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Settlement Garage Sale
Probably the first vendor who is working for YOU.

I was really disappointed when the Fallout 4 workshop vendors turned out to be ordinary vendors which treat the player just like a customer. Vendors in my settlements are supposed to work for me and sell my stuff or GTFO.

This mod adds 3 trading stands, a metal box and a cash register which turn the stuff you have been collecting over the years into precious bottle caps. All you need to do is store all the stuff you don't need anymore in a garage sale stand and wait until there's nothing left but shiny caps.

The sales are affected by the player's perception, charisma, luck and the perk 'Cap Collector':
- Perception: Every garage sale stand will sell 1 random item per perception per hour.
- Charisma: The higher your charisma the more caps you get for your items.
- Luck: Luck adds a chance of getting +25% caps for an item sold.
- 'Perk Collector' rank 1 and 2 increase the caps you get for every item sold by 10% each (= +21% caps if you have both perks).

It is not necessary to assign settlers to the garage sale stands, but it is possible to do so.

V 1.1

- Added a metal box and cash register which work just the same way as the stands. I made this for player's who want to use their own stands or do not want to use stands at all.
- Script optimization: Reduced the number of function calls within loops.

How to use it:

1. Build a 'Garage Sale Stand' (can be found under: Stores->Trader)
2. Put whatever you want to get rid of in the inventory of the stand
3. Wait for a few ingame hours. Selling stuff takes time and you need to have a little patience.
4. Collect your shiny caps.

Caution: Whatever you store in the garage sale stand can and will get turned into caps eventually. Legendary items are no exception.
Caution: The price you get for selling an item is determined by the item's base value. The value of mods attached to an item will not be taken into account. Please use a workbench to remove the mods and sell them
as separate items if you want the extra caps.


- This mod uses the vanilla store models. Feel free to install any mod that replaces the vanilla models (like "Immersive Vendors" by Xgf).
- If you can't find the stands/box/cash register under 'Stores -> Trader': Moving up the mod in the load order (lower the index in NMM/load this mod earlier) seemed to have fixed this issue for some users. 


The price you get for selling an item by putting it in a garage sale stand/box/register is about what you would get by selling said item directly to a vendor. Calculation is something like this: BaseValue/(3.5-Charisma*0.15)


- Just use the mod manager of your choice.
- If you can't find the stands/box/cash register in the workshop menu under 'Stores -> Trader': Moving up the mod in the load order (lower the index/load this mod earlier) seemed to have fixed this issue for some users.

- Remove the caps and the remaining items from the stands.
- Scrap or store the stands in the workshop.
- Use your mod manager to uninstall or delete the files manually.