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A merge of various mods that affect firearm behavior.

Included are the Ironsights Camera Recoil Remover animations, the Vertical Recoil Mod, the 00 Commando Redone, Realistic Reloading, Increased Weapon Jamming, and Better Smoke and Ballistics, along with various tweaks and fixes.

Permissions and credits
7/30/14 - v1.31 is up!
It adds Gun Follows Crosshairs in First Person, by Grasscid. Community testing my be needed with this to check compatibility with New Vegas Enhanced Camera. If you run into any problems, you can always safely revert back to the version 1.3 .esp file. The only change was to a single GMST entry.

6/4/2014 - Thanks for helping us reach 100 endorsements and nearly 3k downloads! We're glad so many people are enjoying the mod! This mod is still being worked on, though at a much slower pace than when we launched last summer. I do intend on releasing a small update later this week, but most of the main features and fixes we intend to add will be released a little later down the road, as our schedules free up. Thanks for sticking with us!

11/13/2013 - October was insanely busy for me at my job, but things have slowed back down and I am back to having time to mod. Luthien and I were chatting last night about updating to v1.4 and I worked on several of the features today. Expect an update soonish.

9/29/2013 - Please note that the v1.3 .esp's name has changed from the previous versions, so you'll want to make sure to disable Gun Behavior Mod Merge.esp in your LO, and only use GBMM - Gun Behavior Mod Merge.esp. Sorry for the confusion!

9/25/2013 - GBMM v1.3 is out! (NOTE: v1.3 now requires Lonesome Road and GRA)

9/20/13 - Made the Hot Files! Thanks everyone for the downloads and endorsements!

"The things we go through to add reality to an environment we play in to escape reality..." - Brigand231, after sifting through pages and pages of ballistics data

This file is a merge of the following mods that effect gun behavior:

Ironsights Camera Recoil Remover
- by SeptFox
- updated by Befo to work with DLCs, NVEC, WMX, and WAR

Vertical Recoil Mod
- by Azerasilver

Realistic Reloading
- by WarMachineDD7

The 00 Commando Redone
- by Gribbleshnibit8
- based upon The 00 Commando - A Shotgun Lover's Mod - by Servalion

Increased Weapon Jamming - More Jams version
- by MattyDienhoff

Better Smoke and Ballistics
- by Toasty Fresh

Ballistics Data for bullet drop in v1.3 is from Silvie's posted rates in Precision Ballistics and Munitions
- he has posted all of his ballistics data in his description page, so that's what we used after looking at his .esp

Various Auto Aim fixes and a VATS fix added in v1.1
- this means you can get rid of those Auto Aim fix .esps in your load order
- fully compatible with Project Nevada - Rebalance's Auto Aim adjustments, as PN does this by ingame script that will replace these values

Special thanks go to Luthienanarion who fixed up the scripts and MCM menu after the merge!

All credit goes to the authors above. My work on this mod consisted solely of updating a few of the ironsights animations (following a great video tutorial by SeptFox), fixing a few bugs, editing a few Game Settings entries, and merging the mods with FNV Plugin Utility.

The purpose of this mod is to combine several mods that affect the way guns behave into a single package in order to reduce load orders. Luthien slightly altered the Vertical Recoil and 00 Commando Redone scripts so that they could be toggled on/off in the MCM menu, and so that you can adjust how much recoil you want to add (none, very low, low, medium, high, very high, extreme). NOTE: Setting recoil to Disabled removes all recoil from the game, and may be considered a cheat. It is not recommended.

