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Adds a customizable MP5 ported from Fallout 4:

Permissions and credits
Mod adds a MP5 with three modifications and workbench customization; Also it's integred to the leveled list, form lists and include custom sounds, including the reload

- MP5 Location: Theres a Military case right to the Prospector Saloon; Right to the Military Case, you will find a activator that give you all the attachments that you can use in a workbench or add trough the Pip-Boy

To add a sight in the weapon, you need to go to a workbench (to desmount it go to a reloading bench) navigate in their submenus until you find MP5 Mods submenu (Guns and Repair skill level required:25)

You can only add one suppressor to the weapon trough the Pip-Boy modification system (Vanilla) if you add a 2nd suppressor the weapon will appear without attachments


Asurah Reanimation Pack
The Weapon Mod Menu

  ☆    IMPORTANT    ☆
This mod was created using Asurah Animations; the mod use a custom handgrip and reload that only appear in Asurah Reanimation Pack, if you don't use this animations, the gun will not look as expected

For the users that want to donate to FX0x01 (User that i acquired the files and the permissions) to help him in his projects, i let him their Patreon:

MP5: Luchadordev || Permissions: FX0x01
AFG Grip, Aimpoint T-1 Sights: Farengar
SSR3 Sight, Blackhawk Suppressor: eNse7en
Sounds: Partisan and Navaro || Cubemaps: Ajhakra
Specter DR Scope: Yukzk || Kobra Sight: samindeed
Holosun Sight: Dekogon || Rainbox Sight: Lonewolf3d
Suppressor Cover: 3DSan Tan || Osprey Suppressor: Tigg
M9 Bayonet: Chrislaw || EOTech552 Sight: aTacticalError
Liner Lasersight: F34R || SureFire Flashlight: RedRogueXIII
DeltaPoint, CompM4S, EXPS3 Sights, Tango Grip: Parallaxgamestudios
Barska, C-More Sights, AN/PEQ 15: Odec3D || Military Crate: greavsie93
Case animation: Templario36 || Icons: The 3rd Type (PopeClaudiusIV)
Screenshots by Neto and Piperoffarts
Special thanks to my friends Neto, HyperX and Piperoffarts for testing, permissions and screenshots