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The most comprehensive "Expansion Pack" for Visible Weapons ever made.

The Combined Visible Weapons Addon Series, or C-VWAS, adds a number of FULLY-CUSTOMISABLE weapon-apparel pieces for MOD WEAPONS which can be used together with Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster by registrator2000.

Does not require F4SE to work.

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The Combined Visible Weapons Addon Series, or C-VWAS, adds a number of FULLY-CUSTOMISABLE visible weapon apparels for Mod Weapons, which can be used together with Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster by registrator2000. Also compatible with the Rebel and Merc Backpacks from The Mercenary - Pack by L0rd0fWar Includes both a Combined Package (for those with all required files) as well as Individual Packages (for those who don't have all the required files). 

In addition, C-VWAS currently DOES NOT, nor ever will, require F4SE to function, and is ALWAYS COMPATIBLE with the Vanilla Skeleton and Favourites System (No need for additional replacement mods). This ensures that C-VWAS will ALWAYS be XBone-Compatible.

Packages :
- The new Combined Package simply combines all previously released Visible Weapons Addon Series (VWAS) mods into one, combined package.

- Individual Packages are more or less the same, but with slight updates. They can either be downloaded as individual files (under optional files) or as part of the combined package (should you change your mind after downloading).

Weapon Positions :

As of Update v1.6, C-VWAS supports a total of 5 weapon positions for Small Arms, as well as a thigh holster position for Pistols, 4 positions for Heavy Weapons, and a Knife Holster position for Knives.

Small Arms (Slot 58) (CLICK FOR SCREENSHOT):

- Default : 
Weapon slung across the back with muzzle pointed down, same position as Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

- Backpack : 
Weapon slung with muzzle down, next to RIGHT side of backpack.

- Patrol-Ready : Weapon slung with muzzle downwards across the front of the person. This position is similar to the positioning of weapons in Max's Visible Holstered Weapons Tactical Edition (but fully-customisable).

- Side Sling : Weapon slung with muzzle downwards on right side of waist.

- Rear-Sling : Weapon slung with muzzle downwards across the back, similar to Default, but lower. Exception being older weapons such as asXas' Lee Enfield.

Pistols/Handguns (Slot 57) :

- Thigh Holster : Thigh Holster on right thigh.

Heavy Weapons (Slot 56) :

- Default : Weapon slung vertically down on back with muzzle pointed down. 

- Backpack : 
Weapon slung with muzzle down, next to LEFT side of backpack.

- Patrol-Ready : Weapon slung with muzzle downwards across the front of the person. This position is similar to the positioning of weapons in Max's Visible Holstered Weapons Tactical Edition (but fully-customisable).

- Side Sling : Weapon slung with muzzle downwards on left shoulder, similar to the Lee Enfield.

Melee Weapons (Slot 61) :

- Hip : Knife Sheath on left hip.

1) The (Holster) "weapon name" can be crafted at the Chem Station under the sections:

2) Once crafted, head over to the Armour Workbench to customise it to the configuration you currently have on your weapon. Includes all attachments. (As shown in screenshot). **For some weapons, you might have to choose a carrying position (One of 5 Positions) before the model becomes visible**

3) Once you're happy with the configuration, simply "Link" your outfit and weapon together like you would any other Visible Weapon (You should know the drill by now, but here's a refresher below)

***ALSO : In order to function properly, this mod requires the Visible weapons (weapon mods fix) from Holsters and sheaths by zalteredbeastz***

(Click Image to Download)

Only HARD REQUIREMENTS are compulsory. For INDIVIDUAL WEAPONS, you just have to install the weapon mods you need/want: 
Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster by Registrator2000 (Hard Requirement)
Holsters and Sheaths by Zalteredbeastz  (Hard Requirement - Visible Weapons Fix required to use customised variants, also Thigh Hosters) 

Supported Weapons: 
Download the weapons you want: 
SA80 British Rifle by Conn08
Star Wars - Blastech E-11 by DMagnus
FN Five-seveN by Sudniro
Heckler und Koch - G36 Complex by FX0x01
FN P90 by Robersonb1
The Bad Animator UTG Bug Buster Fix by Zachtan1234 (Included in Combined Package / Optional Files)
Wastelander's XM2076 by Giggity12345
Steyr AUG by Robersonb1
Remington 870 by Covadonga
Elysium AK by FX0x01
Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I by asXas
DefenseGun by YonaTaku
Service Rifle by Deadpool2099
9mm Pistol REDUX by Deadpool2099
HK USP Match and Tactical by RobersonB1
Tomacuzi-9 by asXas
Mk14 EBR Redux by Fallout4Why (Original Version by Dazzerfong can also be used: Mk14 EBR)
China Lake and Holorifle by Shoeburglar
Handmade Anti-Material Rifle by Shoeburglar
AR70 Assault Rifle by Michau 2
Pancor Jackhammer by TactaGhoul

