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Immersive weapon holstering on backpacks.

Provides a "wasteland tactical" backpack and weapons package, including modified versions of two popular backpacks with visible holstered weapons and gear that attach to them.

Allows multiple independent holstered weapons. Hundreds of possible combinations. Works for companions, too.

Permissions and credits

Weapons Holstered on Packs - Portable Arsenal Resource

VWOP allows you to holster weapons immersively on your backpack. No longer must you stuff them or your items in those magical vault-suit pockets. (Or any other implied storage location...)

Strap multiple options to your pack simultaneously, which can all be equipped/unequipped independently. Carry a versatile set of weapons and gear with you on your adventures.

This contains a respectable starter set (in my opinion) with hundreds* of possible combinations.
It's actually thousands, mathematically speaking, even with just this initial set. But the practical point is, it's a lot.

Be mobile. Be versatile. Be prepared!

All items are crafted at the Chemistry Station in their own category, and are editable at the Armor Workbench. Items have optional, plausible weight redistribution benefits, some material swap options, and some customization options (more to come).

- You do need the Visible Weapons mod (linked below) to link holsters to weapons
- You will have missing textures for any mod weapons for which you do not have the corresponding weapon mod installed. (Please see the detailed information below about textures for the mod weapons.)

In my own self-imposed “Survival Mode,” I try to only take what I could conceivably carry. These packs make that play style feasible, and I think it's way more fun. If some other people feel the same way, maybe they’ll like this mod. But even if you don’t care about all that, I also think the stuff just looks really cool! :)
Part of my hope in sharing this too is that in addition to being fun as-is, it could provide a framework to help people make their own things they might want. Or maybe some better modders will like the idea too and help me improve it. I always really wanted weapons that holster immersively on a backpack, figure I’m probably not alone there. I hope this can augment the awesome weapon holster mods already in use. Items from other mods can be adapted to a pack if anyone desires with just a few steps. Even if you have never modded before, you can do it if you try. I’ll help you if I can. See below about coordination with other mods, and feel free to message me if you would like more detail.

This mod page may be long-winded, I know, I can't help it.
But if you are interested in this mod I recommend you hang in there and read it, it should help.

I highly recommend VWOP be used in conjunction with these mods in order to enjoy it fully:
-Visible Weapons by registrator2000, naturally. So they can be drawn/holstered automatically.
-Visible Weapons fix for modded items, by ZAlteredBeastZ. To protect any modifications you make. (This not its own mod, it is actually just an updated ba2 file to use with VW. It keeps items from reverting to their defaults.)
-Any mod that lets you manage companion outfits. I suggest Amazing Follower Tweaks, it is aptly named.
You can have your companions also draw/holster their weapon automatically, too.
-The weapon mods, which are linked below. So you can use the great weapons, of course, but also for all the textures.

By default the mod weapon items in VWOP reference the original mod materials/textures. So if you don't have one of the mods, the holstered weapons for it will show up pink (missing textures). It won't stop this mod from working, it will just be pink.

BUT- I have also provided an optional textures ba2 file, which provides one working texture set for each of the mod weapons. In case you have any texture issues and you want a quick fix, or if for some reason you want the holster but not the mod (they do just look cool!).  To use it you apply this at the Armor Workbench via the "VWOP Texture Set" color option. Really you should just get the weapon mods, though - they're awesome. 

If you have a missing texture for a mod you do have, it will most likely just be because of differences in the file paths (either your path is different or I didn’t catch a mistake). This is easily fixable, and I'll gladly help anyone that might encounter this and who is patient.

Please feel free to post or PM me if any of this isn't clear, if you see something I missed, or if you have any clever suggestions.


Before I say more

A million thanks to tookiejones, L0rd0fWar/Gambit77 and to all the weapon mod authors for allowing me to share what I've done based on their creations. I know that many, many people love their mods as much as I do and I'm very happy to be able to share this.

(Again with the personal notes...)
This is my initial release of something I made for myself over time. A long time :)
I've finally found the time to compile and share it. Of course there are some imperfections and limitations. It can certainly be improved and expanded. But, it's functional and I think really fun, so I am sharing it now in the hopes some people can enjoy it. There are a lot of components, and everyone's mod setup is unique, so if you find any issues please just help me help you. As I said, I also hope this can be a kickstarter for people to make things they may want for themselves.

