Fallout 4

About this mod

Improves vanilla snapping and adds a variety of highly functional blocks to the workshop menu.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
The purpose of this mod is to improve the vanilla system, providing more balanced recipes, better snapping, new items and many other changes.


What was changed

  • added extra snapping to all vanilla items;
  • DLC items snapping changed to the default scheme;
  • furniture items have been all copied and given snap points;
  • all items received SI properties;
  • decorative elements of various sorts;
  • A LOT of new architectural elements and sets without any requirements;
  • dedicated menus for all the new items;
  • improved meshes for a variety of items;
  • and so on, read the changelogs for more details.



1. Via NMM - Download file via NMM, activate from the mod tab of NMM.
2. Manually - Download file manually, extract content; copy VanillaExtensions.esp, Meshes and Materials folders to your data folder, allowing overwrite.



This will will conflict with any mods that change the vanilla items, with the conflict ranging from simple data overwriting to game crashes. You've been warned!



Q: <insert mod here> already has <feature>.
A: Feel free to use that mod instead.

Q: Known issues?
A: Some collision ones. Some performance on some of the prefabs. Probably navmesh issues due to lack of info. IMPORTANT - Some of the meshes I changed are used across the game world, which means they might or might not be affected. Inconsistent beth is inconsistent. It also means installing this mid-playthru will result in wonky structures that need to be fixed.

Q: Found a bug!
A: Report it in the bug section or in comments.

Q: Your mod broke my game/my saves/my computer/my life/killed my cat etc..
A: Backup your save files. And this won't break your game unless you have incompatible mods. PS. No, it didn't.

Q: Will you add <feature>? How about patch for <mod> ?
A: If I have time or desire to do it.

Q: Is this compatible with <mod> ?
A: Test yourself and tell me.

Q: Can you help me with my issue?
A: If I can/know/want.

Q: Can I use your mod to make mine?
A: Asking before doing so is nice. You will most likely get my permission.