Fallout New Vegas
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Patches to make a few pistols compatible with Asurah Reanimation Pack.

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This patching project is going to be progressing a lot slower for a while, sorry. I think I've gotten a pretty decent amount done though. I'll have a WotNM patch out sometime soonish. These patches change the reload from the 9mm animation to the 10mm animation, btw. Each one requires it's respective weapon mod and Asurah Reanimation Pack, obviously.

Includes a patch for:
Millenia, FreeFall, and Naky's Colt 1911
Millenia, Kimono, and Naky's Beretta 92FS
Millenia, RedRogueXIII, and Naky's Beretta 87 Target
Millenia, cr45h, and Naky's FN M1905 Pocket Pistol
Millenia, SAM61, and Naky's GSH-18
Millenia, Kimono, Thanez, Naky, and MG's USP Match

Revolver Patches
AR Patches
SMG Patches
AK Patches
Bolt action Patches

ALL credit goes to the people who made these mods. They did all the real work.