Detailed Information:
What's in 1.0?
This provides a solid starter set of both vanilla and mod weapons and accessories. It also provides modified versions of these two backpacks to strap them to:
The Go-bag Pack from Survivalist Go-bags by tookiejones
The Rebel Backpack from The Mercenary Pack by L0rd0fWar

The Vanilla Stuff (for now):

Hunting rifle
Sniper rifle
Combat rifle
Laser rifle
Baseball bat
Police stun baton
Missile launcher
Sawed-off shotgun
Tommy gun
Bottlecap mine
Camera - Piper wanted it! (It was supposed to add Perception and Charisma but I forgot, will do with an update.)
Combat Helmet

The Mod Weapons (for now):

Catalyst AAS Shotgun
Crude Blowback by asXas
McMillan CS5 sniper rifle by ajhakra
and RU556 by FX0x01  *if you are using the new version of the RU556 you may have to tweak some texture paths, until I can update
** I have added a patch for C-VWAS to provide the updated RU556. Check the optional files.**
I have also uploaded a patch on a separate mod page that adds 4 more weapons using this sytem:
* The McMillan CS5
* The MPX
* The Service Rifle by Deadpool2099
* The XM2076 by gigitty12345
* The AKM by ngabber
* The UMP and
          MP7 by FX0x01
Here is a link: C-VWAS Patch

MPX by ehtyeci
Prewar Binoculars by a_blind_man 
AKM by ngabber
Remington 870 shotgun by Covadonga

ALSO - Safosoft has created a great add-on collection of additional, fully-customizable mod weapons with versions for both packs:
The weapons are:
Kriss Vector
BR77 Battle Rifle
H&K G11
Wattz Laser Rifle
Rheinmetall EG-7

Included are “User” items which allow you to substitute in your own things, or change the armor slot of any of the items in case of slot conflict with any other armor item you use. Just create this loose folder: 

and place copies of the file(s) you want in there. (You will need a Male and a Female nif.) Then rename the files to  


XX being the slot you want to use/change to (see FAQ's below). This is also easy to change in FO4Edit, even if you have never used it before.

Note: if you are doing this with something from another mod, you may need to tweak models to line up with the M/F versions of the pack.

To-Do List/Wishlist:

- Cool moddy-mod stuff
Fun stuff like LL injection, legendary versions, and quests. A quest for the special mod schematics. Other depth-building things like that. It would be fun if you have to earn the good stuff!

- General consensus on permissions
I got a specific greenlight on each of the items I've used here, but I also have made working versions of the DKS-501 sniper rifle by LtCommander, the XM2076 by giggity12345, the M2216 by ff7cloudstrife, the AS Vektor by doobot, the Scar-H by robersonb1, and the MK14-ebr by dazzerfong. I messaged here and there but didn't ever hear back on permissions for these. I love those mods, I'd love to get a confirmed ok from their authors to include them. Or at least general consensus from the community that it's typically acceptable to share things like visible holstered versions for weapon mods if proper credit is given. Any advice or help on permissions for additional weapons would be greatly appreciated.

-More cool vanilla stuff
Lots more vanilla weapons and gear could be done, like mines, grenades, magazines, melees, pipe stuff, institute, minutemen, etc.

- More cool mod stuff
Some other awesome mods, including the anti-materiel rifle, the handmade anti-materiel, the XM2010, the RPG, service rifle, Steyr, Factor, C4, AK-400, FN-Fal, to name a few- there are so many!

- Coordination with the other visible weapons mods
Like Just Visible Holstered Weapons by friffy, Holsters and Sheaths by ZAlteredBeastZ, Combined-Visible Weapons Add-on Series by zachtan1234, Holstered Weapons by Azar. If you already have a working visible holstered weapon that you like, you can modify it to go on one of these backpacks in fairly straightforward fashion. Get Outfit Studio if you don't already have it, watch a tutorial or two, load the pack you like (any pack you want, really), then load the weapon holster you like, position it, place some of the straps (if you want straps), match the bone weighting, delete the pack, save the nif, and there you go! It's really not as hard it may seem at first, just takes some patience. Even if you've never done it before, it won't take you long to learn. Again, feel free to post or message me if you like.

- Improvement
Better straps, better details, more fluid boneweighting (if possible), modular backpacks

- More customization
Weapon customization to mirror the choices from the mod, more modularity/customization options for the packs

- More packs
Some unique packs, support for more Go-bags and other popular backpacks like Backpacks of the Commonwealth, Militarized Minutemen, and Modular Military packs. Although this is extremely time-consuming, it would be fun. (Let's do it, tookiejones! Maybe those authors would help, too.)

