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Fixes the dreaded bug when movement animation glitches out if you reload on the move w/ per-bullet reload type guns.

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As of august, 2021 this mod seems to be redundant because the reloading bug is now fixed by kNVSE and the ammo switch exploit is fixed by lStewieAl's Tweaks, both on the engine level so you should use these mods instead.
I keep this on for archival purposes and for the people who for some reason don't want to use aforementioned mods.


This bug was bothering me for years since the game's release and I finally decided to fix it by myself.
I'm talking about various visual movement glitches that happen when you reload one-by-one reload-type guns while moving in any direction, I talk about guns like .357 magnum, cowboy repeater, hunting shotgun etc.
In fact, around the release it was even worse when the player was unable to shot, aim or access pipboy for a few seconds after a reload, then it was "fixed" by devs and now it's mostly just visual glitches but IMO they're still annoying AF, so annoying that I developed a habit to stand still when reloading such guns.

This mod completely fixes it, now your character will continue to normally move after reloading such guns and will even perform legit-looking cocking trigger/moving lever or pump animation.
More so, it does it with some lightweight scripting-only so there is no edited .nif or .kf files or anything - just a single .esp, so it should work just fine with things like custom guns or new animations.

Version 2.0, in addition to script optimization, also fixes the ammo switch exploit, when you can instantly reload affected guns by spamming ammo switch key.

Version 2.2 is a bit experimental since I've changed the way some things are to allow for controller support. Since I don't have controller to properly test it, user feedback is appreciated.

What amaze me the most is that despite aiming for an overall western-like atmosphere Obsidian left out such glaring bugs with cowboy-style guns, magnum .357 is like the main gun of the game, you see it every time in the main menu, held by a ranger.
Still probably we should be thankful that at least they've tried, Bethesda way to handle LAR reloading in Fallout 3 & 4, when you reload all bullets at once no matter how many you shot is even more lazy.


This mod requires that you have NVSE and, starting with 2.0, JIP LN NVSE Plugin installed and will not work otherwise. Make sure to use the latest versions.
To install manually, simply drag and drop the .esp file in [Game Folder]\Data then activate it in a launcher.

Do it backwards to uninstall.

When updating on an existing save game, make a clean save:
1. Remove previous mod version.
2. Go into the game and make a clean save.
3. Install the new version and keep playing.

This mod is basically just one simple script and thus is pretty compatible with most other mods.


I did some excessive testing and have not found issues with mod itself, however due to natural glitcheness of vanilla reload animation there is still issues/bugs left out that I have not found reliable or simple enough way to fix on a script level:

Keep in mind that these are vanilla issues, so you will have them even without the mod


How the mod actually works:



aitch-zed (former HeroinZero)
[email protected]

You can use this mod or parts of it for whatever you want as long as you're not selling it and as long as you credit me in a readme.