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This mod removes the spawning of most vanilla weapons from the game and replaces those spawns with a curated, modular selection of DLCs and weapon mods.. There are also extensive weapon modifications to vanilla and mod weapons..

Permissions and credits
Realistic Aesthetic Weapons Level List Replacer 2 (RAW-LLR2)

The PRIMARY PURPOSE of this mod is to remove the spawning of most vanilla weapons from the game and replaces those spawns with a modular curated selection of weapon mods. There are also extensive weapon modifications including re-chambering and auto-switch options. This is not a weapons replacer; it is a vanilla leveled list replacer. It should be compatible with everything.

The SECONDARY PURPOSE of this mod is to supplement weapons mods which add injected weapons into leveled lists by adding variety into those lists, pre-injection. And specific injected weapons will probably appear about 33% less often due to adjustments to the vanilla leveled lists. This was done by simply adding additional vanilla entries at relevant levels in the vanilla lists.

A TERTIARY goals of this mod is to bring DLC weapons into the rest of the game..

Before going on, this was created using Weapons LL Overhaul, created by: Marion /  Darkernard. and Yourboizach. This file makes quite a few modifications and adjustments to the original  mod, including removing dependent mod quests with a blank quest replacer.

There are technical descriptions throughout this page. It is HIGHLY advised that anyone downloading this should RTFM.

1. Installation

You MUST download all the required weapons mods installed before loading this mod, even if you intent to modify this mod and switch out the weapons (because otherwise xedit won't load).

The expansion esp and its weapon requirements are highly recommended. However, if you just want a basic way to get rid of pipe weapons and assault/combat weapons, and intend to use plenty of your own weapons mods, you could just activate the "Weapons LL Overhaul.esp (BASE)" file.

You must order the plug-ins as follows; if you don't , you may get CTD:

  • Your weapon mods, including the weapon mods required by this mod.
  • Your weapon mod patches, especially ones which directly change leveled lists
  • Weapons LL Overhaul.esp (BASE)
  • RAW-LLR2 Expansion.esp (Expansion, Optional)
  • RAW-LLR2 Exp2 (Misc, Optional)
  • RAW-LLR2 Energy (Energy, Optional)
  • RAW-Handgun_addon (Optional)
  • RAW-Shotgun_addon (Optional)

The last three above (#4 and above) can be in any order as long as below #3. Your weapon mods that won't be added to leveled lists, or which don't alter DLC weapons, and which have their own injectors can go anywhere.

You really should use this on a new game, because otherwise you are changing the leveled lists AFTER weapon mods injected custom lists into your save file, thus double-adding the weapon mod weapons... which won't destroy anything but it will change the frequency of what you find. This mod disables the associated injection feature of the weapon mods (more on this below, I think). That being said, it's quite safe to edit or remove THIS MOD (not the underlying weapon mods) during a play-through as long as you install this at the same time you install a weapons mod. RAW-LLR prevents the weapon mod injector scripts from loading. Once you remove this from your mod order, any injection quests in the weapon mods will activate.

2. Mods Required and added into the World

I selected the following weapons based on:
  • Being awesome weapons with a decent amount of customization
  • Realistic look; not cartoonishly large, not too clean. High quality textures and normal maps.
  • Preferably in a pack
  • Produce the most "bang for the buck" in terms of effort to implement to game-play enjoyment.

I did not aim to get all these elements into each gun weapon. I tried to get a balance of features and create a system for users to add their own favorites.

The weapons are added with separate ESPs. You need all the requirements for each ESP. The BASE is called "Weapons LL Overhaul.esp"; this is required.

BASE has: 
A Bundle of Tape by asXas
MikeMoore's MCAM by MikeMoore
Doombased Weapons Merge by DOOMBASED
Russian Recon Pack by FX0x01
DLC Weapons, modified to be included in the rest of the Commonwealth.

RAW-LLR Expansion.esp has:
SREP Redux - Service Rifle Expansion Project by Nadie2283
MW Aug by 54MU54R4N
The G3 Family by Utherein
EM2 MK9 by asXas

RAW-LLR Energy.esp has
by Utherien
Institute Pulse Carbine by  DegenerateDak

RAW-LLR Handgun Addon has
.45 Semi-Auto (Colt 1911) by DeadPool2099
Beretta M9-FS by fadingsignal

RAW-LLR Shotguns has
Caravan Shotgun by Deadpool2099
Cranky  by Bwones
Makeshift Shotgun and Grenade Launcher by gmoi6
More plug-ins will be added shortly.