MP-412 by Ajhakra
RU556 3.0 by FX0x01
SIG MPX by ehtyeci
Beretta M9-FS by FadingSignal
Ardent Blade by Ardent117
Anti-Material Rifle by Toasty Fresh
Glock 17/18 by Ajhakra
AKM by Ngabber
AK74M Series by FX0x01
AK400 by FX0x01
MP7 by FX0x01

Krebs AK by FX0x01
UMP by FX0x01
McMillan CS5 by Ajhakra
9x39 Project Replacer and Addon by RobersonB1
MG42 and MG34 by Wardaddy755
Hunting Revolver and Ranger Sequoia by TheRizzler1
.45 Auto Pistol by Deadpool2099
Makarov PM by AlexScorpion
Hunting Shotgun by Deadpool2099
MP5 Complex by FX0x01 (Optional MP5K Choate Stock Compatibility Patch support included)
FN FAL SA58 by Wanaming0
Russian Recon Pack by FX0x01
Springfield Armoury M1A by FX0x01
SG550 by NovaFinch
SV98 by NovaFinch
PL-14 'Lebedev' by NovaFinch
Steyr AUG A3 - Modular Assault Rifle by NovaFinch
ASh-12.7 Battle Rifle by NovaFinch
EM 2 Rifle No.9 Mk1 by asXas
CAZADOR Missile Launcher by Utherien
AX50 by Utherien
MK23 SOCOM by NovaFinch
MK18 CQBR by FX0x01
Glock 19X by FX0x01
Recommended Mods

Visual Weapons Plus by Safosoft

- Contains similar features but for other weapons such as Energy Weapons and those I will not be covering

Wasteland Tactical by Jimmygitto 

- Backpacks and Visible Weapons taken up to 11!

Simple Weapon Apparels by Jags78

- More Holsters Stuff

Q : 
Will you do (insert weapon) in the future?
A : 
Maybe, but I want to make the weapons I actually wanna use first.
Q :
I don't like how it looks on my character, is there any way to change the positioning?
A : 
Yes, you can change the positioning by opening up the .nif files in Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
Q : 
How do I install the mod or make it work?
A : 
Read the description, instructions above.
Q : 
Why is the (weapon name)'s model a different size from the weapon model?
A :
This model is smaller in size of the original weapon model, as I wanted it to be scaled properly to real life.
Q :
The weapon doesn't appear / model is invisible.
You need to select a Holster Position using the Armour Workbench before the weapon turns visible for some of the weapons.
Q :  
The weapon does not retain modifications
A :
You need the Visible Weapons Fix from Holsters and Sheaths, read the description before posting bugs, please.

Q :  
Do you need all weapon mods supported?
A :
No, you only need the ONES YOU WANT TO USE or ALREADY HAVE.

Q :  

A : 
No, go away.


Weaponsmiths :
Giggity12345 - For the Wastelander's XM2076
Robersonb1 - For his amazing FN P90, HK USP, 9x39 Project and Steyr AUG mods
Sudniro - For the FN Five-seveN mod
FX0x01 / HyperX - For the excellent series of weapon mods
conn08 - For the outstanding SA80 mod
DMagnus - For the wonderful E-11 mod
Covadonga - For the Remington 870 Mod
asXas - For the his bunch of weapon mods. And for providing help in solving a problem I had no idea how to, thanks :)
YonaTaku - For the DefenseGun
Deadpool2099 - For his gorgeous Service Rifle, Hunting Shotgun and 9mm and .45 Auto Pistol mods
Dazzerfong - For the Mk14 EBR
Shoeburglar - For his China Lake & Holorifle / HAMR
Michau2 - For the highly-underrated AR70/90
TactaGhoul - For the long-awaited Jackhammer
Ajhakra - For his CS5, MP-412 and Glock 17/18
ehtyeci - For the SIG MPX
FadingSignal - For the amazing M9-FS
Ardent117 - For the fantastic Ardent Blade
Toasty Fresh - For the wonderful Anti Material Rifle
Wardaddy755 - For mediocre-quality animations, and the MG42
Rizzler - For weapon mods I install and endorse anyway because I know they're good.
AlexScorpion - For the Makarov
Wanaming0 - For the objectively best weapon mod of 2019, the FN FAL SA58
NovaFinch - Halo still Bad
Utherien - Cazador ML (MOTM June 2020) and other weapons

Technicians :
ousnius - For Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
registrator2000 -  For the original Visible Weapons Mod
friffy - For the tutorial on how to make Visible Weapon mods (which should be mandatory reading for all mod users), and thigh holster
zalteredbeastz -  For the thigh holsters
Eliteqsk - For porting to XB1
L0rd0fWar - For his Merc Pack
ngabber - Who inspired me to make this mod in the first place and for his invaluable help in it's creation. I will finish, what you started :)
Jimmygitto -  For never giving up on his own mods. Good luck with the Pipsy mod and VWOP :)