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Combined Version of my VWP Series of Mods. Adds numerous weapons as wearable armor. Adds a number of CUSTOMIZABLE weapons which can be used together with Wasteland Tactical - Visible Weapons on Packs by jimmygitto.

Permissions and credits

The Visual Weapons Plus - Combined Series adds several FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE visible weapons which can be used in conjunction with Visible Weapons by registrator2000 to create a more immersive and visually stunning experience. Each file is one of the weapons shown below. You must have the corresponding weapon for the mod to work. 

The purpose of the Visual Weapons Plus series was to focus on more modern "non-lore friendly" firearms and weapons and bring them into the Visible Weapons community. All of these weapons are works of art and deserved to be on display even when your weapon is not drawn. This series does not REQUIRE Visible Weapons, but it is certainly enhanced by it.





All of these can be crafted at any Chem Station. Each weapon has its own category and the various slotted versions are available for crafting.

Not Officially Required but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:

Wasteland Tactical Visible Weapons on Packs by jimmygitto
  - great backpacks that allow you to holster EVERYTHING and works with all Rebel Pack and GoBag Positions in the VWP Series.

You must install the corresponding weapon mod for your VWP Wearable Weapon to work properly.
Rheinmetall EG-7 by Utherien - this is one of the newer energy weapons to hit the NEXUS, but does not disappoint. Multiple configurations make it one of the most versatile energy weapons out there, and one of the best looking too. Put that deadly piece of art on your person when not in combat.

Wattz Laser Gun by Deadpool2099
- this might be the most versatile energy weapon on the NEXUS. Weather it be a laser pistol, or a laser rifle and some things in between the Wattz 3000 is lore friendly and looks dynamite strapped to the back of your player.

- Neiro and his work is known by everyone on the Nexus (or should be), and the PLASRAIL is one of the best, most interesting and unique large energy weapon mods out there. In all its configurations it is a thing of beauty and deserves a place on any Wastlander's pack.

BR77 - Battle Riffle by N7R - This is one of my personal favorites with its multitude of color variations as well as some of the special additions the mod author included are all available in the VWP version.

AQUILLA Laser Rifle by VigVam33 - Simplistic in its design, but effective in its execution. This laser rifle looks fantastic and needs to be part of the visible arsenal of any Wastelander.

Factor Modular Rifle by VigVam33 - What needs to be said about one of the most popular weapons on the Nexus and by far the most popular VWP to date. The versatility of this rifle makes it a must have, and belongs on you back/pack as you walk the Commonwealth.

Kriss Vector by GHNGhostDelta - This weapon is versatile and what the author included and achieved should be visible even when not drawn. 

H&K G11 by asXas - this was my first conversion, and holds special place in my heart, in addition when you're going for an ulta-modern look, the G11 fits the bill every time.


Visible Weapons Addon Series (C-VWAS) by Zachtan1234
- For a much larger (and better) library of weapons to add to your wearable arsenal
Visible Weapons by registrator2000 – a great mod that integrate this seamlessly into your gameplay.
Crafting Highlight Fix by registrator2000 – makes the workbench experience SO much better

I want to start by giving credit and thanks to the wonderfully talented artists and modders who built all of these weapons. Every one of them is beautiful and they deserve to be on display all the time, and that is why this project was even started. Weapons so good, I learned how to make them into visible wearable armor. Their talent, skill and hard work, inspired me to learn new skills just to experience their work more. Thank You!