  • Many modifications were made to all the weapons, some detailed below. I do not detail the changes to the "default" category. I changed most "default" weapon templates to use modcols in order to ensure receiver leveling and attachment variety. 
  • Doombased Weapons Merge is sort of old and there are lots of better weapons. It's a matter of preference but I'm sure everyone will have their own favorite which they think is better than others. I use this pack because a) it's pretty good, and b) there are a lot of weapons which are of decent enough quality but not too "modern". I don't use the whole pack because I want to be somewhat sort-of lore friendly with the selection. You can easily add your favorite pistol , SMG , or shotgun mod, either by editing  or by just adding the mod with it's own injection scripts. 
  • I play with Wasteland BallisticsPlayerUndeath, and VAFS Redux. So to me, the level on the leveled list is not that important and I didn't focus on maintaining parity with of vanilla. In some cases. Wasteland Ballistics makes the progression curve rather flat. ThisI purposefully break that level development concept (especially in for automatic weapons and energy weapons). That said, the original weapon mod have limitations on the modcol level so that generally you won't see high-end receivers at low levels.

Level List Categories

RAW-Assault Rifles

  • DLC Handmade Rifle (BASE). The weapon is renamed "Makeshift Chinese Assault Rifle". It spawns as early as level 15 and with 5.56 receivers. The weapon has reduced base damage. There is a Lower Receiver and Chambering option in crafting which allows changing the weapon to .308 or 7.76, and it can spawn with different lower receivers. Note that you can add new animations and texture packs, but weapon mods which add new stocks will need to be patched in.
  • SREP  (Expansion) The service rifle only spawns with worn material skin and wooden stocks/barrels. Another level of receiver added to SREP allowing players to use universal "marksman" rail at Gun-Nut 3. The weapon has reduced base damage.
  • MW AUG (Expansion). This weapon is renamed "Universal Assault Rifle". FX010X's Stryr Aug A1 has much better textures IMO, but this weapon has pretty good textures (not as shiny new as the Combined Arms AUG) and has a lot of good customization. The magazine constructable has been renamed "Magazine and Chambering".
  • G3 (Expansion). This weapon is renamed "R91" in the game when it spawns as an assault rifle.  In RAW-LLR there is a new modcol created which forced the HK G3 to spawn with either the worn or the rusty skin. Speed of fire is reduced to be in-line with SREP.
  • EM2 Mark 9 (Expansion). It has an added chambering and lower receiver to switch between .308 and 5.56 Ammo. Quest removed. I boosted the damage (well... removed a nerf that I don't know was intentional). Added a DMR variant but that does not appear on this list. 


  • SVT-40 (BASE). implemented improvements to naming.
  • M1 Garand (BASE). implemented improvements to naming.
  • SVU (BASE).  This rifle is renamed as "DKS-501". Yes there is a mod called DKS-501, but this SVU looks too cool and comes with a nice handgun. This weapon has new modcols for recievers, spawning with more variety and following the player's level progression.
  • LL_RAW-Assault-DMR (BASE and Expansion). This filters whatever is in RAW-Assault to output "sniper" version fo the weapons if the weapon template exists. This category is only 1/4th of the available options, so only-DMR weapons will appear more frequently.

RAW-Bolt Snipers
Notes: Using vanilla hunting rifle because not cartoonish. You can use replacers on any vanilla weapons. This catagory only has bolt-action weapons.

  • Varmint Rifle (BASE).
  • Vanilla Hunting / Sniper Rifle  (BASE).
  • Far Harbor's Lever Action Rifle (BASE). Added chambering for ,44 ammunition.


  • Vanilla SMG (BASE). IMO, you should add either the Grease Gun or the Thompson, either replacing this weapon in  RAW-LLR or just with its own injector scripts. OR, highly recommend install the Thomson SMG Replacer, to upgrade the vanilla meshes.
  • Mac10 (BASE). This weapon only spawns as full auto. . There are uniques (probably).
  • CBJ Defense Weapon (BASE). A nice weapon. Only spawns in green. There are uniques (probably)

Notes: Replacers revolver pistols only, not pipe weapons.

