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About this mod

An update of the original unofficial patch with a unified single plugin and tons of additional community fixes.

Permissions and credits
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What it does
This mod fixes in game errors and bugs in Fallout 3 + all DLCs. Cut content has been reviewed/restored only if fixable and able to blend into the game perfectly.

Bug Reports
If you want to talk to me about bugs, I'm on discord. hairylegs222#7285. If you post a bug in the comments thread here, please follow the sticky posts at the top.

Other Thoughts
Before releasing v3.0 I backported Tale Of Two Wastelands fixes from scratch and revised everything v2.3.2 of this patch in comparison and tested everything I could think of along with some testers. Went through all the reported bugs in the bugs tab. Lots of help from Roy (TTW project lead) and endless hours of work from the Tale Of Two Wastelands team. Please go there when you have a chance and thank them for all the work they did. Roy, Kazo, Callen in particular I know did endless hours of work into what we have here. I only encountered 3 random crashes into the entire testing playthrough which I couldn't reproduce. This is extremely impressive compared from when I used to play FO3 encountering crashes constantly. Please enjoy and be fortunate of everything that's put into this.

Important Note: This patch is ONLY designed for the English Fallout 3 Game Of The Year Edition v1.7.0.4. The v1.7.0.3 is also fine but beware that installation steps are different for it. I don't have the lower version of the game so I'm sorry, but I can't write out different instructions for it. If using a non-English version, refer to translated mods listed in the translated mod tab in the top of the Description Page.

Important Note: Do not edit or clean the main game ESM files and do not edit or clean this patch or you're asking for things to break in your game. You don't need to fix the deleted navmeshes in the DLC esms when running this patch. In FO3Edit if you load this patch, right click, apply script, and choose Apply Filter For Deleted Navmeshes. It will only show The Pitt and Brokensteel deleted navmesh records. v3.0+ overrides/fixes every deleted navmesh.

Highly Recommended Mods You Should Install

Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm is around 59,000 records. Which means this patch touches A LOT of the coding because Fallout 3 is a very buggy game. One of the buggiest games I've ever seen. That being said, running other mods alongside this patch will massively conflict with each other. If you want other mods to run correctly alongside this patch then I highly recommend you open FO3Edit, right click on the left side, apply filter to show conflicts. Solving those conflicts are the way to go.

New Steam Fallout 3 Game Of The Year Edition v1.7.0.4 Installation Instructions 
  1. Make sure your steam FO3 GOTY is fully installed and updated to
  2. Click Play in Steam for FO3 GOTY so it can detect your video hardware and it will automatically create ini files for you located in Documents/My Games/Fallout3
  3. Click Ok to both popup messages
  4. Go to Options and configure your settings the way you want them
  5. When you're done with your settings click Ok so it will save and exit out of that window
  6. Then click Play (starting the game once will automatically create more files for you in Documents/My Games/Fallout3)
  7. Exit the game when you get to the main menu

Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch Installation Instructions
  1. Uninstall any error-fixing mods that are already included in this patch
  2. Uninstall the original Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch by Quazzy and any prior version of this mod if present
  4. ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated is required for this patch to work. It can be set in mod managers for your Fallout 3 game
  5. Download Fallout Anniversary Patcher and inside its zip file, extract all files into your Fallout 3 goty folder where your Fallout3.exe is located
  6. Open Patcher.exe in your Fallout 3 goty folder, follow its instructions, and wait until it says it's finished, then exit the window
  7. Download FOSE and inside it's zip file, extract all those files to your Fallout 3 goty folder where your Fallout3.exe is located
  8. Download Command Extender and inside its zip file, put the fose folder into your Fallout 3 goty/Data folder
  9. Install a mod manager (Mod Organizer 2 Preferably)
  10. Download the Main download in the Files section for this mod and use your Mod Manager to install the FOMOD installation
  11. Before launching the game, make sure your load order in your mod manager is in the order below
  12. Make sure your load order has all check marks next to each esm file
  13. Launch the game from your mod manager using Fallout3.exe
  14. Start a new game! If you disregard this step and load a current game that never had this patch running on it, expect game breaking bugs to occur

