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The best recoil mod on the Nexus!

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Immersive Recoil NPC now out. Now every NPC in the game can have recoil too!

Formerly an extention of CanHasRecoil, Immersive Recoil was rewritten from scratch for v2.0, and is now a completely independent mod.

Immersive Recoil is a mod adding recoil to your weapons. It is built on the framework provided by the JIP LN NVSE Plugin to be the most stable and compatible recoil mod to date.

  • New in 2.2: Now configurable through MCM.
  • Compatible with everything, without any patches or configs.
  • No vanilla records changed or used - the plugin file even has no dependency on FalloutNV.esm.
  • Performance friendly.
  • Smooth camera movement.
  • Camera conveniently returns to it's original position after the recoil animation is finished.
  • Recoil strength is calculated based on weapon base damage, requirements, condition and weight, and the character's skill and strength. Aiming down sights and crouching also reduces recoil.
  • Works on both Guns and Energy Weapons (version without energy weapons available since v2.01)
  • New in 2.04: the mod's settings can be adjusted through the console. Here are all the commands:
  • "set ImmersiveRecoilEnergy to X" - X can be either 1 (energy weapons are affected by the mod) or 0 (they are unaffected). Default is 1.
  • "set ImmersiveRecoilMult to X" - X can be any real number. All recoil is multiplied by this value. Default is 1.
  • "set ImmersiveRecoilReturn to X" - X can be either 1 (crosshair returns to original position after recoil) or 0 (it doesn't). Default is 1.
  • "set ImmersiveRecoilConst to X" - X can be either 1 (all weapons have the recoil of a 10mm pistol) or 0 (weapons use a formula to determine recoil). Default is 0.
  • "set ImmersiveRecoilNoH to X" - X can be either 1 (horizontal recoil is disabled) or 0 (it's not). Default is 0.
  • New in 2.1: made rifle recoil more realistic (according to descriptions by some guys on Reddit). The horizontal component is now higher and depends on weight, and the vertical component is lower. Watch the new video to see it in action.

If you've been using this mod before version 2.0, here are the most important changes:
  • The recoil strength formula has been remade from scratch. It is now far less over the top
  • Most bugs and issues have been fixed
  • The mod is now optimized much better
  • Camera movement formulae have been changed as well. As a result, the animation looks much better.
  • Camera return formula is now much more sophisticated. It dynamically adjusts to your mouse movement

Note: due to the way JIP LN works, recoil will not work in god mode.

Requirements: NVSE version 5.0b2 or later and JIP NVSE Plugin version 35.0 or later

Credits: mamelukturbo & MMMZ for versions prior to 2.0. The mod uses none of their content since 2.0.