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Patch making the mods "Weapons of the New Millenia" and "Asurah Reanimation Pack" compatible.

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Requires Asurah Reanimation Pack and Weapons of the New Millenia
The last patch was hidden from Nexus, so I decided patch the mods myself. 

This patch makes pretty much all weapons from Weapons of The New Millenia using vanilla or buggy animations to be compatible with Asurah's Animations, as well as fixing bugs that were present when using those two mods together. 

Some animations, however, are still buggy. For example the Sten Mk 2 Third Person Animation. I cannot do anything about that, as it is a bug within the animation itself.
For the AK Reload Sounds, You can get them from other AK mods such as Elysium AK, I can't include them in this pack.

Please report any bugs you can find, so I will be able to fix them.

                                         MAKE SURE THIS MOD OVERWRITES BOTH MODS IN YOUR MOD MANAGER

Incompatible with mods containing Animation Files, or mods which alter the weapons or ammo.
An example would be CaliberX. This mod is not compatible with it,

Recommended Mod:

The Weapon Mod Menu

Special Thanks to

The Shiny Haxorus, for making the tutorial on how to make the reload animations work.
Benjatron1, For helping me. The patch would be a lot more buggier if not for the help he gave. 

All Credit goes to the Original Mod Authors, They did the actual hard work.