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A Sim Settlements Addon Pack containing 22 vault-themed interior plot plans, 2 city planner desks, 4 flags, and several vault-specific features.

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A Sim Settlements Addon Pack containing 22 vault-themed interior plot plans, 2 city planner desks, 4 flags, and several vault-specific features.


    Required DLC
    • Vault-Tec Workshop
    Required Mods
    • Sim Settlements (and its requirements)
    • Sim Settlements expansions are not required.
    Optional/Supported DLC
    Some plot plans and vendors have extra items available with these installed.
    • Wasteland Workshop
    • Far Harbor
    • Nuka-World
    Optional/Supported Mods
    • Settlement Menu Manager or Workshop Framework
    • Either one is required to craft custom workshop objects included in this mod.
    • Creations by COOTS
    • COOTS's custom pipboys are supported by the Summon Settlers > Missing Pipboy function.
    • CWSS Redux (no longer on Nexus)
    • CWSS animations can be enabled for the Restroom plot in the VTT holotape.


    22 Plot Plans
    See plan list below for details.
    All plans have settler navigation, a custom Level 0 construction stage, a custom under construction indicator, and Sim Settlements performance settings.
    All plans are prefixed with [VT] in the plan selector.
    • 10 Interior Residential Plans
    • 5 from Samutz, 5 from Wulfharth
    • 11 Interior Job Plans
    • 9 from Samutz, 2 from Wulfharth
    2 City Planner's Desk
    Found in the Sim Settlements > Vault-Tec Tools workshop menu.
    • Round Overseer's Desk
    • Regular Overseer's Desk
    4 Martial Flags
    All flags are prefixed with [VT] in the flag selector.
    • Vault 88 Flag (Clean)
    • Vault 88 Flag (Ruined)
    • Vault-Tec Flag (Clean)
    • Vault-Tec Flag (Ruined)
    10 Dynamic Furniture Pieces
    Dynamic Furniture is craftable furniture found in the Sim Settlements > Vault-Tec Tools workshop menu. These furniture objects spawn related clutter, such as food, when in use by NPCs. Use these to help fill out a vault room.
    • 6 Diner/Cafeteria Tables
    • 2 Diner Stools
    • 1 School Desk
    • 1 Bathroom Sink Combo
    Vault-Tec Tools Holotape
    Craftable at any chem station or City Planner's Desk.
    • Sliding Door Settings
      • Use City Manager Auto Close Door Setting
      • If enabled, sliding vault doors will close automatically after 5 seconds, using your City Manager (Sim Settlements holotape) settings.
      • Open Doors In Workshop Mode
      • If enabled, sliding vault doors will automatically open when entering workshop mode, and then close when existing workshop mode.
    • Summon Settlers
    • Summon settlers based on specific conditions.
      • Missing Pipboy
      • Missing Vault Suit
    • And plot specific-settings.


    Q: Is there an Xbox One version?
    Yes! https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4065070

    Q: Can I use these features in other settlements that are not Vault 88?

    A: Yes. While most of it was designed with Vault 88 in mind, I made sure everything works in other settlements so long as you have vault building unlocked (complete the Vault 88 quest line)

    Q: Issues snapping plots to vault pieces?
    A: To start off, make sure you're using at least version 3.1.5 of Sim Settlements as this version included updates to the interior plot snap points for vault snapping. Then if you're still having problems snapping after that, grab Place Everywhere and use the Disable Ground Snapping hotkey (F2 by default). This also helps immensely with snapping vault pieces that are finicky, not just plots.

    Q: More Questions

    A: Check the sticky posts.

