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A merge of all of Millenia and MTindle's weapon mods into one huge pack, with permission from MTindle.

Thanks to Millenia and Bowwa for the images.

Permissions and credits
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You may want to download Weapon Animation Replacer WAR for the automatic pistols included here to animate properly.

If you're getting crashes when applying weapon mods, install Pelinor's The Weapon Mod Menu.

A compatibility patch for this mod and CaliberX is now available, check it out here. Thanks to Keriadyn for making this patch.

For those using this in Tale Of Two Wastelands, please bear in mind that this mod is mostly fine, except the weapons don't spawn in the Capital Wasteland, they only spawn in the Mojave Wasteland. Thankfully, Cheese11144642 has made a patch which integrates some of the weapons here into the Capital Wasteland. Check it out here.

The problem with New Vegas only being able handle around 140 plugins has been fixed by a mod. Check it out here.

Many of us really like Millenia and his friends' weapon mods for Fallout New Vegas, but with the exception of Weapons Of The New Millenia, their weapon mods are only available as individual downloads, meaning those of us who want all their weapons in our games have to painstakingly download all of them one by one, then install them in the correct order, one by one. Plus, after installing all of them, we have to activate over two dozen plugin files, meaning we may be less able to install more other mods into our Fallout New Vegas game (the game apparently can only handle about 140 plugins).

So, with permission, I've removed the guns which are offered freely at Doc Mitchell's house, copied all the files (including the optional 4K textures) into one Data folder, and merged most of the plugins. So, here is Weapons Of The New Millenia & MTindle COMPLETE Pack, which contains all of Millenia and MTindle's weapon mods as of this upload. What I've omitted are the optional gun store, the optional cheat cabinet, the optional Heffy AR15 animation files, and the optional TTW Weapon Replacers. Part of why I did so is because I'm just an amateur modder, and I'm not sure how to modify the cheat cabinet files to work with this newly merged plugin file. If you would like to add these features into this mod, feel free to do so and post them on this website; or, if you prefer me to post it here (to make things easier for those who want them), just contact me and send me your files, and I'll post them here and credit you.

Enjoy! If you like this mod, please endorse, and do consider going over to Millenia and MTindle's user pages and give them kudos.

List of weapons:
1. 9A-91
2. AEK-972
3. AK-47
4. AK-74
5. AKS-74u
6. AN-94
7. AS "Val"
8. Beretta 92FS
9. Bushmaster M4A1
10. Colt M1911
11. Colt M4A1
12. Colt Pocket 1849
13. Combat Shotgun (with unique)
14. Duplet (with unique)
15. Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife (with throwing variant)
16. FN FNC
17. GSh-18
19. HK G36K
20. HK G3SG/1
21. HK USP
22. Homemade SMG "Borz"
24. KA-BAR (with throwing variant)
25. KS-23 (with 12 gauge variant)
26. L96A1
27. M14
28. M37 Ithaca
29. Makarov
30. Mare's Leg
31. Mateba Model 6 Unica
32. Mauser C96
33. MBA Gyrojet (with unique)
34. MP-412 REX
35. Pancor Jackhammer
36. PB-6P9
37. PPSh-41
38. Remington 870 Sawn Off
39. S&W Model 10
40. Sten Mk. II
41. Steyr AUG A1
42. Taurus Raging Bull (with unique)
43. TOZ-34
44. TT Tokarev
45. VSS Vintorez
46. SKS Simonov
47. SVT-40
48. Mossberg 590
49. Gewehr 43
50. Saiga-12k
51. ZM LR-300
52. Remington 700
53. CZ-52
54. Glock 17 Gen 1
55. Winchester M1897 - Trench Gun
56. Colt M16A2
57. TOZ-66
58. Steyr Scout
59. Desert Eagle
60. Serbu Super Shorty
61. PKM
62. Walther WA2000
63. Dragunov SVU - OTs-03
64. CZ805 BREN
65. Suomi M-31
66. Ruger SR-556
67. OTs-33 Pernach
68. FAMAS F1
69. Browning P35
70. Beretta 87 Target
71. IMI Galil
72. FN M1905 Pocket Pistol