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Brings weapons as apparels.

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Adds the following weapons and holsters as equipable apparels :



AKM (Modular Kalash Assault Rifle)_______________IF-88 Tactical Shotgun_______________M14 Rifle__________________________________

M82A3 Sniper Rifle_________________________________________ M2216 Assault Rifle -⋆-____________________________ MAC-11 Machine Pistol

SCAR-H Assault Rifle__________________________ SCAR-LK Assault Rifle____________________SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle 
 (Camo, Position,_____________________________________________ (Camo)
Strap, Suppressor)

VSS Spetsnaz Rifle______________________________WH-77 Machine Gun____________________________MP40 -⋆-

Widow Shotgun__________________________

. (

 Lever-Action Rifle____________--- Mad Max's Sawed _______--- Gauss rifle  __________________________________--- Tesla rifle  (Receiver)
_________________________________Off Shotgun





Colt Python_______________ Desert Eagle Handgun_________HK USP .45____________________M1911A1 -⋆-________ M2019 PKD Detective Special
 (Suppressor, LAM)____________________________________ (Position) 

M45A1 -⋆-________ M9  (Suppressor)___________Remington 1858 New Model Army_____________Rhino M1 Revolver______________Sig Sauer P220 -⋆-


Walther P99
______Glock 20 -⋆-______Mauser pistol -⋆-__



Holy hand Grenade of Antioch 

. (Vanilla)

--- Frag grenade_____--- Molotov Cocktail_____--- Pulse Grenade 



Katana -⋆-__________________________________Nodachi -⋆-_______________________________________Tanto -⋆-
If you can read this congratulation, you just found the meaning of life ! Hurrah !
. (Vanilla)


--- Combat Knife______--- Machete______--- Tire Iron

Holsters & sheaths


Gun Holster______Katana saya -⋆-______________________Knife Sheath_____________M2019 Holster
 (Color)______________________________________ _______ (Position)_______________  (Position)

Nodachi saya -⋆-_______________________________________Tanto saya -⋆-

You can craft weapons as apparels and add or remove weapon's mods (full mods -⋆-partial mods ♦ ).

Craft them at cooking stations, under Weapons sheaths category. To add or remove a weapon mod, use any armor workbench.
Some sheaths and holsters can be moved if you use an armor workbench.

Only the corresponding weapons you want to use (links in the weapon pics above).

Some slots used can conflict with other mods.
Slots used : Grenades - 38 [U] R ArmSheaths - 54, Holsters - 55Pistols or sawed off - 57Weapons - 58 and Melee - 61.

Doom (M1911A1, Modular Kalash assault rifle, SCAR-LK assault rifle, Mac-11 machine pistol, M2019 PKD Detective Special, Sig Sauer P220, Desert Eagle Handgun and Rhino M1 Revolver), FF7CloudStrife & thespaceman0915 (M2216 and M14), FF7CloudStrife & moniterman (M9 Pistol), mrresistance (Holy hand grenade of Antioch), Undyne777 (VSS Spetsnaz rifle), ZunaSW-ZunaRoath (Dragunov sniper rifle), Amoveve (M82a3 AMR), Skibadaa (IF-88 Tactical Shotgun and WH-77), covadonga (Colt Python and Remington 1858 New Model Army), Sig Sauer P220 (by Millenia, SAM61RedRogueXIIITenoyl and Doom), Ghost8919 (M45A1), TrophiHunter (Walther P99), The Shiny Haxorus (SCAR-H), sankojin (Katana Tsuki No Hana), imAarwyn (gun holster), TrickyVein (Crossbows of the Commonwealth), Nester (Rhino M1 Revolver), HK USP .45 (by Silvio Dante, Twinke Masta, kaskad, tenoyl, Wretched89, LoneWolf), MP40 (EvolutionOfWafflez), Glock 20 (Z06Frank), Mauser pistol (GrinnginUrchenTigg, Krycek, 4Echo, kaskad, and Insaneplumber), Widow Shotgun (Corvalhofriffy), and Bethesda.

Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster by registrator2000
Just Holstered Weapons by friffy

My other mods

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