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Ballistic Locational Energy Explosive Damage

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Authors: Roy Batty & Puppettron

BLEED is an overhaul of how damage and force is applied.

BLEED is designed to change the way that unarmed, melee, ballistics, energy, explosives, poison, fire, electricity, plasma and shrapnel inflict damage and other effects in a challenging and more deadly way. BLEED provides enhancement to all forms of damage, and also provides more realistic knock down mechanics.

BLEED accomplishes this by changing damage multipliers on specific parts of anatomy or mechanical pieces. It also increases various damage over time effects, and adds a new bleeding mechanic for weapons which create shrapnel. Additionally it has added fatigue effects to blunt weapons and bleeding effects to edged weapons. This is accomplished through scripted events to remain as light as possible on the engine.

BLEED changes the way explosions affect entities. It makes explosions more deadly, changes the force applied, and also changes the radius.
BLEED changes multipliers on specific body parts to significantly increase the damage inflicted.
BLEED increases damage over time effects of electricity, plasma, fire, and poison.
BLEED adds shrapnel and bleeding damage to some explosives.
BLEED adds fatigue damage (KO) to blunt weapons, both melee and unarmed.
BLEED adds bleeding damage to all edged and bladed weapons.
BLEED adds crippling effects to all critical hits.

What type of player is BLEED designed for?

Only you can answer that. However BLEED was designed to enhance the Role Play aspects of some weapons so that ballistic or traditional energy weapons are not the only choice. Playing as a Pyro, Demo or Berzerker and using poisons is now much more feasible. It was also designed to increase the effectiveness of Melee, Unarmed, Ballistic, Explosive and Energy weapons.

Fallout New Vegas and all DLC (sans Couriers Stash)


Tale of Two Wastelands



BLEED should be compatible with any mod with the exception of ones which alter Body Part Data, Explosions, or Damage Effects.

Realistic Weapon Damage is incompatible as this mod supersedes it.