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Patches for various bolt-action rifle mods to be compatible with Asurah's k98 reload animation. They'll be reloaded round by round rather than with a magazine.

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Patches for a few weapon mods to use Asurah's k98 reload animation. Each one requires its respective weapon mod and Asurah reanimation pack, obviously.

Includes a patch for:
eprdox's k98
eprdox's mosin nagant
eprdox's m40a5
scottmack's kar 98k and type 99
scottmack's Lee Enfield mk1
trentosaurus' M1903A3 Springfield

MTindle and Naky's Remington 700
filosama's FR-F2
Michau2's Arisaka Type38 Carbine
Michau2's M24E1
Millenia, ImBrokeRU, and Naky's L96A1
Millenia, cR45h, and Naky's Steyr Scout
dragbody's Courier's Cache
Tammer's Silenced Commando Carbine
Millenia, Tigg, Naky, and MG's Mares Leg

The animation works best with rifles that have a curved bolt handle rather than a straight one, so the player doesn't grab the bolt properly with the type 99, the FR-F2,  or the Arisaka Type38. Nothing I can do about that, sorry. The m40a5 patch should work with version 0.5 or 1.0 of the mod, but I recommend the newest version. I know the Mares Leg isn't bolt action, but it's close enough I think.

With trentosaurus' springfield you'll need to go into the mod file and delete the characters folder in the meshes folder, because it contains other animations that might overwrite Asurah's. Otherwise install like a normal mod and place after asurah's reanimation pack and the weapon mod in your load order.

I've done most of the guns that I think are fitting for these animations, but if you'd like another gun to be patched let me know which one and I'll see what I can do.

You can find my AK reload patches here,
my SMG patches here,
my revolver patches here 
my AR patches here
my pistol patches here
my tutorial here

ALL credit goes to these mod authors. Seriously, they obviously put a lot of time and effort into these so show them some support.