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This mod adds a Mosin Nagant into Fallout New Vegas. Contain 3 modifications, repair list, and integred to form list.

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Install Pelinor's Weapon Mod Menu to prevent crash applying modifications.

This mod adds a sniper rifle called "Mosin Nagant" with three modifications - A suppressor, a Scope PE and a Bayonet. The weapons include repair list, workbench mod and its included in form list.

It can be found in Goodsprings School.

This mod requires a animation mod, in this case its highly recomended use Asurah Reanimation Pack, if you dont use this animation mod the weapon will appear without animation.


+Files and permissions obtained by FX0x01
+Mosin Nagant
 Model&Textures: Frimenitnet
+PE Scope Model&Texture: Frimenitnet
+Silencer Model&Texture: Saghen
+Bayonet Model&Texture: KnechtRuprecht
+Sounds: Navaro