Stardew Valley


Advanced Flute Blocks
Pelican xVASynth
Loose Audio Files
Musical Paths
Sound Effect Replacement
Sound Tweaker


Advanced Special Attacks
Advanced Melee Framework
Boss Creatures
Napalm Mummies

Craftables / Items / Furniture

Animated Parrot and Perch
Bed Tweaks
Craftable Butterfly Hutches
Connected Garden Pots
Craftable Terrarium
Crop Variation
Custom Chest Types
Custom Object Production
Custom Pet Beds
Custom Signs
Custom Starter Furniture
Custom Starter Package
Custom Wallpaper Framework
DGA Pet Bed
DGA Space Laser
Furniture Adjustment
Furniture Placement Tweaks
Furniture Recolor
Instant Growth Powder
More Backpack Upgrades
Moveable Mailbox
Moveable Pet Bowl
Object Production Display
Painting Display
Persistent Grange Display
Placeable Mine Shaft
Prismatic Furniture
Prismatic Furniture Pack
Resource Storage
Utility Grid Storage
Seed Starter Package
Simple Electricity System
Simple Irrigation System
Sixty-Nine Shirt
Statue Shorts
Submerged Crab Pots
Table Settings
The Black Sword
Treasure Hoarder Weapons
Wall Planters
Wall Televisions
Weather Totem
Welcome Signs
Wide Wallpaper Pack
Wooden Shelves
Yoba Coins

Dialogue / Events

Balloon Ride
Current Events Dialogue
Custom Fixed Dialogue
Dialogue New Line
Dialogue Trees
Planned Parenthood
Quick Responses
RPG Game with Sebastian
Trash Can Reactions


Advanced Loot Framework
Animal Dialogue Framework
Buff Framework
Custom Achievements
Custom Backpack Framework
Custom Ore Nodes
Custom Picture Frames
Custom Resource Clumps
Farm Cave Framework
Furniture Display Framework
Hedge Maze Framework
NPC Clothing Framework
Stardew Impact - Play as NPCs

Gameplay Additions

After Midnight Speed Buff
Bat Form
Bats and Mushrooms Farm Cave
Bee Paths
Better Elevator
Birthday Buff
Chess Boards
Clothing Buffs
Coin Collector
Craft and Build From Containers
Death Tweaks
Dungeon Merchants
Dynamic Map Tiles
Expert Sitting
Farmer Helper
Fire Breath
Fish Spot Bait
Floating Garden Pots
Food on the Table
Gift Rejection
Help Wanted
Here Fishy
Immersive Scarecrows
Immersive Sprinklers
Krobus Roommate Shop
Meat Vat Farm Cave
Meteor Defence
Mineral Duggy Farm Cave
Moolah Money Mod
Outfit Sets
Pacifist Valley
Pagan Bunny Farm Cave
Personal Traveling Cart
Pet Hats
Playground Mod
Pipe Irrigation
Play Prairie King With NPCs
Random Visitors
Secret Woods Hedge Maze
Stardew RPG
Tool Smart Switch
Train Tracks
Trash Cans On Horse
Underground Secrets
Utility Grid
Video Player
Yet Another Jump Mod
Zombie Outbreak

Graphics / Visuals

Custom Mine Cart Steam
Farmer Portraits
Flowing Mine Rocks
Light Mod
Particle Effects
Prismatic Fire
Show Players Behind Map Tiles
Simple Screenshots
Transparent Objects

Maps / Locations

Additional Mine Maps
Custom Decoration Areas
Custom Renovations
Custom Warp Points
Dynamic Flooring
Extra Map Layers
Gem Isles
Greenhouse Tree Plots Renovation
Ice Tiles
Map Editor
Map Editor Extended
Movie Theatre Tweaks
Multiple Floor Farmhouse
Sewer Slimes
Slime Hutch Water Spots
Water Trough Slime Hutch

Mobile Phone

Mobile Arcade
Mobile Audio Player
Mobile Calendar
Mobile Catalogues
Email App
Mobile Phone
Mobile Television

Mod Integration

Strange Machines Utility Grid

Nature / Crops

Bulk Animal Purchase
Crop Growth Info
Crop Harvest Bubbles
Crop Markers
Crops Survive Season Change
Crop Watering Bubbles
Crop Hat
Crop Variation
Custom Hay
Farm Animal Harvest Helper
Fruit Tree Tweaks
Garden Pot Tweaks
Grass Ignores Weapons
Harvest Seeds
Like a Duck to Water
Livestock Choices
Planter Trees
Tappable Palm Trees
Wild Flowers

NPCs, Relationships

Custom Gift Limits
Custom Spouse Patio
Custom Spouse Patio Redux
Custom Spouse Patio Wizard
Custom Spouse Rooms
Emily for Stardew Impact
Free Love
Friendly Divorce
Hugs and Kisses
NPC Wearable Hats
Multiple Spouses
Playable Villagers
Unique Valley
Wedding Tweaks
Witcher Mod


AFK Time Pause
Groundhog Day
Longer Seasons
OK Night Check
Week Starts Sunday


Overworld Chests
Fishing Chests Expanded
Treasure Chests Expanded

User Interface

Advanced Dialogue Display
Advanced Menu Positioning
All Chests Menu
Birthday Knowledge Friendship
Catalogue Filter
Custom Toolbar
Dialogue Display Framework
Mailbox Menu
Partial Hearts
Seed Information
Social Page Order Button
Social Page Order Menu

Utilities / Cheats

Advanced Cooking
April Bug Fix Suite
Better Lightning Rods
Content Patcher Editor
Custom Dungeon Floors
Custom Tree Tweaks
Custom Locks
Enhanced Loot Magnet
Field Harvest
Fruit Tree Shaker
Infallible Fishing
In-Game SMAPI Log Uploader
Instant Building Construction and Upgrade
Map Teleport
Modify This
Move It
Move Greenhouse Plot
Multi Save
Object Import Map
Plant All
Log Spam Filter
Non-Random Prairie King
Quick Load
Seed Maker Tweaks
Self Serve
Sprinkler Mod
Take All
Realistic Random Names
Wiki Links

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  1. samugw2
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    hi , i download the mod "fishing chest expanded" but not work i think . i start the game and not generate the file config . what i can do for this problem ?
  2. CuteBunnyPlayzNew
    • member
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    Can we get the mobile phone mod for the mobile stardew valley?
    1. Bryanjiuj00
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  3. olivea99666
    • member
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    Hello, mobile phone mod has helped me a lot, you have done a lot of useful mod, thank you for your efforts!In addition, my English is not very good, so I use Google Translate to write this text, if there is anything wrong, please forgive me
  4. RichKessh91
    • member
    • 0 kudos
    hello, I love your mods, by any chance there will be a mod like Bulk Animal Purchase but to buy the objects and seeds by entering the amount or a scroll bar?

    sorry my english, i'm using google translate
  5. logandoidao
    • member
    • 57 kudos
    Which ones are compatible with the Android version?