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A collection of stucco wall and floor pieces to create Adobe or South-West style housing.

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   This is a collection of stucco wall and floor pieces to help you create Adobe or South-West style housing for your settlement. It's based on vanilla warehouse pieces so it will snap to the same pieces as those. You can find the parts in the vanilla warehouse section of your workshop menu.

UPDATE - 1.2 - Fixed the Navmesh for the floor pieces, unfortunately that meant redo-ing the floor pieces. So upon updating any buildings already built will have the floor and roof pieces missing. However the same ones, now navmeshed, will be in the same spot in your menu. REALLY SRY but it was unavoidable in order to get a fix in. I also added a few new large window pieces with different awnings. And a small square floor piece. Enjoy!

And if your having trouble with npc's pathing thru the doorway piece, I've found that adding a door and possibly a small stair piece will help. Like this...

More work needs to be done on this, however more to come in 1.3!

Original stucco texture;
Seamless-Pixels High Resolution Seamless Textures

   I take no credit for the creation of this texture, I just altered it for use with this mod.


     Also, remember to check out my other mods on my page.  I hope you like em!                                                               Cheerz!