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S'Lanter's NIF Helper Tool

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A batch NIF processing tool intended for intelligent S'Lanters

Available operations:
  • Update tangents and binormals - recalculate tangents, binormals and optionally normal vectors in shapes using modified Unity's code.
  • Search and replace assets - perform search and replace on assets paths (textures and other referenced files) in meshes
  • Convert to and from JSON - convert *.nif and *.kf files to text JSON format (for viewing, comparing, editing) and back
  • Convert strips to shapes - the same as Triangulation spell in NifSkope
  • Attach parent NiNode - the same as Attach Parent in NifSkope applied to NiNode or it's descendants with defined name
  • Jamilla's anim thing - no idea, made by request
  • Weijiesen's blow up thing - no idea, made by request
  • Copy anim controlled blocks - copy missing cotrolled blocks between *.kf animation files
  • Rename controlled blocks - rename controlled blocks in *.kf animation files
  • Remove controlled blocks - remove controlled blocks in *.kf animation files containing provided strings
  • Update priority of controlled blocks - change Priority values in controlled blocks of NiControllerSequence matched by name
  • Update shader flags - update shader flags in BSLightingShaderProperty and BSShaderPPLightingProperty
  • Update parallax settings - change parallax values in shaders
  • Update MOPP code - update MOPP collision code with the proper working one
  • Update Havok settings - change collision parameters (material, mass, friction, etc.)
  • Find unwelded vertices - find vertices within a specified distance to each other in the same shape
  • Find several strips - find NiTriStripsData blocks with Strips Num larger than the defined value. Each additional strip requires a separate draw call which negatively affects performance. Ideally Strips Num should be 1, larger values indicate unoptimized or badly exported meshes
  • Copy geometry blocks - copy geometry data in BSTriShape, NiTriShape and NiTriStrips blocks between meshes preserving existing links. Blocks are matched by name. Used to copy updated geometry data back from reexported meshes preserving original nif data structure and settings
  • Collapse link arrays - remove empty links from link arrays. Also locate and warn about invalid links (pointing to missing blocks) and repeated links (several entries linking to the same block) though they are not removed and require manual fixing
  • Vertex color painting - set/adjust/remove vertex colors and/or alpha
  • Group shapes - group children shapes of the root node using the same diffuse texture under newely created parent NiNode named after texture file
  • Merge shapes - merge BSTriShape, NiTriShape and NiTriStrips blocks under the specified NiNode
  • Fix 3DS exported KF - several fixes for *.kf files after exporting from 3DS Max
  • Remove unused nodes - remove blocks not used by anything, optionally remove extra root nodes except a single one
  • Convert root node - convert the root node type
  • Convert FO3 collision - change bhkConvexListShape used in FO3 but unsupported in FNV to bhkListShape
  • Universal tweaker - change any value in any block types