterhold.
Combines conflicting edits by Tragedian and UCOW on J'zargo, while keeping PJKJ's appearance. Load this patch after the PJKJ and Fabulous Followers patch.

Cloud Patch Nightmare Night, Monster Facial Animation

Conflict resolution patch for Nightmare Night and Monster Facial Animation. Both mods modify Werewolf and Werebear races.

Cloud Patch Nightmare Night, Refined Werebear Replacer
Requires the Facial Animation version of Refined Werebear Replacer.
Conflict resolution patch for Nightmare Night and Refined Werebear Replacer. Both mods modify the Werebear race.
Load this after the Monster Facial Animation patch, if using all three mods.

Cloud Patch RSChildren, BS Bruma
A fixed patch plugin for Realistic Children and Beyond Skyrim: Bruma; the one in RSChildren's installer is outdated and crashes Skyrim. Requires the patch from RSChildren's FOMOD installer, let my patch override.

Cloud Patch Sacrosanct Tweaked, SkyTEST Redux
Conflict resolution patch between Sacrosanct Rebalanced and Tweaked, and SkyTEST Redux. Both mods modify several wolf races.

Outdated Files

Cloud Tweak Blades Environment Map
Moved to my Xavbio tweaks mod page.
An edit of the environment maps made by Xavbio for their retexture Blades Armors and Weapons Retexture SE. Makes the environment maps much brighter. Recommended to be used only with Xavbio's textures. Requires Cathedral Armory for the environment maps to be added to the armour.

Cloud Patch ABT Rebalanced Crafting, CCOR

Redundant if using the official Creation Club CCOR patch.
Changes the crafting recipes changed by Arrow and Bolt Tweaks to be in like with CCOR and personal preference. Also adds a few more conditions to some ammos so they won't clutter you as much. 'ABT SE - Rebalanced Crafting.esp' should be disabled if you're using this.

Cloud Patch Alternate Perspective, Dibella's Blessing Children
Does the same as the Children of the North patch. Was updated because the required mod changed name.

Cloud Patch EBQO, AI Overhaul, BardsReborn
Combines changes from Even Better Quest Objectives, AI Overhaul, and Bards Reborn - Student of Song. Two-way patches for any combination of these mods is not needed. Won't interfere with the AIO Synthesis patcher.
Moved to old files because I'm unsure if it's still compatible with the most recent version of Bards Reborn, and I stopped using Bards Reborn.

Cloud Patch MadnessBolts, CCOR
Moved to my crafting declutter mod page.
Adds CCOR conditions to the new bolts added by Saints and Seducers Bolts.
Also completely hides some new crafting recipes added by it because I felt they were redudant and cluttered the menu.