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added pandorable males 3 way patch

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Some or all of these patches are for previous versions of the mods they affect. the weapon patches are no longer needed due to this mod immersive weapon integration distributed with spid. All these patches are outdated or not needed because of synthesis
check out this article if you want to use the synthesis patcher https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/articles/4145
The weapon patches will not work with the newest version of immersive weapon integration.

Currently this fomods have patches for: 

Northbourne NPCSs Mods
Diversity-An NPC Overhaul
Male NPC Overhaul SE
Jampion NPCs
Fresh Faces
The Men of Winter
eeekie's Enhanced NPCs
Pandorable's NPCs
Pandorable's NPCs Dawnguard 
Pandorable's NPCs Dragonborn
Kalilies NPCs
Shield Sisters Re-Imagined
Serana Re-Imagined

a 3 way patch (npc overhaul + AI Overhaul + Immersive Weapon Integration) are available for some of the mods here. 

place the patches under ai overhaul, the npc mod you use and immersive weapon integration.

if you find any dark faces, please report it in the bugs section of the mod page

my SPID mods:
wolf armor for the companions - SPID

Immersive Weapons Distributes with SPID

Immersive Weapon Integration Distributed with SPID
Vokrii Perks for NPCs
Adamant Perks for NPCs
Odin Spells for NPCs
Mysticism spells for Npcs
Apocalypse Spells for Npcs