Load Order
  • Fallout3.esm
  • Anchorage.esm
  • ThePitt.esm
  • BrokenSteel.esm
  • PointLookout.esm
  • Zeta.esm
  • Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm

  • Use your Mod Manager to uninstall
  • Older versions from the executable install, go to your windows uninstall applications and this patch will be in the list to uninstall

Biggest Cut Content Restorations
  • Fixed/Restored Chief Harkness, Doctor Li, and Bannon to show up for the Council meetings every Monday morning from 9am to 12pm. Commander Danvers will take Harkness' council chair if he dies or leaves Rivet City
  • Restructured/Restored all offers bartering for Charon's contract based on the player's barter skills. Each caps offer are restored. The higher your barter, the cheaper his contract will be
  • Republic of Dave overhaul dialogue restoration. Dave's kids have dialogue choices. Different candidates can actually win if the player rigs the votes. Restored dialogue triggers depending on who won or not
  • Tobar dialogue lines during the Bog hallucinations
  • Restored Mr. Burke fully into the game. There's dialogue Burke says either before, during, or after the Tenpenny Tower quest and the You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head quest. Burke's house was pointlessly sitting in Megaton never being used by him. Burke sat in a chair at Moriarty's all day long and never got up. He's disabled from the game for no reasons. Everything that was cut fits into the game perfectly which are the following:
  1. Burke will only disappear/be disabled from game if you charm him
  2. You're able to initiate conversations with Burke at appropriate times including before and after quests
  3. Burke is a resident of Megaton with a daily routine after the player talks to him once in the Saloon
  4. Burke's house can be unlocked with his house key
  5. Burke's house key is in his inventory
  6. Burke has a daily routine at Tenpenny Tower
  7. If Burke is currently living in Tenpenny Tower and not waiting for the player to blow up Megaton, he will be in there during the Ghoul attack from Roy
  8. Burke will confront the player if he sees the player disarm the bomb
  9. Burke will confront the player if Lucas Simms is informed the bomb is disarmed

Game engine bugs that still occur
  • Sometimes the main menu music continues to play loading your savegame. Loading a new cell that has assigned music fixes it
  • NPC's weapons floating near or on their hands. Only 2 ways I could figure out what helps with this. Best way to fix this is to save then load your save. Another way is to go into console, click on the npc, type resurrect and hit enter
  • Murder reaction dialogue for girl or guy (game engine doesn't detect correctly whether player killed a man or woman)
  • Attack loop sounds from Miniguns, Gatling Lasers, Sentry Bot's, etc sometimes keep going when not firing. Best way to fix this is to save then load your save
  • Certain angles a black square appears on certain surfaces
  • After looting helmets/masks from decapitated npcs their helmets/masks stay on their heads
  • NPC's hands sometimes appear very large. Best way to fix this is to save then load your save