  • Vanilla 44 (BASE). 
  • Western Revolver from Nukaworld (BASE).

RAW-Junk Pistols
(This catagory is meant to replace pipe-revolver weapons, including revolver rifles, which are not sniper rifles)

  • Handmade Pistol

Notes: Category replaces 10mm weapons lists (and is so, not that common).

  • M1911 (BASE). This is replaced  with Deadpool2099's 1911 if you have the RAW-Handgun_addon.
  • Desert Eagle (BASE).
  • MP443 (BASE). This weapon does not have many options but it looks nice (like everything from FX010X) with good textures. It is renamed "10mm Semi-Auto Pistol". This weapon has new modcols for recievers, spawning with more variety and following the player's level progression.
  • Deliverer (BASE). This is renamed "Browning Special" (if anyone has a better name, let me know). Note that the weapons is a separate instance of the Deliverer; any mod that changes or effects the Deliverer, INCLUDING most replacement methods, will not effect this weapon. This is replaced wit hthe Beretta MP9 Handgun if you have the RAW-Handgun_addon.

RAW-Crude and Old
Notes: Category replaces pipe weapons lists.

  • Handmade Revolver (BASE). Modcols added for variety.
  • Crude Blowback (BASE). Modcols added for variety.

RAW-Advanced Makeshift
Notes: This category is added to select Gunner, and Raiders weapons lists directly. 

  • Radium Rifle (BASE)
  • Gamma Gun (BASE)
  • Harpoon Gun (BASE).
  • Flamer (BASE)

Notes: Category replaces Institute Weapons lists and is NOT directly added to Institute NPCs

  • EG-7 L (Energy). This is renamed the IRL-2. The weapon has been extensively modified and is somewhat different than the author's original concept. The receivers have a vanilla-ish progression. There are no longer multiple speed settings; just semi and automatic, on a selector switch).  The "damaged" version is not used, using a "worn" receiver instead. Damage as a whole has been somewhat nerfed. Only uses vanilla ammo.
  • Institute Pulse Carbine (Energy). 

Notes: Category replaces vanilla laser lists.

  • EG-7 L (Energy). This is renamed the LAR-7. The weapon has been extensively modified and is somewhat different than the author's original concept. The receivers have a vanilla-ish progression. There are no longer multiple speed settings; just semi and automatic, on a selector switch.

Notes: Category replaces vanilla plasma and gauss weapons lists.

  • EG-7P (Energy). The weapon has been extensively modified and is somewhat different than the author's original concept. The receivers have a vanilla-ish progression. There are no longer multiple speed settings; just semi and automatic, on a selector switch).  The "damaged" version is not used, using a "worn" receiver instead. Damage as a whole has been somewhat nerfed. Only uses vanilla ammo.
  • EG-7G (Energy). I will modify this later.

RAW-Heavy Weapons - SM Friendly

Notes: This is just for miniguns which are also Mutant compatible. 
  • Vanilla mini-gun (BASE). The idea of carrying a minigun is already silly so I had no issue with the design of the weapon.
  • Vanilla Gatling Laser (BASE)

Notes: Category replaces vanilla shotgun weapons lists.

  • Ithaca Model 37 (BASE).
  • Chiappa Triple Threat (BASE).
  • Vanilla Double-Barrel (BASE).
  • Cranky (RAW-Shotguns_addon)
  • Makeshift Shotgun and Improvised Grenade Launcher (RAW-Shotguns_addon)
  • Caravan Shotgun (RAW-Shotguns_addon)

RAW_Faction_Supermutant Guns

  • M69 (BASE). Is a renamed version of vanilla Assault Rifle. Highly recommend Dax's Assault Rifle Overhaul to give this a better look. (in this version or next version or RAW-LLR, this weapon will have 5.56 receivers)
  • Vanilla Hunting Rifle (BASE).
  • Varmit Rifle. Fits, is good, and it’s in a pack (A Bundle of Tape).
  • Vanilla Pipe Weapons,  auto-only (BASE). 

The catagory is for machine guns and non-advanced ballistic weapons which CANNOT be used by Supermutants. Currently this feeds into the Advanced catagory, which feeds into BOS lists.

