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Another 'Weapon Apparel' Mod... Adding apparels to my favorite weapons.

Permissions and credits

Since Visible Weapons Extended and Combined - Visible Weapons came to Nexus it always bugged me to use a weapon that didn't have it's apparel counterpart.

Seeing that certain weapons (older ones, under-endorsed or others that I personally use) wouldn't get apparels in the near future, I decided to make them myself and try to live up to the standard of weapon apparels today, as demonstrated by zachtan1234 or ngabber.

The apparels are craftable at the Chem-station under the 'Utility' section. They are prefixed with a (Holster) tag. Rifle-ish apparels have usually 3 positions. Check pic-gallery for reference.

Here the list of covered weapons
(required for the apparel to work)

< Jericho 941 by hifoo >
< R91 Standalone Assault Rifle by ff7cloudstrife >
< Riot Shotgun (Fallout 4 Edition) by Cumble >
< CZ 75B - Standalone Pistol by iconoclastts >
< Accuracy International L96A1 by Utherien >
< Gatling Rifle by henkspamadres >
< M1911A1 - Standalone Handgun by DOOMBASED >
< Glock P80 by DOOMBASED >
< LK-05 Carbine by DOOMBASED >
< Catalyst AAS Shotgun by DOOMBASED >
< Rhino M1 Revolver by DOOMBASED >
< Ithaca Model 37 by DOOMBASED >
< Crude Blowback by asXas >
< .44 Pistol (Fallout 4) >
< Alien Blaster Pistol (Fallout 4) >
< Assault Rifle (Fallout 4) >
< Combat Rifle (Fallout 4) >
< Combat Shotgun (Fallout 4) >
< Flare Gun (Fallout 4) >
< Gamma Gun (Fallout 4) >
< Gauss Rifle (Fallout 4) >
< Laser Musket (Fallout 4) >
< Double-Barrel Shotgun (Fallout 4) >
< Syringer (Fallout 4) >
< Submachine Gun (Fallout 4) >
< 10mm Pistol (Fallout 4) >

Finished, awaiting authors permission (which I may never get...):

In Queue:

The corresponding weapon to the apparel you download (links in the list above)

- jags78_SWA_Tracker.esl after the .esm's
- jags78_SWA_<weapon-name>.esp after the tracker

Use SWA - Tracker in the download section to see changes within this page. The version number is coded the following way:

Version 3.0 = 3 Apparels, 0 Updates
Update 3.1 = 3 Apparels, 1 Update (an update to a weapon apparel has been done)
Update 4.1 = 4 Apparels, 1 Update (new weapon apparel added)

The SWA - Tracker will contain a 'SWA - Tracker.txt' with the same infos as in the Changelogs.

Used Slots:
  • Slot [58]: Primary Weapons - Assault- and Sniper-Rifle, SMG, aso.
  • Slot [57]: Secondary Weapons - Pistols, Revolvers, aso.
  • Slot [36]: Heavy Weapons - Shotgun, Heavy MG, aso.

Primary weapons are carried on the right, heavy weapons on the left and guns on the hips. There may be hybrids offering both sides, those are tagged with '- Right' or '- Left'.

If you're not OK with my Slot selection, feel free to edit them in FO4Edit. But remeber to edit the armor AND the armor-addons !

Color swaps made some modding-menus at the armor-station confusing (depending on the complexity of the weapon). In those cases I decided to split the color options into separate apparels (R91-Black, R91-Green, aso).

Barrel attachements like suppressors, muzzle brakes and compensators are sometimes found in the 'Barrel' section directly attached to the barrel as an option.

1.) The apparels don't fit perfectly !!

I know, I know... Seeing all the Armor- and Backpack-Mods out there, it's just impossible to make them all fit perfectly. I tried my best to find a middle-ground. But there will be clipping or floating.

2.) The color-tagged apparels in the chem-station do not change color in the preview !!

That is NOT a bug, it's by design... apparels WILL have the corresponding color when you put them on or modify them at the armor-station. Just trust the color-tag.

3.) My weapon apparel is PINK. I don't like pink !!

What is wrong with pink?!?!? You installed my weapon apparel, but not the weapon... try again!

4.) OH MY GOD !! When I change the barrel, the crafting menu get's blank and all attachments disappear... WHAT SHOULD I DO ?!?

Chill dude... That's NOT a bug - you guessed it, it's by design. Just tab back and you'll have the menu back. It's an "exploit" I'm using to make the crafting menu more tidy. I'm using attachement point ment for weapons on these apparels, so changing any piece with attachment point resets the attachements. Just select them again.

5.) Really... So why can't I select the attachement point (like muzzles) after changing the barrel... HM? WHY?

Okey, okey... That IS actually a bug that happens from time to time because I'm abusing the attachement points not ment for apparels... If that happens, equip the weapon apparel before modifying it. That usually brings the "disappearing" attachement point (like muzzles) back.

If you like my work go credit, kudo and endorse
this mod-authors. Without them, none of this would be possible !!

How to:
- zachtan1234 for his help on creating weapon apparels
- friffy for the manual on creating weapon apparels

- hifoo for the Jericho 941
- ff7cloudstrife for the R91
- Cumble for the Riot Shotgun
- iconoclastts for the CZ 75B
- Utherien for the Accuracy International L96A1
- henkspamadres for the Gatling Rifle
- DOOMBASED for the DOOMBASED Weapons Merged
- asXas for the A Bundle of Tape - A weapons pack