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A merged plugin which contains all Northbourne Npc replacement mods made by Southpawe so far , AI overhaul patch is also provided.

Permissions and credits
A Simple merged plugin with Compatibility Patches for Amazing Northbourne Npc Replacement mods which have been made by Southpawe .
you will need the original mods for the textures and models .
after you install this plugin you can disable the northbourne Npcs Plugins

This Plugins requires :
Northbourne NPCs of Whiterun Hold
Northbourne NPCs of Falkreath Hold
Northbourne NPCs of the Rift
Northbourne NPCs of Winterhold

A compatibility patch for AI overhaul mod is also provided you can download and install this specific version if you have AI overhaul
AI Overhaul

Serana is Optional i know people have different tastes when it comes to Serana so i made 2 versions one contains serana and the other one doesn`t ,you could overwrite the Serana  with another mod though but its much safer to use the plugin that has Serana excluded.
for this version to work you will need:
Serana - Daughter of Coldharbour

All credits goes to Southpawe , thanks for these great NPC mods