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Ann Codman Reborn looksmenu preset
looksmenu redux of her aged wrinkly crabby appearance, to make her appear younger and more attractive.

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Ann Codman Reborn looksmenu preset
I first crossed pathes with Ann Codman in the jewel of the commonwealth Diamond city, and it was a completly unpleasant experience not worth reliving. old crabby privileged upper deck snoot, so I asked my Institute pals if anything could be done to give Ann a better life, and they responded with "you could make a synth version of her", and so I did.
first I had to load up looks menu and redux her aged wrinkly crabby appearance, and thats the preset I am sharing with you today.

2nd I had to scan her in for use in the Workshop Synth Production mod, to make Ann Codman 2.0 a basic settler in my fields and settlements, heck sometimes shes even a singer now with Singing Settler by Akarnan

minimal Requirements
F4SE 0.3.0 (Game Version 1.9.4)
LooksMenu v1-2-1
Caliente's Beutiful Bodies Enhancer CBBC
mischairstyle 1.6 by Atherisz
HN66s_XAZOMNs Long EyeLashes for FO4
**PULLED, SADLY*** True Eyes Fallout 4 Edition - (by JimTownIrish) BUT AN ALTERNATIVE IS The
Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition - (by LogRaam aka Gabriel Mailhot)

to match the screenshots the following are required also installed in this order:
Josie Body - CBBE BodySlide Preset
Silky Smooth Skin (SSS) -CBBE Skin- by Dapper Dan
improved skin Texture for CBBE

her clothing in the screenshots is from SkyrimConversions2.0

if you also want to make a synth settler of her, you'll need:
Workshop Synth Production

if you want her to sing you'll need:
Singing Settler by Akarnan

all urls and links are provided in the pop up before downloading