Current Version Changes (3.3.2) 
  • Uncompressed the BSA (possibly helps prevent microstutters with lower end PCs and decreased loading times)
  • Removed all TTW weapons that added crosshairs and iron sights
  • Added older version TTW weapons that don't add anything but fixes
  • Fixed all double space misspellings in the entire game (Thanks Zilav for the XEdit script)
  • Removed TTW added EMP damage to Power Armor. FO3 developers only intended robots to get extra damage from it
  • Reverted the loading screens back to vanilla so they're not only for specific locations after leaving Vault 101 (From TTW)
  • Fixed the player home's imagespace themes to stay. Before it reverted back to default when changing cells
  • Fixed Pronto's vendor chest upgrade to add the stimpacks that it originally had before the upgrade (Developers forgot to add it back in)
  • Fixed 2 speech check failure lines with MacCready
  • Fixed the dialogue line "Moriarty pisses in his still -- crazy bastard thinks it's hilarious. Besides, you'll get your throat cut in that pit. You're much better off here." Andy Stahl says to the player to require him being in The Brass Lantern
  • Fixed Silver to only force a dialogue greeting to the player when either the player hasn't talked to Moriarty yet, or the player has and Moriarty asked for a favor. Talking to Moriarty but not asking for a favor will result in no forced greeting and no available topics to appear. No topics exist for Silver in that scenario
  • Fixed the dialogue greeting "Yeah? What is it?" Silver says to the player to trigger when the side quest with her isn't active
  • Fixed 3 dialogue options the player says to Silver after Moriarty asks for a favor, to require Moriarty asking the player for a favor
  • Fixed the dialogue prompt "You don't still offer your... services, do you?" the player says to Silver to require the favor being resolved
  • Fixed the dialogue prompt "What will you do now?" the player says to Silver to require the favor being resolved
  • Fixed being able to fast travel freely from the The Temple Of The Union after the player tells Hannibal Hamlin to promise to not reveal their location
  • Fixed a gate and a door to be unlocked inside the Farragut West Station at the start of The Temple Of The Union journey to the Memorial. They blocked the NPCs path to get there
  • Fixed 2 slavers that are killed on purpose when Walker begins traveling to the Temple to be accounted for. Depending on where the player goes, they could easily not get counted as dead in scripting which easily broke the quest
  • Fixed the quest Head Of State objective "Kill all the slavers near the Lincoln Memorial." target conditions
  • Fixed the quest Head Of State objective "Join Leroy Walker in attacking the Temple of the Union." target conditions
  • Fixed Hannibal to not warn/attack the player when in the Temple for no reason. His guard package behavior didn't have the "no warn/attack" behavior flag on
  • Fixed Hannibal to switch to his guard package behavior after speaking to the player once and the player didn't promise yet
  • Fixed Hannibal to switch to his guard defend package behavior when the slavers are going to attack. Incorrect conditions
  • Fixed Silas to be part of the Paradise Falls Slaver Faction like the rest of the Memorial slavers
  • Fixed/Added missing scripting for when Walker and his other slavers go back to Paradise Falls. Including PF hostile scripting and adding to the guard count deaths
  • Fixed The Temple Of The Union to go hostile towards the player if the player picklocks the front gate before telling Hannibal Hamlin to promise to not reveal their location and doesn't have the key yet
  • Fixed The Temple Of The Union to go hostile towards the player if the player enters The Temple Of The Union then escapes before telling Hannibal Hamlin to promise to not reveal their location
  • Fixed the dialogue prompt "Not around here, but there is a group of them up north near Old Olney." the player says to Leroy Walker to appear if the player stepped foot inside the Temple Of The Union, hasn't betrayed the Temple yet, and the Temple isn't on their journey yet
  • Fixed the dialogue prompt "I'm looking for runaway slaves." the player says to Simone to only appear after agreeing to help Walker find Hannibal. Not if the player talked to Walker once. Also fixed so it sets the player as an enemy towards the Temple, not just starting combat with Simone only
  • Fixed the dialogue prompt "Actually, I already know he's up north, near Old Olney." the player says to Leroy Walker to appear if the player entered the Temple, talked to Hannibal, and the Temple hasn't begun their journey yet
  • Fixed the dialogue prompt "Maybe. How much is it worth to find these slaves for you?" the player says to Leroy Walker to appear if the player hasn't agreed to find Hannibal yet. Not if Hannibal has asked the player to help or not
  • Fixed the dialogue prompt "That's a really stupid idea." choices the player says to Hannibal
  • Fixed the dialogue greeting "So the Super Mutants are dead? This is wonderful news!" Hannibal says to the player to always trigger when he asked the player to go to the Memorial and returning back knowing the super mutants are dead
