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This mod brings hardcore operating from your basement to your game.

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Max's Visible Holstered Weapons Tactical Edition

What it does:

This mod aims to add varies weapon apparels that players can equip in front of their characters, much like the image shown above. This mod serves as additional item addons to registrator2000's Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster so please be sure to download his mod first before you give mine a try. So far the mod includes 9 weapon apparels: AK5C, AK74M, AUG, RU556, KrebAK, P90, SCAR-H, AS VAL AND G36. they are REQUIRED for this mod to function properly.

The included weapon apparels are meant for both female and male characters; with that said, they are designed to be equipped by characters armed to the teeth, meaning they will not work well with characters wearing skimpy clothing like vault suit.

How to obtain:

All items can be crafted from the chemical workbench under "Max's Visible Holstered Weapons"

Future Plans:

VHW New Vegas Edition will be released later on, which aims to add weapon apparels to characters' back, just like the good old New Vegas way. Until then stay tuned for more updates.

If you want to see specific set of weapons being included in the future, feel free to hit me up. 

To Do List:

M1 Blue Betty/This Machine (mesh done)
Hunting Shotgun (mesh done)
Bozar (mesh done)
AKM/AKMS (cancelled due to mesh problems)
Service Rifle M4 (mesh done)
RPG7 (mesh done)
SVU (mesh done)
Chinese Assault Rifle (mesh done)
Macmillan CS5 (mesh done)
AS VAL/VSS Vintorez (cancelled due to mesh problems)
M16 (WIP)
MP40 (?)
MPL (mesh done)
Right Hand Bolt Hunting Rifle (mesh done)