I have tested this file in my own game, using my NVEC testing load out (which also contains PN and WMXUE), and everything worked fine, but if you have any issues, please post in the Comments section and I'll do my best to address them. I cannot, however, change what these mods originally do. Any suggestions for that need to be posted on the original author's pages.


v1.3 - Realistic Reloading Update, Increased Weapon Jamming, Ballistics with Bullet Drop, Muzzle Flash, Recoil Improvements, various tweaks and fixes

- GBMM now requires Lonesome Road and the Gun Runners Arsenal
- We will try to make this optional in a future update, if possible

Realistic Reloading:
- Updated to v3.2
- Cleaned a few redundant records

Manual Reload:
- There is now an option to toggle Manual Reloading on/off in MCM (default if Off)
- Realistic Reloading must be On for this feature to work
- NOTE: This feature may not be working as intended currently

Increased Weapon Jamming - More Jams:
- Increased Weapon Jamming - More Jams version added via script
- Can be toggled On/Off in the MCM (default is Off)
- If using NVEC, be sure to either use GBMM's weapon jamming or NVEC's, but not both. They are the same script, but having both active at once is very likely to cause serious issues with the game and quite possibly open up a portal to the Negative Zone allowing Annihilus and his minions to dominate the Earth.

Ballistics Data and Bullet Drop:
- Hitscan Removed, enabling ballistics data to take over
- Pass Through Small Transparent flag enabled (bushes not longer block bullet path)
- Ballistic data added for true bullet drop (based off of Silvie's posted rates); these values will be redone based upon our own formula for CAST in the future
- The ballistics data will be duped in the next version to allow this feature to be turned On/Off in the MCM

Muzzle Flash:
- Better Smoke and Ballistics muzzle flash added to proper vanilla projectiles
- used the Medium Flash and Mild Smoke options
- not included for handguns (wasn't included in the package)
- Muzzle Flash projectile data will be duped in the next version to allow this feature to be turned On/Off in the MCM

Shell Casings:
- Ejected shell casings will no longer instantly disappear when they hit the ground, but will remain in the game for 10 minutes
- This will not be visible for your shells in first person, but you will still see it for NPCs
- similar to the popular Shells Rain for FO3

Recoil Improvements:
- Two new recoil levels added (very high and extreme), based upon a linear progression
- Two new conditions that affect (reduce) recoil: crouching and aiming down the ironsights
- Other conditions that affect are weapon skill, weapon weight, weapon condition, STR and rate of fire
- Using binoculars will no longer break the recoil script
- Energy weapons should no longer have recoil

Gun Decals (Bullet Wounds):
- Bullet wounds are now visible to 15000 game units (max actor draw distance)

Bullet Impact Increased LOD:
- Bullet impacts now show to 15000 game units (max actor draw distance)

Projectile Fix:
- 40mm grenade now has proper projectile path (AG Shell Casing Fixes 1-1 by ApocalypticGirl)
- this fix was left out of NVEC, so this is just in here for the eventual merge

v1.2 - Various Auto Aim fixes and a VATS fix

fAutoAimMaxDistance set to 8192
- vanilla is 1800, PN default is 5000
- this should allow you to hit targets accurately further down range
- accuracy will still be affected by weapon spread, weapon condition, gun skill, etc in true RPG fashion
- this value was chosen by feedback from JIP who assured me this is the maximum effective distance Auto Aim will work; any higher value will be disregarded by the engine

fAutoAimScreenPercentage set to 0.10
- vanilla is set to 10, PN default is set to 0.10
- this effectively disables vanilla auto aim without truly disabling it thus causing issues

fAutoAimMaxAngle set to 0.10
- vanilla is set to 3.0. PN default is 0.10
- this should remove any issues of curving bullet paths, without disabling the angle entry thus causing issues

- set value to 8192
- there is no vanilla setting for this
- this allows you to engage targets using VATS at a much greater distance, without granting you any bonuses/penalties for doing so
- this value was chosen based upon feedback from JIP who assured me this is the maximum distance you can target someone with VATS; any higher value would be disregarded by the engine

Uploaded the wrong file, an early beta that had a corrupted MCM menu - my bad

v1.0 - Initial Release

Fixes weapon ironsights animations by removing the fake camera recoil that vanilla FNV uses to simulate true recoil
- fully compatible with all of the DLCs
- fully compatible via the optional animation patches with NVEC, WMX, and Weapon Animation Replacers

Adds true scripted recoil from the Vertical Recoil Mod, adjustable in a MCM menu
- disabled by default (NOTE: This means there is no recoil in the game, and shots will be cheat level accurate - NOT RECOMMENDED!)
- recoil can be set to Very Low, Low, Medium, or High via the MCM menu