  • Fixed the dialogue line "Yeah, I killed them all after telling you not to." Walker says to the player to be a goodbye
  • Fixed the dialogue line "That's close enough. What the hell are you doing wandering around here?" Silas says to the player to set the player knowing the super mutants are dead. Obviously talking to the slavers the player knows they're dead and makes sense with the prompts towards Hannibal when returning the news
  • Fixed the dialogue line "The slaves know their place now, thanks to you." Walker says to the player to not be a goodbye that blocked topics showing up to sell Lincoln artifacts to him
  • Fixed the dialogue line "You have been good to your word. You are welcome at the Temple of the Union anytime." Hannibal says to the player to be a goodbye
  • Fixed the dialogue line "Stay sharp. The Wasteland is dangerous." Simone Cameron says to the player to trigger while traveling to the Memorial (incorrect condition)
  • Fixed 6 dialogue lines involving Hannibal being informed of what's going on at the Memorial. Including prompts only appearing once telling him the super mutants are dead, soldiers are there, slavers are there, or slavers are dead. New developments can be chosen, but repeating the same news in different ways won't appear since he already knows
  • Fixed/Added a new dialogue line to say to Hannibal to account for when the player killed all the Slavers before agreeing to help Hannibal. No choice existed for that circumstance
  • Fixed all the Temple Of The Union NPC greetings when they're near the memorial, and they'll only say those lines when all 8 slavers aren't dead yet
  • Fixed all the Temple Of The Union NPC greetings when the slavers are near the Temple, and they'll only say those lines when all 8 slavers aren't dead yet (Only 6 show up but the counter in the coding is still 8)
  • Fixed all the Temple Of The Union NPC greetings when the player talks to Hannibal once, and before promising to him, to not be goodbyes to unlock a dialogue topic
  • Restored/Fixed the dialogue prompt "Hannibal wants me to promise to keep this place safe. Why should I do that?" the player asks to all Temple Of The Union NPCs after talking to Hannibal once and before promising to Hannibal
  • Restored/Fixed the dialogue prompt "What's the story with Hannibal?" the player asks to all Temple Of The Union NPCs after promising to Hannibal
  • Disabled/Fixed the player being unable to mezz captives. Player can't talk those NPCs and mezzing NPCs requires initiating dialogue
  • Prevented the cut content birthday NPCs from not having a chance of appearing in their underwear
  • Fixed the dialogue line "Well, I'll be damned... That little so-and-so... why didn't I think of that when I was sixteen?" Mr. Brotch says to himself when seeing Wally's GOAT test to trigger before or after the player turns in his/her test
  • Fixed all the Big Town residents to do cheer animations for all their dialogue lines when the player returns Red/Shorty and after the invading super mutants die
  • Fixed Kimba and Bittercup to lay mines when the player teaches them how to lay mines. They just stood there doing nothing. Weapon drawn flag on their AI behavior was preventing them to do it
  • Fixed all the Big Town residents except Flash to place their mines in the exact spots. Their dedicated spots weren't assigned
  • Fixed Flash, Kimba, and Shorty to follow Red like the others when learning how to sneak, lay a mine, or see the robots get repaired. Missing packages
  • Fixed Timebomb to sneak when the player teaches Big Town residents. No scripting existed for it in his script
  • Fixed the dialogue line "Thanks for helping us. I just hope we can survive another attack. Probably won't." Big Town residents say to require talking to the player already to not interfere with their first dialogue lines
  • Fixed the dialogue line "Wow. I can't believe that you were able to help Timebomb. And here I was sure that you were ready to just let him die. I guess I had you wrong." Red says to the player to require angering her beforehand
  • Fixed all the beds in the PF Slaver Barracks. Including ownership fixes and assigning Ymir/Jotun their routine bed locations
  • Fixed Bleak's Greeting dialogue if the player killed the PF NPC guards beforehand. She said the incorrect generic line "What do you need?"
  • Fixed Cutter to be included in the PF hostile scripting. She'll be hostile no matter what if the player attacks PF NPCs, or attacking her triggers all the PF NPCs to go hostile
  • Fixed Cutter's leveled item weapon to not be a raider style, NPC one
  • Fixed 8 PF residents that should be in the ParadiseFallsSlaverFaction
  • Fixed Jotun to have the ParadiseFallsSlaverScript assigned like all the other PF residents. This properly makes all the PF residents hostile if the player attacks him. Also adds to the kill count of how many guards have been killed
  • Fixed Jotun to not warn/attack the player when near Ymir in the Slaver Barracks
  • Fixed Clover, Crimson, and the Child Slaver that was missing the PF hostile scripting if the player attacks them
  • Fixed all the PF residents to not go hostile if the player attacks them if they're already dead and the player didn't kill them
