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This is the installer for all of the Immersive Gameplay weapon balance tweaks I have created.

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Immersive Gameplay Weapon Tweaks

I am a huge fan of Immersive Gameplay and can't play without it but I also love community weapon mods. I find that for the most part, community weapons work okay with Immersive Gameplay but they really lack that special flair - often seeming no better than the vanilla alternatives and at times even worse. I feel that very modern looking weapons that are unique to anything in the vanilla game should be better than vanilla counterparts and much more expensive. I patch the large collections of community weapons that I have frequently and I will be sharing them  as I can get permission from the various authors. 

Weapons Patched (View the image of the table to see this in an easier format).
MP40 - Cost increased.
VSS - Damage significantly increased and cost significantly increased. 
VAL - Damage significantly increased and cost significantly increased. 
AK74M - Cost increased. 
M54 Gatling Rifle - Fire rate significantly increased, reload speed decreased, cost increased.
Wattz Laser Rifle - Cost significantly increased. 
WH-77 - Damage significantly increased, default capacity increased slightly, fire rate increased slightly, cost increased. 
DKS-501 - Damage slightly increased, accuracy increased and cost increased. 
CROSS Plas-Rail - Cost significantly increased. (Very powerful with IG and far too cheap for how strong it can be). 
Makeshift Anti-Material Rifle - Cost increased. 
Mk14 - Accuracy increased, range increased and cost increased. 
Mosin Rifle - Damage slightly increased, accuracy increased and cost increased. 
USP .45 - Damage significantly increased, accuracy increased and cost increased. 
CBJ-MS - Damage slightly increased. 
Nailgun - Damage increased. 
M1911 - Reload speed increased, cost increased. 
Desert Eagle - Cost increased. 
Jaguar MSX200 - Significantly increased damage, Significantly increased cost. 
Kalash - Damage increased, cost increased. 
LK-05 - Damage slightly increased
MAC-11 - Damage slightly increased, reload speed slightly increased, capacity slightly increased, cost slightly increased.
Rhino - Damage significantly increased, Reload speed significantly decreased, cost significantly increased. 
SCAR-LK - Damage significantly increased, cost increased.
M2019 "That Gun" - Damage slightly increased, cost increased. 
Catalyst - Damage slightly increased, cost increased.
Glock P80 - Damage slightly increased. 
Crossbows of the Commonwealth - Damage significantly increased, cost slightly increased, reload speed decreased. 
M82 - Damage significantly increased, range significantly increased, accuracy increased, cost significantly increased. 

Modular Siminov PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle - I am putting this one separate in the description because it deserves pointing out that I changed more than the others. These rifles are ridiculously powerful firing 20mm rounds (generally used by aircraft). The cost has been EXTREMELY increased (modding the best rifle with all the mods will make it worth about 100k caps), the damage is obscene (before it did less damage with the new 20mm rounds) and the range has been improved. These rifles are extremely powerful but keep in mind your enemies may have them! Because of that I have also changed the leveled lists so you won't see them in game until levels 20-40 except a chance for them to spawn on bosses or as "epic" loot. Vendors do carry them from level 1 however they are expensive! I realize that this MIGHT break the balance of the game a bit however Immersive Gameplay makes fusion cores worth 20k and these guns have some wicked recoil and will kill you if you get touched by the splash damage so I think it's okay. 

What this mod does NOT do
These tweaks do NOT patch the leveled lists, this you need to do with a bash patch! 

What this mod is compatible with
This mod simply replaces the .esp of each weapons mod. This means that it may not be compatible with patches such as patches that add it to the IG leveled list. Using the leveled list patch with these tweaks will likely mean the values get overwritten to the original values. I suggest creating a bash patch as it's a better and more effective way to merge the leveled lists then a bunch of individual patches (and it won't overwrite these tweaked values).

You can install all of these tweaks or just the ones you want. You must first download the weapon mod from the associated page. Then simply replace the .esp with the one included in this download. You will see the new values the next time you load. To revert to the old values simply reinstall the original weapon mod. You can also use NMM or the utility of your choice as this is FOMOD ready! 

Please note that all of these weapons were not created by me and I am only modifying them with the permission of the author. Obviously you will need to go to the original authors page to download the mod so who created the weapons will be clear. 

If you would like to request a weapon or you are a modder who is okay with me tweaking their weapon please let me know in the comments! 

I will be adding future volumes like this one as permission and time permits.