Plot Plans

    • Dorm Room #88 by Samutz
    • A simple bedroom setup for a vault dweller living in a cramped room.
    • Stack 'em High by Samutz
    • Shelves that stack higher and more cluttered with plot upgrades.
    • Locker Library by Samutz
    • Lockers fashioned in to bookshelves. More open with every plot upgrade.
    • Child at Heart by Samutz
    • For the dweller that loves toys and games.
    • Proud Parent by Samutz
    • I couldn't come up with anything to put here.
    • Vault Dweller by Wulfharth
    • A simple bedroom for your vault.
    • Vault Intellectual by Wulfharth
    • This well read nerd won't be insufferable to be sealed up with at all.
    • Clem's Room by Wulfharth
    • A huge step up from that ditch he was living in.
    • Vault Lounger by Wulfharth
    • The rug really ties the room together.
    • Vault Janitor by Wulfharth
    • This vault don't clean itself.
    • Compact Kitchen by Samutz
    • Sells various raw and cooked foods.
    • Cola Bar by Samutz
    • Sells Nuka-Cola and alcohol.
      Also sells Nuka-Colas from Nuka-World if the DLC is installed.
      Also sells Vim if Far Harbor is installed.
    • Prewar Wear by Samutz
    • Sells vault suits and prewar clothing.
      Available vault suits are determined by quest completion. Suits can also be unlocked manually using the Vault-Tec Tools holotape.
      Vault 118 suits can also be unlocked if Far Harbor is installed.
    • Give it a Shot by Samutz
    • A completely ordinary clinic.
    • Vault Hydroponics by Wulfharth
    • Hydroponics for cultivating fresh clean food.
    • Cool Fusion by Samutz
    • Provides a ton of power.
      Use the connector on the utility box to connect to vault power station or other power grid connector.
    • Vault-Tec Pump by Samutz
    • Provides a ton of water.
    • Gear Door by Samutz - Direct Select Only!
    • A vault gear door that provides defense stat, turrets, and a guard post.
      The door stays open by default and then closes when the turrets are in combat. It will reopen when the turrets are out of combat.
      Place the front of a plot facing a vault hallway exit. The doorway is in the center of the plot.
      Alternatively, craft the snappable Gear Door Placement Helper from the Vault-Tec Tools -> Miscellaneous workshop menu to help line up the plot.
    • Vault Holding Cell by Wulfharth
    • Holding cell for minor infractions.
    • Expandable Classroom by Samutz - Direct Select Only!
    • This classroom starts with only the front of the classrom and no student desks. However, student desks can be added to fill space using the teacher's terminal on the desk.
    • Expandable Restroom by Samutz - Direct Select Only!
    • Starts with 2 toilet stalls. Use the custodian's terminal to request more toilet or shower stalls to fill your bathroom.
      Dynamic Furniture recommended to add sinks and mirrors to empty walls.
    • Power Gym by Samutz
    • Keeping your settlers in shape provides a small defense bonus to the settlement.

More Vault Stuff For Your Vault
A short list of mods that I use that improve Vault 88.

    Sim Settlements Add-on Pack - VaultLand by Rodericksblade
    20+ vault-themed plot plans. More plot plans for the Overseer!

    Snappable Vault Wall Lights by Samutz
    Adds copies of a handful of vanilla and DLC wall lights that can snap to vault walls for quick and satisfying snapping. Also doubles their light radius

    Vault-Tec Workshop Overhaul by PMB
    Better vault lights and light snap points.

    Vault 88 - Restored Lighting - Rad Scanners - Turrets by MrTroubleMaker
    Fixes up the Vault 88 entrance lights, rad scanners, and turrets.

    Vault 88 - Static Lights BeGONE and the molerat tunnel project by Fissure
    Removes static lights that hang around even after you scrap the objects they appear to come from.
    Also contains alternate craftable wide hallways with power station snap points. If you use my Snappable Vault Wall Lights mod, you can also snap lights to these points.
    Also lets you add pre-built hallways to the tunnels that lead to the water pump area, but I don't use that as I scrapped the rubble with Scrap Everything and built my own hallway solution.
    As of the time of writing this, the terminal you're supposed to use to toggle the options doesn't actually work, but you can no-clip (tlc) just outside of the reactor room to find buttons that toggle the options.