  • Fixed Butch to not call for Officer Kendall if he's dead. In the scenario when the player refuses to help Butch save her mom from Radroaches, then Butch calls for Officer Kendall
  • Fixed Lucas Simms not attacking the player when messing with him in the first conversation
  • Fixed the dialogue prompt "You know what? Forget I said anything." choices to have the correct response from the topic "Out there in the Wastes, man. You must be bored to tears in this town." with Jericho
  • Fixed being able to tell Mister Burke yourself that you disarmed the bomb if he didn't see you do it if he was in a Megaton interior, and the player hasn't told Lucas Simms yet "I've disarmed the bomb, Burke. That thing will never explode now."
  • Fixed Burke to force a confrontation if he hasn't yet and the player told Lucas Simms the bomb is disarmed ending the quest (Opportunity to tell Burke yourself that the bomb is disarmed is lost since when the quest ends, the quest dialogue involved is gone)
  • Fixed Mister Burke to confront the player when the bomb is disarmed, he's in the Megaton WorldSpace (not in an interior), and the player hasn't told Lucas Simms yet
  • Fixed Burke's Hitmen to only appear in random encounters if Burke actually knows the bomb is disarmed and he threatened the player, or the player made him mad
  • Fixed most of Burke's random Hello/Greeting dialogue to account for the new changes
  • Fixed/Adjusted Burkes AI behavior for some of his packages (able to say Hello dialogue, ignoring combat he's not involved in, etc
  • Fixed the dialogue line "Enclave strength is at 100%. They're getting reinforcements from somewhere, but we still haven't determined the location of their headquarters." to appear when they arrive in the Wasteland
  • Fixed the dialogue line "Enclave troops have fortified the purifier complex. With those vertibirds, they're able to transport personnel at a remarkable rate." to not appear too early. There was no condition for them appearing in the Wasteland yet
  • Fixed the dialogue line "Oh my... It's brilliant! Even I'm astounded by my genius! No, it's more than that. By OUR genius!" Moira says that was missing some words in the subtitles
  • Fixed the dialogue line "It's named after Allistair Tenpenny, who runs this building. Got a bunch of rich guys that pay him to live in it." for one of the voice types that said "He's got" in the audio file
  • Fixed the dialogue line "They're savage! They're brutal! They're here to keep this worker in his place -- the undefeated Bear Brothers!" to cut out "his" since there's no female line
  • Fixed the dialogue line "Let's find out if the newcomer can hold his own against real fighters! Release! Fight!" to cut out "his own" since there's no female line
  • Fixed the dialogue topic "Oh, great. Let me guess, more psychotic little girls..." the player says to Protector McGraw to appear only if the player completes the Tranquility Lane quest. Not stage 70 of Picking Up The Trail quest
  • Fixed the player being unable to open up dialogue choices to Father Birch when the player is supposed to drink the sap to start the ceremony
  • Fixed/Reverted back to vanilla 3 dialogue lines with The Brain that cut the topic choices out involving The Brain rewarding the player with death
  • Fixed The Brain's robots that wouldn't attack involving 4 dialogue lines
  • Fixed/Reverted the Almost Perfect perk script back to vanilla. TTW changes didn't work as intended
  • Fixed/Reverted the No Weakness perk script back to vanilla. TTW changes didn't work as intended
  • Fixed/Removed unnecessary Megaton cell ownership changes (Pointless when they have cell ownership already)
  • Fixed other misc Megaton ownership stuff
  • Fixed/Removed yellow fog in the space walk Zeta cell (My bad)
  • Fixed Intense Training, it was checking Perception twice instead of Intelligence (Thanks to Roy TTW)
  • Fixed all companion's armor/weapons to have 0 weight (Thanks to Roy TTW)
  • Fixed Pitt Trog NPC leveled lists (Thanks to Roy TTW)
  • Fixed Anna Holt to be friendly to the Enclave in Raven Rock so they don't kill her (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed/Restored a speech challenge for Wally Mack in the Vault sequence (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed random encounters to use GameMode blocks instead of OnLoad so they work reliably (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed a Molerat that wasn't in the Animal Friend faction (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed a bad condition in one of Jacob Humboldt's greetings (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed several dialogue topics for the Temple of the Union NPC's so they aren't Say Once a Day when they have no other topics to use (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed Hannibal Hamlin so his "What is that stone head?" topic is said appropriately (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed the message box given when Crowley has died so it actually uses the correct quest name (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Restored an unused package for the Mister Handy in Georgetown (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed