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Do you love modern weapons? Do you crave 4K textures? Then look no further!

Permissions and credits
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Mk14 Enhanced Battle Rifle

Due to the abundance of pre-war ammunition, the Mk14 EBR has become a popular weapon of choice across the commonwealth. In recent years, the Brotherhood of Steel began developing a handheld Nuclear Fission Chain Reaction Rifle in hopes to rid the wasteland of it’s many horrors. This project was code named “Heaven’s Gate” however it was ultimately discontinued because of high production costs and the persistent fear of nuclear weapons. Since the appearance of the Institute, there have been new rumors circulating that one prototype may still exist in Elder Maxon’s possession and that it can be found hidden away within the Prydwen. Will you find it and liberate the commonwealth from the institute or will it be used to annihilate its creators?


New Features

  • Right Handed Receiver
  • Custom Animations
  • Idle Inspection Animation
  • Craftable Mk14 Apparel
  • Vendor/Enemy Spawns
  • Improved Reload Sounds
  • Improved Gunfire effects
  • Unique Legendary Variants
  • Custom Naming
  • Weapon Camouflages
  • Ammunition Calibers
  • Magazine Sizes
  • Additional Scopes
  • Additional Reticles
  • Laser Attachment

Workbench Customization Options

  • 25 Receivers
  • 12 Camouflages
  • 5 Magazines
  • 6 Barrels
  • 4 Muzzles
  • 4 Stocks
  • 3 Ammunitions
  • 9 Scopes
  • 21 Reticles
  • 3 Attachments

Installation and Notes

  • This mod is a complete standalone and therefore incompatible with any other versions of the Mk14
  • If you're experiencing issues, make sure that there are no loose files in your Data folder relating to the Mk14
  • Wearable Mk14 apparel can now be crafted at the chemlab under “Mk14”
  • Mk14 now has scripted spawns for vendors, raiders, gunners, and super mutants
  • Enabled high resolution mesh and textures for all NPC’s and world spaces
  • If you encounter any bugs, feel free to make a report in the appropriate section
  • If you have any suggestions or want to join me in development, contact me directly
  • A detailed list of all updates, changes, and bug fixes can be found under the changelog

Future Updates

  • Fix Mk14 normal maps
  • Add optional no leveled lists .esp
  • Fix clipping on grip with large gloves
  • Update Heaven’s Gate mesh to have more unique details
  • Add Unique Variant "Wattz Mk14" (Shoots lasers)

Known Issues

  • Melee attack on impact causes small artifacting while flashlight attachment is on
  • Semi-automatic bolt does not jiggle when fired in 3rd person
  • There are no custom 3rd person power armor animations
  • Sometimes the automatic receiver plays a double sound effect when fired
  • Mk14 collision mesh needs adjusted to fit more accurately
  • Some workbench modifications won't appear unless the specific Mk14 that you want to modify is currently equipped

Patreon and Fallout Discord Server

Special Thanks - Credits

  • Dazzerfong Original Mk14 - This has been a wonderful modding experience and it’s all thanks to your hard work and permission.
  • Wardaddy Animations - It was an honor to work alongside one of my favorite animators. What will we do next?
  • DanteRedfield Textures - I absolutely love the retexture you made and I sincerely appreciate letting me incorporate it into this redux.
  • EdDante34 Textures - Thanks for pointing out the texture bugs and saving me countless hours by seamlessly fixing them!
  • Ujoosem Textures - The camouflages you made have become a massive part of this mod, it wouldn’t be the same without them!
  • Komapatient Sounds - Thanks for the permission to use your alternate firing sounds!
  • Olegmontana Meshes - Thank you for the permission to use your laser sight, much appreciated.
  • Kikaimegami Meshes - Thanks for the idea of where to position for wearable Mk14’s.
  • Captainnoob Media - You’ve been a great help when I needed a second opinion; thanks for making a gameplay video, you’re the man!
  • Wanamingo - I couldn’t have done this without you! Thanks for teaching me everything I needed to know to make this mod possible.
  • ShadowShayde - Thanks for the quick papyrus help with making a script for messages.
  • Zenreich - You've been on point making patches for the redux! Thanks a ton for the quick responses and help.
  • MyCart - Thank you for the constructive criticism and beta testing. Countless parts of this mod came to fruition because of your insight.
  • ViolentNomad - Your deep knowledge of weapon terminology was exactly what I needed to simplify the descriptions for the Mk14.
  • Navaro Sounds - You make the absolute best sound effects in modding history. The Mk14 wouldn’t be complete without your touch.

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