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Discover a new edition of Picket Fences to unlock beach towels, deck chairs, palm trees and more. Now includes the standalone replacer Whiter Sands

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Discover a rare edition of Picket Fences and learn how to build yourself some 'wasteland worn' beach furniture. Why? Because your settlers deserve a break from being incompetent and having you do everything for them all the time.

When building beach settlements I always regretted the lack of towels to sleep or sit on. That's where this project took off. Then I added beach umbrella's, deck chairs, a beach bar, a life guard post and more. 44 items as of version 1.3. All finely adjusted for lore friendliness and decades of wear. Around a hundred hours later I think it's ready for a first release.

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How do I unlock these items?

ou'll have to put in some work! The only hint I will give you is this:

(Carefully) look for a clue at Diamond City's Fallon's Basement.


New: Optional & standalone file Whiter Sands v 0.1:

I  always thought the Vanilla sandy bits where a bit to dark and wet looking so I tweaked all related beach textures for a more tropical, sandy feel.
Check out the screenshots. Also adjusts the color of beach grass and other coast related landscape. This file is completely standalone and a replacer. It works well with my new favorite green overhaul Another Green Mod which is very performance friendly. Textures size = 2k

Versions 1.3 adds:

- 1 new Life Guard Post to assign settlers as Life Guards
(Workshop > Defense)

- Hopefully fixes placement issues with the existing Life Guard Station
for those who play without Place Everywhere

Versions 1.2 adds:

- 3 new palm trees
(Workshop > Decoration > Miscellaneous)

- navmeshed Life Guard Post

- Optimized changes to the interior cell in the quest part

Version 1.0 adds

- 11 towels that are functional beds but also used by npc's for relaxation
(Workshop > Furniture > Beds)

- 11 towels to sit on and used by npc's for relaxation

(Workshop > Furniture > Chairs)

(Best to mix these two kinds of towels for a little variety in animations on your beach.)

- 4 beach umbrella's
(Workshop > Decoration > Miscellaneous)

- 5 deck chairs
(Workshop > Furniture > Chairs)

- 1 mooring anchor to sit on
(Workshop > Furniture > Chairs)

- 1 static mooring anchor
(Workshop > Decoration > Miscellaneous)

- 1 beach bell of life
(Workshop > Decoration > Miscellaneous)

- 1 functional beach bar
(Workshop > Shops > Food & Drinks)

- 1 (almost fully) functional Life Guard Station
(Workshop > Defense > Guard Towers)

- 1 beach ball
(Chem station > Beach)

- 3 folded towels
(Chem station > Beach


Recommended Mods / other stuff in the screenshots:

Build your Own Pool
Snappy House Kit
Another Green Mod
Wasteland Water Revival
Place Everywhere
Settlement Markers
Monno's Bikini
Easy Girl Outfits
Tactical Swimsuit (especially for the slipper footwear)
NAC (for instant-sunny weathers)
Absolutely Skimpy Attire
Absolutely Head Wear




  1. Enable mods
  2. Unzip the archive in your Fallout 4 install directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4)
  3. Add the line " *Towel_Beds.esp " to your plugins.txt file in C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Fallout4 (guide)

NMM and other methods:

I'm a dedicated manual installer so you might have to import the archive in NMM manually.



  1. Remove the added files from your install directory
  2. Delete the " *Towel_Beds.esp " line from your plugins.txt file.


Known issues:

Fixed in 1.2 1. The Life Guard Post isn't properly navmeshed. Assigned guards will 'teleport' to the guarding position when you are away from the cell but won't go up there when you are looking at them. Otherwise it is a functional object that can be decorated with other furniture as you please. If anyone can teach me how to navmesh a constructable object, please send me a pm!

2. Towels are flat by nature! So you really need flat surfaces to avoid clipping. I might iterate the mesh at a later time to be a bit more flexible in regards to placement. See the FAQ & Tips section for some suggestions on optimized placement.


FAQ & Tips:

How do I get my settlers to use the towels during daytime?

You might have to limit the amount of existing relaxation options.
They will prefer furniture that allows them to eat at, for instance. I had to scrap a lot of existing furniture to get a nicely populated beach scene at my Nordhagen Beach settlement with around 20 settlers.
The 'Quitting time siren' from the Wasteland Workshop DLC can be used to tell all settlers to go and relax during normal working hours.

How do I create a realistic beach scene?

Basically you have to mix and match the available options: put some bed towels in between sit towels (both will be used to relax on), place a couple of deck chairs and add some relaxation markers from other mods, etc. It looks silly if all npc's have the exact same pose so variety is key.

How can I optimally place the towels without clipping or towels that float partly in the air?

Either restrict yourself to totally flat bits or, if you need to place some towels at a slight angle, (as perfectly flat sandy bits are a rare), there is a way for that using Place Everywhere. That mod gives you complete control over placement; By just hovering over an object in workshop mode you can use the control key to change rotation axis, the num pad directional keys to nudge it in all directions, the num / and num * keys to change the amount of movement and the num 5 key to finalize placement and recalculate an object's textures. (And you can scale objects too using num 1 and num 3). Once you get the hang of it you can't live without it anymore while building settlements. p.s. The sitting and sleeping animations will adapt nicely to a tilted towel.

Why not add your own nice, custom workshop category and put everything in there?

I looked into that but determined not to at this time. I know it isn't ideal like this but adding new workshop cats and being able to remove them from the game again without problems is kind of a can of worms.
There will always be people that forget about ingame uninstall requirements. It isn't as convenient as it could be but it is the safest way in regards to uninstalling. But if there is enough support to do it anyway, I will add it in a future release.



The artwork on the magazine and flyer is a custom made composition made by myself. The lady I used is an element from a public domain listed image.

Thanks to fallout.wikia.com for some of the source materials of ingame artwork.

Thanks to Besthesda for allowing us to play with their game assets.

And thanks to every other modder that enriched the game for me!

And of course thanks to the Nexus and the community of helpful folks on the forums <3

And thanks to YOU if you read this far! Especially if you hand out endorsements and vote
your favorite mods for file of the month. Modding can be a tremendous
effort and every  support is highly appreciated!


My other mods can be found here.