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VR patch for DOOMBASED Weapons Merged by DOOMBASED

Permissions and credits

kevtg26 has figured out how to align rifle grips with a VR controller without messing with the meshes. This means that the weapons will look normal when NPCs have them equipped and in the menus. The only meshes altered in 2.0 are the sights so they can be seen easier in VR.

Version 2.1 now compatible with More Accurate Weapons

This is a VR patch for all the weapons included in DOOMBASED Weapons Merged. Unfortunately, a lot of rifle mods suffer from a bug where the weapon is held from the very back of the stock instead of the grip. This patch fixes that by altering the meshes so the grip will line up with a VR controller. This patch also adjusts all the red dot sights to be easier to see and aim with for every gun included except the M2019 PKD Detective Special (That Gun) and the Glock P80, both of which only have iron sights.

Base Weapons Altered:
  • Catalyst AAS Shotgun
  • SCAR-LK Assault Rifle
  • Modular Kalash Assault Rifle
  • LK-05 Carbine
  • Jaguar MSX 200 LMG

Weapons with Altered Sights:
  • Catalyst AAS Shotgun
  • SCAR-LK Assault Rifle
  • Modular Kalash Assault Rifle
  • LK-05 Carbine
  • Jaguar MSX 200 LMG
  • M1911A1
  • Rhino M1 Revolver
  • MAC-11 Machine Pistol
  • Chiappa Triple Threat
  • Desert Eagle
  • CBJ-MS


This patch requires
DOOMBASED Weapons Merged

How To Install:

Download and install DOOMBASED Weapons Merged. Then download and install this patch and let it overwrite everything.

How To Update:

Uninstall and delete the old version,
then download and install the new patch and let it overwrite everything.


This patch should be compatible with everything that the base mod is compatible with.
Version 2.0 should not conflict with anything that does not replace DOOMMerged.esp

Know Bugs/Issues:

Because I had to push the meshes back for the rifles and the Catalyst, they won't look quite right when an NPC has them equipped. Instead of holding them by the grip NPCs will hold them around the magazine. This really isn't as noticeable as it might sound and is unavoidable. Also, the magazines for these weapons are pushed back in the menus (Pipboy, workbench, vendor, etc.). Instead of being in the receiver they're in the stock. Unfortunately I could either have them look right when equipped or in the menu, but not both.
Version 2.0 has no known bugs/issues.


  • DOOMBASED for their awesome mods and permission to upload this patch.
  • kevtg26 for answering all my questions, creating a fix so the meshes look normal, and for making an amazing¬†VR patch that inspired me to create this one.