the Enclave soldiers that appear at Project Purity so they get disabled properly (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed/Removed extra outfits from the random encounter Wasteland Doctors (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed/Restored a dialogue line "The President will see you now. Please proceed." the President's sentry bot guards say to the player after killing the 2 enclave soldiers (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed Mister Lopez to say the correct greeting dialogue line when he's currently on the observation deck of Rivet City (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed items in the New Urban Apparel Tenpenny to the correct faction (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed the Citadel guards to stay in their current positions instead of wandering (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed Bessie Lynn to be added to the vendor faction when moving into Tenpenny rather than always being part of it (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed mismatched wall textures in Mama Dolces (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed the Zeta teleporter so it loads correctly when called upon (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Fixed the Xenotech Expert perk that was using the wrong condition function (Thanks to VV19)
  • Fixed Captives Rescued stat to update. TTW cut part of the script out (Thanks to VV19)
  • Fixed Anchorage weather image spaces for sunrise, day, sunset, night (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Fixed 3 Terminals with subtitle mispellings (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Fixed the 10mm Silenced Pistol Fire 2D sound that wasn't marked as 2D (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Fixed the 10mm Silenced Pistol Fire 3D sound that was the same volume as its 2D counterpart (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Fixed many dialogue subtitles (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Fixed 15 note mispellings (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Restored a Brokensteel Terminal Remote Access Research Terminal note (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Restored a love letter note from Bittercup that's added through 3 different dialogue choices with her (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Restored a Dispatch to Scribe Yearling note that's added from Scribe Yearling involving 5 different dialogue choices (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Restored a Contract With Ahzrukhal note from Ahzrukhal that's added when the player says to him "Sure. Greta is nothing to me. I'll do it." (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Restored a Nuka 4 Zip! note from Zip when asking him "You said you were looking for Nuka-Cola?" (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Restored a Note From Walter that's added when saying to him "Sounds good to me. I'll bring you the parts I find." (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Restored a Mirelurk Spawning Pod note picture from Moira Brown when accepting to do the side quest saying to her "All right, I'll try." (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Restored a Minefield Playground note picture from Moira Brown when accepting to do the side quest saying to her "I suppose, for the sake of proper research, I can go back into Minefield." (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Restored a Minefield Playground note picture from Moira Brown when accepting to do the side quest saying to her "I'll head into Minefield. Wish me luck." (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Restored a Arlington Library Photo note from Moira Brown when accepting to do the side quest saying to her "Okay, I'll check out my local library." (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Restored a Megaton Atomic Bomb note picture from Mister Burke when accepting to rig the Megaton bomb saying to him 5 different dialogue choices (Thanks to Panzermann)
  • Restored a Notice From Winthrop note when saying to him "Sure, Winthrop. I think I can help you out." (Thanks to Panzermann)

Previous Version Changes (3.3.1) 

  • Fixed Roy Phillips not following the Player into different levels of Tenpenny Tower when it's being attacked (Thanks to Kazopert for pointing it out)
  • Fixed 10mm pistol texture sets (Thanks to AtomicTEM)
  • Fixed Hunting Rifle blurry sight textures (Thanks to AtomicTEM)
  • Removed Bessie Lynn from the TenpennyTowerAllResidents faction, instead adding it to her and the other Ghouls when they actually get into Tenpenny Tower (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)
  • Restored the dialogue line "Savor this moment." Mister Burke says when shielding his eyes from the Megaton blast (Thanks to Kazopert TTW)





















Permissions and Team
Ask us first through PM please. Making patches to be compatible with other mods is fine, no need to ask permission first.

hairylegs222 - Merging/Fixes bugs/Backporting/Description Page/fomod installer
BenWah - Founder
prisoner416 - Finds bugs
Tale Of Two Wastelands

Programs Used
GECK Extender
FOMOD Creation Tool
BSA Browser