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Working laser sights and flashlight for Fallout 4 VR!

This is a sister mod to my another mod 'Fallout 4 VR Compatibility Patch for Weaponsmith Extended 2':
Brings positional fixes, optimized reflexes, laser sights and flashlights.
Whereas with essential weapons, less requirement, easier installation and higher compatibility.

Permissions and credits
== About ==
Fallout 4 VR is a great game for sure, but compared to ground up VR shooters, its gun play is a bit... awkward. Only handful of guns are available, many iron sights are not meant to really aim things, reflex sights are almost invisible and not accurate, lacks VR's killing feature: laser sight etc. There are many weapon mods on Nexus, but only few are made with VR in mind, and none satisfy my demand. So I decide to bring some myself. And this mod is the outcome.
In short, this mod is my attempt to bring degrees of VR shooter's featured elements to Fallout 4 VR.

== Features Introduction ==

Laser Sights
  • Laser sights are really cool in VR!
  • Even better with glow spots actually dropped on surfaces!
  • Toggle on/off on the fly.
  • Colors of lasers are modifiable via Workbench.


  • Go haunted ruin with gun attached flashlight.
  • They really emit lights!
  • Toggle on/off on the fly.
  • Patterns and colors of lights are modifiable via Workbench.


Combat Scopes
  • See through scopes are not compatible with VR.
  • So I modify them into variable magnifier (ordinal) scopes.
  • Cool moving reticle from Bethesda's unused asset.
  • Change zoom level on the fly. from 2.5x to 16x.


Setting Holotape (Actual Item Name is DOOMVR Setting Holotape, not WSEVR)
  • Many aspects of mod added features are controllable via holotape.
  • You can see brief overview of the mod in game too.
  • Add laser sights to almost any weapons with holotape! Would work on other mod's weapons too!

== Installation ==
Installation should be quite straight forward. No prerequisites nor asset installation, just install base mod then this patch mod.

1) DOOMBASED Weapons Merged (Weapon Pack)
  1. If you have Far Harbor DLC, download first file from the mod's main file section.
  2. Otherwise, download version 1.2 file from old file section. Both v1.3 and v1.2 is supported by the patch.
  3. Install downloaded file via mod manager. Then activate/deploy it.
2) VR Compatibility Patch for DOOMMerged
  1. Download 'VRCP_DOOMMerged' from this mod's main file section. 
  2. Install downloaded files via mod manager. Then activate/deploy it.
3) (Optionally)JSRS Sound Mod for Fallout 4
  1. Download first file from the mod's main file section, if you'd like to have the mod too.
  2. Download 'VRCP_JSRS_DOOMMerged' from this mod's optional file section.
  3. Install downloaded files via mod manager. Then activate/deploy them.
  4. (VR specific)You need to edit plugin file by hand. Open 'FO4VREdit' and double click 'jsrs.esp'. When main window opened, select 'jsrs.esp' from left pane, then modify plugin version to '0.95'(See image). This looks like dumb, but works like charm on many mods over there.

PATCH FOR FRIK - Full Player Body with IK: New in v1.1
  • Patch for FRIK is available! Just update main file to 1.1 and  install 'FRIK Patch' from this mod's optional file section.

== Video Tutorials ==
NOTE: The following videos are primary made for WSE2VR mod. Basically WSE2VR and DOOMVR share same features, so just replace WSE2VR with DOOMVR and it's fine. 

Laser Sight(Please watch in fullscreen if you can't see laser/glow spot)
  1. Equip a laser sight attached weapon. That gun, M2019 PKD I mean, has got laser sight too!
  2. To toggle on/off laser beam, use 'DOOMVR Laser Sight Toggle' item.
  3. You can toggle using popup menu too. The menu will show up when a supported weapon drawn.
  4. Aim target with glow spot, then fire!
  5. Laser color is customizable. Use 'Weapon Workbench' and pick favorite color from 'Laser Sight' menu.


  1. Equip a flashlight attached weapon.
  2. To toggle on/off flashlight, use 'DOOMVR Flashlight Toggle' item.
  3. You can toggle using popup menu too. The menu will show up when sneak mode is activated/deactivated.
  4. Flashlight color/pattern is customizable. Use 'Weapon Workbench' and pick favorite one from 'Flashlight' menu.
  5. Walk into darkness with flashlight!


Scope Zoom
  1. Equip a weapon with variable magnifier scope. Combat scopes and few others support this feature.
  2. To zoom in scope, use 'DOOMVR Scope Zoom Toggle' item.
  3. You can toggle using popup menu too. The menu will show up when you activate scope mode then exit.
  4. Aim target carefully, then fire!

Projectile Laser Sight(Please watch in fullscreen if you can't see laser/glow spot)

  1. Equip a gun you want to attach projectile laser sight. Should work on almost any weapon, Including other mod's weapons.
  2. Use 'DOOMVR Setting Holotape' item. The holotape should be in your inventory with the mod installed.
  3. Follow menu hierarchy [Laser Sight Menu] / [Attach Projectile Laser Sight to Equipped Weapon].
  4. Pick your color then enter. Try first four entry without 'Muzzle Alternative' first.
  5. Following process is identical to regular laser sight: Activate using item or popup menu.
  6. Then sighting laser will be emitted from the barrel or gun point.
  7. The options above may not work on certain weapons, Minigun in the video's case. When this happened, try 'Muzzle Alternative' variants with step (4).

== Compatibility and Load Order ==
FRIK - Full Player Body with IK:
  • Now compatibility patch is available! Please refer installation section for detail.

== Known Issue and Limitation ==
Preview image of autosaves become reddish/greenish:
  • This is a side effect of laser sight. Autosaves taken when entering new cell with laser sight equipped will suffer from this issue. No other problem than ill preview image. If you care, just deactivate laser sight before changing cell.
If you found any other issues, let me know via 'BUGS' page. It'll always be helpful!

== Credits and Tools Used ==
DOOMBASED Weapons Merged (Weapon Pack) by DOOM:
  • Thanks for amazing weapon mod, and generous permission for assets.
Fallout 4/ Fallout 4 VR by Bethesda Game Studio:
  • Thanks for great games and giving us opportunity to create mods for their game!
Modder's Resource - VR Offset Weapon Fix by Kevtg26:
  • Thanks for sharing knowledge of positional fix, and generous permission for assets.
xEdit/FO4Edit/FO4VREdit by ElminsterAU and the xEdit Team:
  • 100% of plugin edit was made with this tool. As many other mods wouldn't, my mod wouldn't be there without this tool.
CreationKit by Bethesda Game Studio:
  • Used to compile papyrus scripts.
NifSkope by NifTools Project:
  • Used extensively to edit meshes. Positional fixes, reflexes, lasers, flashlights and other small edits.