Adds 00 Commando Redone Shotgun scripting, to enhance the usefulness of shotguns
- this feature is disabled by default, and can be toggled on/off in the MCM menu
- the feature works with all vanilla and many modded shotguns (provided the mod shotguns are added to the shotgun perk list)
- this feature works by script and thus should be compatible with WMX and WME
- 8 projectiles per shot when the weapon is fired
- condition is increased by ~50% to account for increased damage - this will mean that any weapon mod that increases condition will not increase by the percentage it lists
- minimum spread is reduced by ~60% of its original value
- spread is reduced by a factor of 7 (It varies per weapon, and is the most chancy part of the changes. So long as a weapon's spread falls between any of the vanilla shotgun values, it should work correctly, anything outside those values could have unwanted changes.)
- weapon damage is increased by ~12% to account for the extra projectile from each shot

Adds Realistic Reloading
- This feature is currently active by default, and cannot be turned off. We will try to make this toggle-able in the MCM menu in the next version.
- Weapons don't automatically reload after spending the whole magazine.
- The mod will remember the ammo left in the weapon's magazine after changing weapons.
- Reloading early will remove the ammo left in the magazine from the player and, if you don't have it already, add an item called "Partially Spent Magazines" to your inventory (under Misc).
- Changing ammo type while having a partially spent magazine will also count as reloading early.
- Weapons that reload bullet by bullet will not have ammo removed, but will remember the ammo left when changing weapons and have the automatic reloading disabled.
- If you're playing on Hardcore mode, the "Partially Spent Magazines" item will increase in weight in accordance to the ammo it is holding.
- You can reload a partially spent magazine back by pressing a button (Y by default, but you can map it to a different key in the mod's configuration menu). Note: The size of the used magazine is random.
- If you run out of a certain type of ammo, but have partially spent magazines of that ammo type, you'll automatically regain one used magazine back. Note: The size of the used magazine is random.
- You can use the "Partially Spent Magazines" item in a Reloading Bench to move all the ammo from them into new magazines (in other words, return all your ammo).
- You can press the Discard/Retain setting key (J by default, but you can map it to a different key in the mod's configuration menu) to change between keeping or dropping the ammo when reloading early. If you have it set on discard, you'll drop the remaining ammo at your feet where you can pick it back up (careful though, it tends to roll away). The features involving used magazines are still available when this setting is on, but no additional ammo is sent to the Partially Spent Magazines when reloading early.
- You can access the mod's key mapping settings by pressing the ESC key and going into "Mod Configuration > Realistic Reloading".
- Weapons that you're able to throw (explosives, throwing weapons, etc.) or weapons that don't use ammo (Detonator, Laser Detonator, melee weapons, etc.) are not affected by this mod.
- When your Repair skill reaches 50 (naturally, without drugs or other items), you will gain the Ammo Savant perk which lets you recover ammo from partially spent magazines without needing a reloading bench.
- Pressing a button (U by default, but can be changed) while not in combat will bring the ammo recovery dialogue where the player may choose to run the ammo recovery process (Note: This process may take longer if you have a lot of ammo to recover, but you can cancel the process by pressing the Attack button).
- Performing a retention reload (i.e. playing with the Retain Ammo setting on and reloading early) will slow down your reload speed by 20% (note that the effect goes away when reloading after emptying the magazine since you don't retain empty magazines).

If there are any other mods that affect gun behavior that you would like to see merged, please let me know in the Comments section.

I have asked for permissions to include More Realistic Aiming by Pelinor, but I have not heard back from him.

I have asked for permissions to include Improved Automatic Ironsights Animations by Toasty Fresh, but I am on the fence about this one, since it only affects two-handed automatic rifles, and might not work with the Vertical Recoil+Ironsights Camera Recoil Remover combo.

I asked Jazzisparis for permission to include both his Realistic Weapon Overheating and his Selective Fire mods, but at this time he wishes to keep them separate, so that other files can reference them, and I fully support his decision to keep them separate.

