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A patch for zachtan1234's Combined Visible Weapons Add-on Series (C-VWAS) for Wasteland Tactical - Visible Weapons on Packs which provides Gobag and Rebel Pack positioning options for a selection of weapons in C-VWAS. Holstered weapons are fully customizable using the C-VWAS system.

Permissions and credits
Cross-over patch for the amazing visible holstered weapons mod by zachtan1234, 
Combined Visible Weapons Add-on Series
to provide customizable weapon holsters positioned to go on the backpacks from
Wasteland Tactical - Visible Weapons on Packs

So far this covers 8 of my favorites, which are:

  • RU556 (3.0) by FX0x01
  • Sig MPX by ehtyeci
  • Service Rifle by Deadpool2099
  • XM2076 by giggity12345
  • McMillan CS5 by ajhakra
  • AKM by ngabber
  • UMP by FX0x01
  • MP7 by FX0x01

It adds Gobag and Rebel pack position choices to the C-VWAS objects for these weapons. Also adds new items positioned on the right side of the packs that use Armor Slot 59 (and also left side, Slot 57 option for the MP7), so you can use back and side weapons simultaneously per the Wasteland Tactical system.

You need the weapon mods to have the textures, same deal as with C-VWAS originally.

This file supersedes the optional file patch for the RU 556 I had available in the Wasteland Tactical files. This includes those holsters. If you were using that you should remove it before using this.

The main file uses an esl-flagged esp (and there is an esl file extension option as well you can use if preferred or if you have any issues) that has C-VWAS as a master. Therefore, C-VWAS is REQUIRED, naturally:

Not technically required for this patch to run, but kind of the whole point of the thing are:
Visible Weapons by registrator2000
The Visible Weapons replacement ba2 file by zalteredbeastz which is required if you don't want your weapon customizations to reset on you all the time (follow the clean save installation instructions for this)
Wasteland Tactical - VWOP for the backpack weapon holster system.

Some other recommended mods that add content you may want:
Visible Weapons Plus by safosoft which adds a bunch of great weapons with the packs positioning
Visible Weapons Extended  by ngabber also has some Rebel pack side versions
Just Visible Holstered Weapons by friffy (friffy and ngabber started it all for me, a million thanks again!)
SWA - Simple Weapon Apparel by jags78 which offers a few more great weapon choices and some bag options

Check out the long description on the Wasteland Tactical page as well as the comment stickies for some FAQs, information on tutorials and methods to change armor slots.

CREDITS AND THANKS:Credit and thanks again so much to:
- zachtan1234 for his amazing mod and all the help and encouragement
- the ton of people I sincerely thanked on my VWOP page, so many super awesome, helpful, talented and generous mod authors in this community
- all the mod authors for the weapons
- ousnius for Outfit Studio and the material editor 
- ElminsterAU et al for FO4Edit 
- jonwd7 for Bethesda Archive Extractor 
and Bethesda and NexusMods.