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20 years since the release of the lesser known PS1 game C-12: Final Resistance, Riley Vaughan is back to the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.

Permissions and credits
It's been 20 years since the release of the lesser known PS1 game C-12: Final Resistance, Riley Vaughan is back to the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. However, C-12: Final Resistance was still a minor success for PlayStation 1 and Sony Computer Entertainment. Riley Vaughan is one of my characters created for Fallout 4, but I played C-12: Final Resistance on my original PlayStation 1 around 2004 or 2005 during my primary school years. 

This is why Riley Vaughan rejoined the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4.

As the Brotherhood of Steel needs more ally to defeat the Institute, Elder Maxson knows the one man who can help to defeat the Institute with guns and his sword. Highly trained and skilled in swordsmanship.

His name is Riley Vaughan

Riley Vaughan was born to a family of the US Army servicemen and he is a very skilled soldier. Raised from his childhood to be a squire of the Brotherhood of Steel, the poor Riley Vaughan wandered all over the Capital Wasteland to find worthy people to communicate. But as he introduced by the Brotherhood of Steel led by Paladin Grisham, he convinced Riley Vaughan that the Brotherhood of Steel shouldn't be without a sword. So Paladin Grisham led Riley Vaughan to The Citadel that had a powerful beam-sword that inherited from the Enclave. But by retrieving the beam-sword would also gives Riley Vaughan to be a best Brotherhood squire. Grisham was actually a Brotherhood Paladin who led Riley Vaughan to The Citadel. The beam-sword was actually designed by the Institute synths for the Enclave. For the next few years, Riley Vaughan keeps his beam-sword and has gained his rank of the Initiate since his rank of Knight was stripped out after the death of Elder Lyons. With his training complete, he has joined the Brotherhood of Steel in the Commonwealth once again in 2287.

Riley Vaughan's first mission

Riley Vaughan's first mission is to find Paladin Danse: the leader of the Brotherhood recon team in Cambridge Police Station with Scribe Haylen and Knight Rhys. During his mission, he encountered Paladin Danse who taught him to use his weapon to defeat the Institute. He has also discovered the plans devised by the Brotherhood of Steel.

The Brotherhood of Steel

Sometimes after arriving to Prydwen, he was introduced by Captain Kells and it's leader Elder Arthur Maxson (a former Brotherhood squire) and attended to him to bring him back to destroy The Institute. Riley Vaughan allies himself with the Brotherhood of Steel with Paladin Grisham and Scribe Carter, in order to defeat The Institute. But as Kellogg dies while trying to kill Riley Vaughan, he has rebuilt the Liberty Prime as the Brotherhood makes their final mission to destroy the Institute, blowing up the reactor. With it, he continued his life with the Brotherhood of Steel to be permanently as the new Sentinel of the Brotherhood of Steel.

If you endorse this mod as much as it did so, in honor of fallen Brotherhood of Steel Knights and Paladins, please join the Brotherhood and say Ad Victoriam to Riley Vaughan!

And if you like and enjoying the original video game where Riley Vaughan was originated (C-12: Final Resistance), please purchase the original copy of the PS1 game C-12: Final Resistance through Amazon.