Anticipated FAQ's:

The armor slots used :

The alternate armor slots available for the "User Customizable" items are: 36, 38, 50, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 61 - you can use these to switch the armor slot of one of the VWOP items if you need (if it conflicts with something you already use, for example), or you can use these to add in something you create yourself. See the main section above and "coordination" above about adapting something you like from another mod to the pack.
For example: The great unequip the Pipboy mod by default makes the Pipboy use Slot 61, so this would conflict with anything you want to put in the Low slot. You can either change the Pipboy slot with that mod, or you can use the UserXX items to change the VWOP item to another armor slot.

Texture issues -
Please read the details above if you have missing textures. If you still have problems I will try to help, post or PM me. But if you take a moment to look into the file pathing, I bet you can sort out your issues without having to wait for me. Give it a try!
Also, sometimes packing ba2 files does odd things, so you might also try unpacking the files that are not working properly.
The textures for the CS5 sniper rifle weren't working right, so I made the "one color" option you see just to be sure it would work. Will mess with this more later, so you can have the great color swaps.

Alignment -
If you use a different body type or an armor that affects the positioning of the holstered weapons so they don't look right for you, you can easily make adjustments using Outfit Studio by ousnius. Again, even people who have never tried this can do it, and I'll help any way I can.

Imperfect details -
If you look for imperfections in this mod, you will most certainly find them. I am not a 3D-modeler (yet), so I used the tools available to me that I know. Making this mod has been extremely time-consuming, and there are a thousand components. If you see a detail that bothers you, feel free to let me know, but please make every attempt to help out by fixing it rather than being critical of what I've shared. Again, part of the reason I am sharing this is to help make it possible for people to make what they might want for themselves. 

Pack shoulder straps -
I have attempted to make versatile straps in line with mikeallen's great mod, Rebel Backpacks Extended. This was very difficult to do, especially with the bone-weighting match difficulty. I have provided a strapless version which I think looks great with a ton of armors, that can be used if the straps don't match well with your character's body/armor. 

Weapon mod customization -
In time I plan to align the customization options of the weapons with the original mods. I would love to have help with this by users or from other visible weapons mods. Zachtan1234, I'll be asking really nicely! :) 

ESL version -
I may be able to do this, but for now it is asking for too much trouble coordinating. I am sure there will be some tweaks to make to this. 

World models -
I purposefully have the "box of straps" as the world model for the holstered weapons, since, hey, you already have the weapon! You're just making straps. Plus, really, this takes way too much time for not a lot of value (the names are self-explanatory). 

Requests - 
I will entertain requests, but I ask a couple things from you if you do:
1) See if you can make a version to share. I promise you can do it. It could be a while for me to get to it.
2) See if you can get confirmation from the mod author that they don't mind a visible weapon being made for it 

Arcjet Systems was one of the contractors working on the technology. You can find some items of interest in one of the labs in their building.


Credit and thanks again so much to:

- tookiejones and L0rd0fWar for their original packs, and Gambit77 for helping with the Rebel/Mercenary mod and communicating with me about permissions
- all the mod authors for the weapons: DOOMBASED, ajhakra, FX0x01, asXas, covadonga, ehtyeci, a_blind_man, and ngabber
- fadingsignal for letting me use the strap from his incredible West Tek Tactical Goggles mod (you may notice the West Tek manufacture of the weapon securement! ;) )
- Dheuster for Amazing Follower Tweaks
- Amaekilshath and RafftheSweetling for allowing me to incorporate the Rebel pack textures that are so great
- mikeallen for your help and generosity with the Rebel pack straps (I'll make them better, like yours, when I get time!)
- ousnius for Outfit Studio and the material editor 
- ElminsterAU et al for FO4Edit 
- jonwd7 for Bethesda Archive Extractor 
and Bethesda and NexusMods.

Also, thanks to Edwin Markham for the cool poem (up top)

Much, much appreciation for all the help from:
- friffy for your incredible tutorial that helped make this doable for me everyone should read it, download here
- ngabber for your helpful push, way back when
- jacoboriley for all your help testing and idea-bouncing, and for the screens. You have been immensely helpful and it's been fun sharing ideas. More to come I hope.
- zachtan1234 for teaching me so much, for helping me test and troubleshoot, and for encouraging me to keep at it and finally share this mod. I'm really looking forward to working with you to expand and improve this and to make it complement your incredible mod, and I hope on many other ideas too

Thanks for reading all that, hope you have fun with the mod!