That said, the mods I mentioned above are awesome, and will work great along side this package.

If you use NVEC, please leave the Manual Reloading option disabled in NVEC's MCM menu, as Realistic Reloading (included in this package) already has Manual Reloading enabled. In the next version of NVEC, the Gun Behavior Merge will be rolled into the new build, and this will remain as a stand alone package for those who do not wish to use NVEC.

The Mod Configuration Menu
Lonesome Road (as of v1.3)
Gun Runners Arsenal (as of v1.3)

If you are using WMX or WMXUE, NVEC, or Weapon Animation Replacers, you'll need to download and install the fixed animations for those files. They are in the optional files section and will need to be installed manually. You will need the original mod installed before you install the patch, and be sure to click overwrite.

If you use more than one of these patches, install in this order: WAR patch > NVEC patch > WMXUE patch, and allow the later ones to overwrite the previous ones.

I load the Gun Behavior Mod Merge.esp directly above WMXUE's files, which are at the very bottom of my LO. Your results may vary.

Separate Manual Reloading function and make it independent of Realistic Reloading (scheduled for v1.4)

Add A Better VATS Shotgun Critical Damage Fix (scheduled for v1.4)
- this one depends on whether or not Luthien can fix the script so it works like 00 Commando, affecting shotguns added to the perk list, meaning it will affect mods shotguns as well

Allow ammo weight in hardcore mode to be toggled On/Off in the MCM (scheduled for v1.4)

Allow ballistics data (bullet drop) to be toggled On/Off in the MCM (scheduled for v1.4)

Allow Better Smoke and Ballistics muzzle flash effect to be toggled On/Off in the MCM (scheduled fr v1.4)

Allow FOV "ironsights zoom" to be turned On/Off via the MCM (scheduled for v1.4)

Change ballistics data to new CAST values when available

Fix any other bugs that may be reported

The Manual Reload option in MCM may not be working as intended

New Vegas Enhanced Content (NVEC)
- includes several firearm behavior fixes and ehancements, including Increased Weapon Jamming, Improved Automatic Ironsight Animations, various Auto Aim fixes, and much, much more...
Project Nevada
- includes Dynamic Crosshair
Project Nevada Extra Options
- includes adjustable Auto Aim fixes via script in a MCM menu
- script will overwrite GBMM's Auto Aim values ingame
Weapon Mods Expanded (WMX)
- adds three weapon mods for every vanilla weapon, many of which reduce spread, increase gun condition, or add scopes and silencers
Weapon Animation Replacers (WAR)
- look cool while holding your gun!
JIP Selective Fire
- allows you to select the fire rate of most weapons (single shot, burst, automatic)
- a realism mod
JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating
- adds barrel overheating to firearms
- a realism mod
More Realistic Aiming
- adds modifiers to your ability to aim your firearm based upon player health and condition
- a realism mod

FNV Plugin Utility - to merge the files
FNVEdit - for auto aim fixes and to check for errors
NifSkope - to edit the fake recoil out of the weapon animations

Sunset Sarsaparilla Trader Hat
- adds a unique hat to Malcolm Holmes
- included in NVEC
A Cuppa Joe
- adds a variety of lore-friendly souvenir coffee mugs to the game
- non-lore-friendly version also available
Two Bears High Fiving Follower
- an update of DrakenGuard's Two Bears Companion with functioning companion wheel and better AI
- requires Wild Wasteland trait
Ringo Faction Fix
- A small tweak that removes Ringo from the NCR faction and adds him to the Crimson Caravan faction
AWOP Music Mod and ILO Patch
- a merge of the AWOP Interior Music mod and ILO's AWOP patch to ensure both play nicely together
- replaces both the AWOP Interior Music.esp and the ILO- A World of Pain.esp

- all are currently WIPs with no scheduled release date
CAST - Community Ammo Standard
Starter Pack Mini-Bosses
Ultimate Legion Mod Patch
as well as assisting on various other projects that I am not the primary author off...