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Minor adjustments to make AI Overhaul work better with Open Cities

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This simple mod (flagged as light) moves about 50 location markers added AI Overhaul (by mnikjom and SpiderAkiraC) from the five city cells to the Tamriel worldspace, in order to be compatible with Open Cities. Without this, certain NPCs will wander back and forth (through Open Cities' AI gates) as they execute their NPC packages, which is immersion-breaking and can make them hard to find (especially Danica Pure-Spring in Whiterun, Hillevi Cruel-Sea in Windhelm, Balimund in Riften, and Dervenin in Solitude).

AIO also adds a great many idle markers to the various cities, which I have not moved (yet, at least), because they don't break immersion or cause people to walk half way across the city and back when they're supposed to be walking to the other side of the market square or something similar.

October 12, 2020 update: Updated for AI Overhaul 1.6.4 and to fix a couple things I missed in the first release. Update should resolve members of the Companions (and Lucia) going through Whiterun's AI gates. Checked with QAC.

Credits: mnikjom and SpiderAkiraC for AI Overhaul; Arthmoor for Open Cities (although nothing from OC is actually touched by this).