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Adds a placeholder 3rd person animation for the 1-by-1 bolt-action rifle reload (ReloadW) from Asurah Reanimation Pack based on the Lever-Action Shotgun reload and using the original sound effects.

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A simple animation fix preventing the distorted 3rd person/NPC animation that played in the original Asurah Reanimation Pack.

This is but a simple placeholder animation until an official 3rd person animation is to be released. All put together in Nifskope by someone with little-to-none animation experience.

While many might not seek this, if you are using any rifles rigged for this animation, for example from Asurah Reanimation bolt-action rifle patches mod, and have any of those weapons integrated into leveled lists, you might see them on NPC's and see them turn into a mushy thingy while reloading in combat.. that bugged me so I made this simple fix.


There is a bug that occurs with 3rd person 1-by-1 reloads like lever-action rifles, pump-action shotguns etc. in the vanilla game. Thankfully it's been patched long ago by HeroinZero. But the fixes didn't account for a bolt-action weapon (using Attack3 animation), so the script of the fixes had to be altered to account for that and work like it should with the new reload. This won't affect anything else so it's safe to use with the original mods.

(The former being included in UPPlus, but using a different script. ONLY USE 1 of the files)

AND Asurah Reanimation Pack


Some of you might have an issue with sounds not playing during reload (seems to happen with the new version of Asurah Reanimation Pack).

The fix is to manually move all the sound folders from Data/sound/fx/wpn/Decer to Data/sound/fx/wpn/Asurah.


Asurah for the beautiful original mod
Obsidian for the animations and game
Me for mekin it work