  • Vanilla mini-gun (BASE).
  • Gatling Laser (BASE).

Supermutant Melee
This has the concrete sledge from a Bundle of Tape, and several weapons from MCAN. 


Militia Weapons
(This catagory is added directly to some Minute Men, Gunner, and other lists to ensure the possibility of spawning certain weapons, even at high levels. Note that is one uses CAIP, this category would not be implemented.)

RAW Faction-BoS

Notes: Category directly added into and replaces BoS weapons lists.

  • EG-7 (Energy). Renamed LAR-7 BoS model. In next update will have BoS skins.
  • EG-7P (Energy)
  • EG-7G (Energy)

RAW Faction-Railroad
Notes: Category directly added into and replaces Railroad weapons lists.
  • SVU (BASE). This is renamed the DKS-501.
  • MP443 (BASE). A separate instance was created, called the "Agent's Handgun". It spawns with a mussel.

3. What This Does Under the Hood

The original Weapon LL Overhaul mod adds a layer on top of the normal leveled lists - the RAW-[category] lists - which consolidate options and removes vanilla spawns. This layer, as provided, does not have vanilla weapons. However this layer does not remove vanilla uniques; it just prevents then from spawning when a level list is called.

As an example, if the game decides that an NPC Raider needs a gun, it looks to determine what type of gun, then calls a special weapon-specific list (ex. "LL_Pipegun_Auto"). However, the vanilla weapon entry was removed from the list. In it's place is an entry for another list, that has 3 or more other weapons.

This mod tries to ensure Mutants use vanilla weapons. Think of them as the oversized ugly weapons for oversized ugly characters. You can use Mutant weapon replacers and/or Dax’s Assault Rifle Overhaul to change those weapons for the Mutants.

IMPORTANT: Within this mod are “quests” which over-write the weapon mod quests; it’s a quest with the same name but all data /guts removed. Mostly, this removes the level list injectors so there are no duplicates of the mod in level lists. Some mod weapons have "control" features in the same quests as the injectors; these don't work. Quests to find weapons may also be removed when said quest is integrated with messages or options to activate distribution. Usually, these quests are of no consequence. When there are quests for "uniques" that are separate from the general distribution injection, I try to keep those quests. BTW, Deadpool's Service Rifle is not part of this, but it can be put in without removing the uniques quest.

4. How to make your own modifications

Here are the main instructions for Weapon LL Overhaul.

And a video tutorial by Yourboizach:

To the above tutorial, understand:

If you want to completely remove a mod from RAW-LLR, you should:

  • First download the mod, because xedit won't load if a master file is missing.
  • In xedit, remove the weapons from the leveled lists. They are in the categories described above.
  • Go to the quest section and remove the weapon mods quest overwrite quests. This record is the LL quest, but all the guts of the quest removed so it doesn't even activate. Also remove any created mod objects (for lower receivers, for example), mod-cols, and constructable objects. This probably requires a little hunting and experimentation with the Expansion plug-in assault rifles. But this is pretty easy for the Doombased pistols and shotguns.
  • After changes are made, right-click on Weapon LL Overhaul.esp (or other plug-in) and select "Remove unused masters". 
  • Check the "File Header" section to make sure the mod is removed. If it isn't, check to see that no other instance is placed in a LL category, check to see if there were other quests put in the Quest section (the RAW-LLR over-rides for the quests). 

Notes about Combined Arms - Modern Weapons and Combined Arms Integration Project (CAIP)

If you want to use Combined Arms - Modern weapons, you have three choices;
a) use it as normal. It will inject lists into the player save file, with all of it's extra ammo.
b) use it with Combined Arms Integration Project. Load CAIP after (lower in the order) RAW-LLR2. Make sure to use from the first time you install CAMW, otherwise the injection scripts will run. CAIP can overwrite RAW-LLR2 to some extent, as it modifies the NPC-level leveled lists. The impact on the game should be minimal.
c) Do a little modding. Open xedit and add CAMW into the RAW-LLR2 lists as you want. Then use CAIP to ensure that the injection scrips don't run and the changes to weapon stats is implimented. Load CAIP ABOVE RAW-LLR2, so that the CAIP leveled lists are over-written everything else in CAIP should work just fine.

Further Information about What Leveled Lists Do

For the FAQ