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All of my Fallout 4 weapon mods in one plugin. Including 16 highly customizable guns and a few unique variants with all new models, textures, sounds and animations. Thank you to everyone in the Nexus mods Community for making this the most downloaded weapon pack for Fallout 4!

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I LOVE seeing you using things I make SO...

(Only if you wanna :P)

First of all I would like to thank all of the creators who allowed me to use their assets in this mod. You can see all of the contributors in the Permissions and Credits section above. Also, would like to thank the Fallout 4 mod community. Without all of you this mod simply wouldn't exist. Your love and support has kept me going through the years. <3

This is my All-In-One merge of all of my Weapon Mods. Sixteen (as of version 1.3) weapons in total. There are all standard attachment types and other extra attachments such as Flashlights, Lasers, Zoom Customization and Custom Material Swaps. All of the weapons, except for the M2019 PKD Detective Special, are added into the Leveled Lists via script so it will be compatible with other mods that add to the Leveled Lists, including Legendary Lists. They can all be found in hidden locations throughout the Commonwealth (location spoilers below). All of the weapons are compatible with See-Through Scopes Framework (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!), allowing you to customize your sights. I have also added Wearable Apparel items for the following weapons: Catalyst AAS, Jaguar MSX LMG, LK-05 Carbine and SCAR-LK Assault Rifle. You can find the apparel items in the Chem Station under Utility. For more info on each weapon, check out their original mod pages.

Here is a video showing off all of the Weapons(version 1.0) by Oh Deer.

Animation issues, as with most weapon mods out right now, there are some slight problems, mainly with the reload animations. I did my best to try to workaround this, but this is the best we will get for now as I am not an animator. I recommend the mod Grab the Damn Mag. If you find any other bugs please report them in the BUGS SECTION not in the POSTS SECTION. Thank you!

IMPORTANT! To get the weapon please make sure you follow these steps first:
Fallout 4 Mod Installation
If you just want to use Console Commands to get the Weapon type this in the console:
HELP "Name of Weapon" 4
Replace "Name of Weapon" with the name of the weapon you want to add.
Look for the record that has WEAP in front of it then type this:
ADDITEM xxxxxxxx
Change the x's to the number the WEAP Record shows.

All of the weapons, except for the M2019 PKD Detective Special, are added into the Leveled Lists via script so it will be
compatible with other mods that add to the Leveled Lists.

Click the spoiler to see Locations of all the Weapons.

Catalyst AAS Shotgun: Super Duper Mart

CBJ-MS: Park Street Station

Chiappa Triple Threat: Combat Zone in front locked room

Desert Eagle: Wreck of the FMS Northern Star

FN-FAL: Bunker near Drumlin Diner

Glock P80: Dig Site in Goodneighbor, in the room that has a Mirelurk King

Ithaca Model 37: Concord Civic Access

Jaguar MSX LMG: Ivan's Diner (The Diner outside of the Castle)

LK-05 Carbine: National Guard Training Yard

M1911A1: Corvega Assembly Plant

M2019 PKD Detective Special: On top of the Mass Fusion Containment Shed. You have to climb a pipe to get up there

MAC-11 Machine Pistol: Back Street Apparel

Modular Kalash: Gunners Plaza Basement

Nailgun: Building near Murkwater Construction Site (Nails can be crafted or found in Leveled Lists.)

Pasta-FAL: Power Noodles (Pasta Ammo is crafted with Noodle Cups and the Chem Station)

Rhino M1 Revolver: Quincy Police Station

SCAR-LK Assault Rifle: Fort Strong

Stag Slayer: Boston Police Rationing Site

VSV Rifle: Mass Pike Tunnel

Thank you BasedGod